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The Daily Hotness: Adam Orth, we hardly knew thee

11:59 PM on 04.11.2013 // Abel Girmay

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Well...damn. From Twitter beef, to resignation, the story of "#dealwithit" certainly escalated quickly. What's that saying? Loose lips sink ships. It's crazy to think how one minute you can be eating lunch, insulting your customer base the next, then resigning from your post in another. I think even Mr. Orth could agree, it gets pretty surreal how quickly some things can get out of hand.

Today, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon became and official thing, and while I know you're all shocked (that is called sarcasm) you'll be happy to know it looks awesome in all the cheesy ways that made the 80's awesome. Prince of Persia 2 and Flashback are getting HD remakes, Capcom lists Darkstalkers: Resurrection sales as a failure, and year later Japan tell us that they hated Duke Nukem: Forever as much as we did.

Destructoid Original:
How cheesy '80s movies shaped Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Dark Souls II's director talks freedom and accessibility
In the midst of change, community is at Namco's forefront
Podtoid 248: Jizz Soup For The Soul
Kentucky Route Zero makes player choices more discrete

Live show: Taking the Arma 3 Alpha for a ride

Remember Chromehounds? Here's Armored Core: Verdict Day
Hands-on with the ridiculous Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

QuakeCon 2013 pre-registration opens next week
Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses timed for E3

Namco opening new studios in Vancouver, Singapore
Adam Orth out at Microsoft after 'deal with it' remarks
Next-gen Xbox launch title Ryse billed as next Gears/Halo
The Behemoth details how to get featured in BattleBlock
Draw Something television game show is really happening
Nintendo Download: Soul Hackers, Dillon's, Injustice
Quantic Dream is hiring a multiplayer programmer
Ace Attorney 5 releases this July in Japan
Good news: There will be a Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon OST
WildStar opens up beta sign-ups to the public
Gemini Rue launches on iOS devices
Jagged Alliance is next for Full Control after Space Hulk
Jeff Minter's next ball tripper simulation is TxK on Vita
Surprise: Japan doesn't like Duke Nukem Forever either
Biggest Total War screenshot ever taken is really big
Capcom: Darkstalkers' opening sales are a failure
GTA radio playlists now on iTunes and Spotify
There may be hope yet for a Ni No Kuni DS localization
EA Montreal faces more layoffs, rumored studio closure
Ubisoft acquires Anno studio Related Designs
Taito's Crime Connection wants your phone's contact info

Sleep soundly with this Mega Man buster plushie
Jurassic Park recreated in Minecraft
In which you date a ukulele-playing T-rex named Taira
PokeAwesome 2: Egoraptor's revengier revengeance
Homemade Fallout Monopoly makes the apocalypse worth it

ShootMania Storm out now on PC
District 9 director still wants to make a Halo movie
Watch Killer Frost and Ares fight in Injustice
Remember Flashback? Well it's getting an HD remake
Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall gives you new powers
Take a break from hunting for Monster Hunter 4 screens
Watch the Fighter do his thing in this Mystara trailer
This Smurfs game from WayForward could be decent
Free update for Rayman: Jungle Run brings 20 new levels
Tease me, please me, oh Castle of Illusion teaser!
Guilty Gear Vita is coming this month to the PSN
Korg M01D synth/sequencer coming to 3DS eShop
A look at NVIDIA's Project Shield
Final Fantasy XIV: ARR trailer features Magitek Armor
Marvelous AQL's Valhalla Knights 3 gets a new trailer
Project X Zone rocks out with an English trailer
I-Mockery's next game is Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla
Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition doesn't hold back
Prince of Persia 2 gets the HD remake treatment on iOS
GRID 2 lifts the hood on its multiplayer system
Disney Infinity lets you chill in Scrooge's Money Pit
Black Ops II's 'Mob of the Dead' looks suitably silly
Camelot Unchained is being designed for 500-player PvP
Cram this Dark Souls II trailer into your dark holes
Monday Night Combat, Knytt Underground, and more bundled

Abel Girmay, Contributor
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IDrawOnTape avatarIDrawOnTape
Cosmonstropolis avatarCosmonstropolis
Still waiting by the mailbox. Tranq'd a jogger and stuffed them into a locker just for fun. I keep throwing rocks to get the attention of the neighbors and then hiding in tall grass. They look noticeably upset. Probably because I kept them up all night.
ChillyBilly avatarChillyBilly
Metal Gear or Mad Max? The choice is obvious. [IMG][/IMG]
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Quickpostmortem My wife┬┤s dog died yesterday . Rest in peace Diamond Dog . [img][/img] Here's to you, Malu Rest forever here in our hearts The last and final moment is yours That agony is your triumph
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Xbone journey continues! I thought I would like Dead Rising 3 well enough as a huge fan of 1/2, but I must say I find it's emphasis on hard drama laughable and the game fundamentally disingenuine. Guess I'm moving on to Forza Horizon 2.
TheDefenestrator avatarTheDefenestrator
I dig the feature in Until Dawn where, if you have the Playstation camera, it will record you briefly during jump scares for you to watch later. It's a really neat use of an underused peripheral. Too bad I'm dead inside and never react to them.
Shinta avatarShinta
nanashi avatarnanashi
Fallout Shelter: Impossible to Learn, Easy to Master.
Mike Wallace avatarMike Wallace
Not saying this is the case, but Kojima has gone on record as being a huge Mad Max: Fury Road fan. Konami decided to release MGSV on the same day as Mad Max TVG. They're trying piss on Kojima's lawn, man.
ooktar avatarooktar
Downloading Phantom Pain. ETA, 16 hours. Just in time for lunch tomorrow.
Mr Knives avatarMr Knives
OH WOW. Talk about a complete about face. After slogging through the horrid beginning and slow ass swap sequence this game picked up exponentially. So far, I'm enjoying the hell out of it now. All if forgiven. Thank you based Kojima.
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Oh, joyful night. [youtube][/youtube]
techsupport avatartechsupport
After a summer of on-and-off casual play, I've finally reached lv. 34 in Destiny :')
nanashi avatarnanashi
also Fallout Shelter just made me utter this: "I have to get these pregnancies done.." life is trivial in this game!
Mr Knives avatarMr Knives
Let it be known that Metal Gear 2 for MXS has aged horribly and is no fun to play. In the midst of a MGS marathon, looks like I'm skipping ahead to MGS.
Rad Party God avatarRad Party God
"Available: 31 August - This game will unlock in approximately 2 hours" HOLY SHIET! [youtube][/youtube]
nanashi avatarnanashi
-nudge nudge- hey Sony, discount Ys: I and II Chronicles and Ys: Seven on the PSP :D
RadicalYoseph avatarRadicalYoseph
Just out of curiosity, does anybody here still play Mario Kart 8 at all frequently?
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Neighbors ended up calling the cops. I hid under a cardboard box. Police officers were perplexed but went back to their patrol routes after a minute or so.
techsupport avatartechsupport
!a new MGS: Ground Zeroes update file auto dl'd and installed..the day prior to MGSV... hmm.. coincidence? OR... coincidence?
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