*The Daily Hotness: Back in the Game
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The Daily Hotness: Back in the Game

11:59 PM on 08.29.2013·  2 minute read   ·  Ian Bonds

Check out everything Destructoid did today

GTA is a few weeks away. It's not close enough...no sir, not enough.

Ahem. PAX is this weekend. Once again, I'm unable to attend. It's barely begun and gaming news from the event is already trickling in. Tomorrow, the floodgates will open. Destructoid's big LOST SAGA party is tonite, so if you're there, get your party on!

Today, Jamie brought us a new Challenge Scot, Conrad & Jordan have a new Daily Spelunk, there's a new Podtoid, and Chris previewed SMITE.

Destructoid Originals:
A spelunking shopper's delight - The Daily Spelunk
Running the length of Liberty City while most wanted
Podtoid 267: Val Kilmer Is An Occult Son Of A Bitch

Community blogs of 8/29
Forum thread of the day: PAX Prime 2013
How to survive PAX

SMITE is definitely worth your time

You got your Terraria in my Edge of Space
Come party with Dtoid and LOST SAGA tonight at PAX!


Grand Theft Auto V's amazing soundtrack finally revealed
Final Fantasy XIV plans 'major update every three months'
Play Pokemon, Zelda early at Wii U & 3DS mall tour
Every game from Fable dev will be 'online focused'
Slow your DICE roll: Battlefield not being annualized
Nintendo Download: Pokemon Rumble U
Play as the 'older' versions of Left 4 Dead's cast
Prison Architect update kicks off with a sale
50 Greenlight titles are on sale this weekend
Heihachi and Spawn confirmed for Soul Calibur II HD
SimCity arrives on Mac this week
The GameStick Android console will ship in September

Wind Waker HD gets a limited edition, Ganondorf figure
Tiny Tina demonstrates the power of fantasy
Battle Princess of Arcadias gets an extended trailer
Here is Grand Theft Auto V's final launch trailer
Always Sometimes Monsters is an RPG about life and love
Hear the difference between 360 and Xbox One voice chat
Shadow Warrior is up for pre-order


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