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The Daily Hotness: A day of PlayStation

11:59 PM on 09.09.2013 // Brett Zeidler

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Well, if you're a PlayStation fan I'm sure you had a good day. I mean after the announcement of the PSVita TV, Slim PSVita, and more new game announcements than you can shake a dead cat at, what else is there to want? Sure, even cheaper memory cards for the Vita would be optimal, but baby steps I suppose.

Besides the onslaught of PlayStation news, we reviewed Puppeteer, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, and Lost Planet 3, Jim drunkenly made progress through Outlast for your amusement, the next Zelda title will not be inspired by Skyrim, and so much more happened on 9/9/2013.

Destructoid Originals:
Outlast - Now Bloody Playing 
To hell and back - The Daily Spelunk 
Live show: Castle of Illusion  

Community blogs of 9/9
Forum thread of the day: Games You're Too Scared to Play

Review: Puppeteer  
Review: Lost Planet 3 
Review: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs 
Review: The Dark Eye: Memoria 

Always Sometimes Monsters won't give you warm fuzzies 

Watch the Sony Japan press conference right here! 

Phantasy Star Nova announced for PlayStation Vita 
There's a Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Vita bundle coming 
Aww, that sucks: Japan gets PS4 on February 22, 2014  
Gran Turismo 6 PS3 bundle coming this December in Japan 
New Yakuza title for PS4: Yakuza Ishin 
Final Fantasy XIV PS4 beta available at console's launch 
Dynasty Warriors 8 launches alongside PS4 in Japan 
Do want: PS4 title Lily Bergamo is the newest from Suda51 
In-depth details of Capcom's PS4 exclusive Deep Down 
PS Vita TV announced, priced at about $99 
New slim PS Vita model PCH-2000 announced in Japan 
Godus' god getting 'uncapped' piece of profits 
Eminem's new album cheaper if you pre-order COD: Ghosts 
Pick five games on for 80 percent off 
Play Awesomenauts for free this week on Steam 
Next Zelda won't take inspiration from Skyrim 
New releases: Scary, porcine machines 
Inafune's Mighty No. 9 adds PS4 and Xbox One goals 
Super Splatters is half off on Steam this week 
Ignorance was bliss: Official Battlefield 4 system specs 
Galaga Legions DX is this week's PlayStation Plus freebie 
Dreamcast platformer guns for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U release 

This happened during Sony's press conference 
Jimquisition: Creative Freedom, Strings Attached 

Soul Sacrifice Delta anounced for Vita, coming March 2014
Kadokawa Games working on SRPG for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita
See the PS4, new slim Vita, and PS Vita TV in action
Sony advertising Puppeteer with bad improv, banana heads
Ryse wants you to name one of its QTE finishers
Enjoy this stunning Guilty Gear trailer guilt-free
Cute! Mimpi is a puzzle platforming doggy
Here are the pre-order bonuses for inFamous: Second Son
Mecanika wants to teach Newtonian mechanics with robots
This Super Mario World orchestral arrangement is glorious
Etrian Odyssey Untold conjures an alchemist

Brett Zeidler, Contributor and Engineer
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Status updates from C-bloggers

Heat avatarHeat
someone asked me what i am going to do on my vacations... "playing like 6 hours of XCOM 2 daily, then some Diablo 3. Later, Darkest Dungeon and some beers, and to end the night, i'll watch some anime and eat instant noodles" "Perfect"
The Dyslexic Laywer avatarThe Dyslexic Laywer
I've beaten the Gaping Dragon and finally got the key to Blight town, whats the first thing I immediately did when I got there? Fall right into a endless pit and died.
Bardley avatarBardley
I scanned some pages from issues of Nintendo Power from the early 90's and saw this back cover ad. I thought it would be appropriate to post today. Who's everyone rooting for tonight?
Amna Umen avatarAmna Umen
Came home pissed off for some reason, hopped on Rocket League and played the best games of my life. New tactic!
ScionVyse avatarScionVyse
10 hours into the Witness, I've solved 350 puzzles, and activated 8 lasers. So, that's about 35 puzzles an hour, I think that's a pretty good pace. I have no idea how many more puzzles there are, but I think I'll be getting towards the first ending soon.
Dreamweaver avatarDreamweaver
Shoot, I have made the awful mistake of watching 50 First Dates while doing Comments of the Week. The comedy in the beginning gave me energy, but all of the sad drama is making me cry and it's hard to see through all the tears. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME!? 8^8
Zatsune avatarZatsune
I'm eating EDO's rn. Leftovers. Yum. 🍱🍣🍜🍲
ikiryou avatarikiryou
Kotobukiya's making a Xenoblade Chronicles X Formula skell model that looks great but I'd rather have a Lailah model. And I would name it Tharja just like my Lailah in the game.
ChrisHannard avatarChrisHannard
Damn you, TV Tropes. As if I wasn't already dead set against doing an Undertale genocide run, this has killed the possibility for me.
TheDefenestrator avatarTheDefenestrator
About to start streaming some This War Of Mine: The Little Ones on Twitch. Say hi!
FakePlasticTree avatarFakePlasticTree
Majima karaoke & the man train--Makes Dead Souls worth it <3
Roxas1359 avatarRoxas1359
Yep, Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is still as bad and unpolished as I remember it. Still manages to give me a headache too due to the choppy framerate.
absolutfreak avatarabsolutfreak
When aliens have taken over the world, there's only one man you can depend on: Macho Man Randy Savage.
ChillyBilly avatarChillyBilly
NBCSN has been killing it lately with their "Curling Night in America" coverage.
LaTerry avatarLaTerry
My favorite was already posted, so instead I'll share my second favorite, the greatest three headed Pokemon there is, Hydreigon.
Titannel avatarTitannel
I like Wingull! He's cute!
CoilWhine avatarCoilWhine
Alphadeus avatarAlphadeus
Eye of the Beholder (2014) - Possible boss battle theme for a video game. Love the action strings and bell instrument. I wrote this song for 2AD14 - II, which has many great tracks on it. This one is one of my favorites, which is why I'm sharing it.
Torchman avatarTorchman
Your waifu is shiiiiiiiit. Except Angewoman. That's an alright choice right there if she stays that way.
Dr Mel avatarDr Mel
Who's that Pokemon?...The only one that matters, DUH
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