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The Daily Hotness: A bit of the old Ultra-Violence

11:59 PM on 03.15.2013 // Abel Girmay

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Man I can't wait for Saints Row IV. It does worry me a bit that the sequel started from what was only supposed to be an expansion pack to the last title, but even that tidbit can't curb my excitement. Just a teaser trailer and a few screenshots so far, and already I find myself sharpened up and ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence. Screw milk-plus.

Today Jim gives us the skinny on how good Dead Space 3: Awakening is (hint, it's not), while Chris tells us if Darkstalkers Resurrection is any fun (hint, it is) at all. We've also got not one, but two promoted Cblogs for today, while Freddie Wong delivers a brilliant mash-up spoof of American Psycho and Metal Gear Rising. Seriously do go check that video out. It's the best five minutes you can spend today.

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Review: Dead Space 3: Awakened
Review: Darkstalkers Resurrection

Metroidvania-brawler Guacamelee! is guacamazing

Deep Silver is bringing Saints Row IV to PAX East

NPD: Hardware rose in Feb, overall sales still poop
Wii U gets a £50-£60 price drop in the UK
We may not have seen the last of The Last Guy
Fire Emblem: Awakening exceeds 180,000 sales in February
LEGO City Undercover eShop requires external hard drive
Final Fantasy Type-0 staff experimented with HD version
More Dragon's Crown info is coming next week
Wargaming to show off new game at GDC 2013
Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Bluetooth controller
The Conduit HD now available for Tegra 3 devices
Slitherine is making a turn-based Warhammer 40,000 game
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D rolls into Europe in May
Battlefield 4 will be revealed later this month
Resident Evil 6 and Left 4 Dead 2 are getting a crossover
Road Rash reboot now being discussed, says designer
XP reduction lowered for free players in SW: TOR patch
Subset offline mode didn't fit Maxis' vision for SimCity
Celebrate, my Vita brethren: Machinarium is coming!
BioShock Infinite's full voice cast is revealed
Weekend PC deals: Ubisoft, Saints Row, indie gems
Rumor: Next Assassin's Creed for Vita is Phoenix Rising
Crytek-authorized fan-made Timesplitters game is go!
Sign a pledge against bigotry in the gaming community

Raiden can't make a smoothie without flipping out
Upcoming game jam will make games for cats

Former WayForward devs announce Shovel Knight
Deep Silver announces Saints Row IV for August 2013
Developer outlines plans for GRID 2 in new video
Zen Pinball 2 will launch next week on Wii U
Pokemon Rumble U trailer shows off physical figures
Next week's Rock Band DLC features 'Jungle Boogie'
Frozen Endzone combines roguelike elements with sports
So ... The Phantom Pain is running on the FOX Engine
Valve saw a 50 percent increase in business last year
Fractured Soul has been submitted to Steam Greenlight
Huge expansion heading for Civilization V
Indie Royale's 'Thoughtful Bundle' has kicked off
Sanctum 2 trailer has a whistling alien
Free lite version of Arma 3 alpha is now available
Duke's back, baby! Duke Nukem II iOS revealed
Lost footage of Game Boy FPS Tyrannosaurus Tex is found
New LocoCycle trailer introduces Pablo
Upcoming game jam will make games for cats
Dead Island: Riptide shambles in with new screens
Mage's Initiation has a demo and you should play it
Guardians of Middle-earth now has Saruman

Abel Girmay, Contributor
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Born and raised in Oakland, CA. Avid fan of FPS, RPGs, and Little Caesars Pizza.  more   |   staff directory

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Status updates from C-bloggers

Pixie The Fairy avatarPixie The Fairy
Just a reminder that you have until the 30th to get your Bloggers Wanted post, "Thankful it's over" in. I'm either going to tell you how I ruined my best online gaming experience or rip Twilight Princess a new one. Maybe both.
Nekrosys avatarNekrosys
Huh. I just found out the developers of Hatred (remember that controversy?) region-locked their game to prevent it from being accessed by Australians. Destructive Creations are more censor-happy than Nintendo, it seems. Where's the outrage?
Oh yeah, I have an account on this site.
Parismio avatarParismio
Ever wanted to get that item behind that safe in the beginning of Fallout 4?:
Shinta avatarShinta
Got Resident Evil 4 Wii for $5. Uh ... this might be my favorite version. I'm just getting headshots nonstop. Did I miss any other Wii games that are frequently overlooked? Like, really obscure Wii games that no one talks about? I'm interested.
RadicalYoseph avatarRadicalYoseph
Poeple due not aprecciate teh hrdships of bein a squid.
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
Guys, check out your blogs! Just be sure to bring tissues. I wish I had. [img][/img]
The Dyslexic Laywer avatarThe Dyslexic Laywer
Anyone see the new Captain America trailer? It's pretty dope!
Shinta avatarShinta You're welcome.
GoofierBrute avatarGoofierBrute
Update: played through Hyper Dimension Neptunia Rebirth, reminded why I don't like the series, and requested a refund on it and its sequel. Not sure if they'll refund the sequel, but if they honor at least the first, I'll use that money to get Undertale.
Nekrosys avatarNekrosys
I hope the new Star Wars movie answers the biggest question I have about the franchise; do Midi-Chlorians poop?
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
Wow, I feel really stupid. You had to give the Zora King the bottle with the letter in it. Like actually equip the... Wow. Oh, modern gaming conveniences, how I take you for granted.
RadicalYoseph avatarRadicalYoseph
Srry abot tye lak of coments latly. As a squid now it haas bcom hrrd 2 tipe. Im a sqiid now.
EdgyDude avatarEdgyDude
Backing Indivisible can be done with more than just money. Strapped for cash? then spread the word! post about it on Facebook, Instagram, tweet or simply tell your friends. Head to
Agent9 avatarAgent9
Even with the help of an old hunter I can only knock ludwig to his holy blade phase -_- I will kill the jerk, even if it takes me all night.
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
This week in How We Can Make Link Hotter... [img][/img]
JPF720 avatarJPF720
I'm trying to publish a new blog post but for some reason it's not showing?
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
If anyone is interested, Amazon has the $80 Persona Q limited edition at just over $40 right now. Haven't beaten it yet, but it's been a ton of fun so far, and at that price, hey!
OverlordZetta avatarOverlordZetta
I don't know what's been going on, but I actually feel like I have to fight with the formatting of the blog editor now to get it right. Hope it'll settle down soon.
StriderHoang avatarStriderHoang
What? Wonderful 101 on eShop is $19? NO EXCUSES.
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