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4:00 PM on 02.16.2011·  7 minute read   ·  Hamza CTZ Aziz@CTZ

WTF is Destructoid?

Destructoid is the home of the gamer, a community like no other.

Part editorial staff, part community blogging software, 100% independent.

This is not a gaming site for children.  Alongside news and reviews you'll find very personal, in-depth views on how gaming has shaped and affected the lives of the people around us, written for and by adults in the industry. Sometimes humorous, sometimes grave, but always authentic. Destructoid strives to be the alternative to the cookie-cutter games journalism.


Our staff covers videogames like no one else

Destructoid is a collective of video game critics. Most of us had our own sites prior to this, and came together like voltron to become a more comprehensive source. Our staff consists of 3 head editors taking shifts (US mornings, US evenings, UK/Japan Mornings) and each editor has a small supporting team.  There's about 20 of us. Each person was hand-selected by our publisher, who gives each of us the freedom to write about the games we are interested in the most. We think that's the most authentic and accountable way to cover the industry. 

Our site has been updated every day since 2006 without fail, and our editors attend almost every video game event on the planet that's relevant to mainstream "core" videogames.

The common misconception is that we're a site entire run by a community, and with good reason: we provide a bunch of free hosting and tools to anyone who wants to blog in our community blogs section of the site. The really popular stuff that gets posted in there is promoted to our home page.

On "Gaming Journalism"

Honestly, we don't want to be called game journalists. We believe the best games writing is based on enthusiasm and criticism. Our site is emotional. So no, we're not journalists in that sense.

Of course we do journalistic work as part of the gaming press. We consider ourselves critics -- accountable, independent critics.

You'll find disclosures on all of our staff bios and anything remotely related to advertising is marked as such. We do not sell ads in house - a third party completely unrelated to editorial team helps us pay the bills. Nobody is going out and doing ad sales and coming back to our staff to write about it. That means nobody has to answer to sales: we're writing brutally honest games coverage because we work for our readers. Our site is pro-consumer to the core.

Origin Story


Back in 2006, Destructoid was a one-man Wordpress blog written by Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez, who later invited friends he met on forums to also contribute to the home page. Our coming of age story is awesome, go read it.

Our mascot/name/likeness has also been featured in a number of games which include: Bomberman Live (XBLA), Bomberman Ultra (PSN)PixelJAM's Dino Run (Web)Eternity's Child (PC)Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath (XBLI), Raskulls (XBLA), Super Meat Boy (XBLA)BiteJacker (iOS), The Blocks Cometh (iPhone), Ms. Splosion Man (XBLA), Arcade Jumper (iOS) Ms. Splosion Man Pinball, Retro City Rampage (XBLA, WiiWare) and BurgerTime World Tour (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare), and Rocket League.

How cool is that?


If you didn't stop to notice that we're a band of independent bloggers working as a collective you might mistake us for a corporation. We are very serious about what we do though: Destructoid has won three Webby Award Honorees/Nominations, 30 million video streams, and served over 350 million web pages. This makes us one of, if not the, largest independently-run videogame news source and community on the planet.

You can learn more about our readership on our company site, ModernMethod.com. We are still owned by our founding bloggers. Yep. 


Destructoid is EVERYWHERE! We go to all of the videogame expos -- big and small -- to bring you non-stop coverage, live from the show floors.

Destructoid also attends smaller, private showings by the developers and publishers of the games you love. Whether we visit Nintendo’s or Electronic Arts’ offices in Redwood City, California, or go on trips to New York City for THQ. We're all over. 


We stand by the belief that reviews are not objective fact sheets, but personal, subjective opinions. Read all about our ten point scale and reviews process here.

Destructoid also holds its Game of the Year awards at the end of the year, where we pick the one SINGLE game that was the best above all of the rest. We also award games based on graphics, storytelling, best DLC, score, competitive experiences, reader’s choice and more.


We not only bring you the news, but we also make it. Look at our original editorials.  There are so many! Commentary aside, there's also some fun oddities in there like The Destructoid Christmas albums or when our mascot was featured in games! Plus we get to do some pretty rad interviews.


We host two regular podcasts: our American based team's "Podtoid and our London team hosts "Destr-UK-toid". You can find both on the right hand side of our home page - they're always free to download and on iTunes.


The first step: create your account! Duh. 

Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to post comments on any blogs. We are pretty open when it comes to what you can say on Destructoid, and we want you to stir up discussion as much as possible. Basically: DON’T SUCK.

(Art by deiga-the-semivalant. The flag means SHUT THE FUCK UP AND JUST PLAY GAMES. See Urban Dictionary)


Unlike our home page, our community blogs and forums are completely run voluntarily by people all over the world just like you. Here, you can write on any subject of your desire, and anyone can view and comment on your writing, too. Our crack team of C-Blog Recappers (all community members) will highlight their favorite blogs in their nightly recaps too.

Some of the most popular blogs may be promoted to the front page of Destructoid. We’re not just looking for well-thought-out pieces, though! Awesome videos, fan art and anything we or the community deem worthy can and will be front-paged. We want to represent everyone’s voice fairly.

Community Side Projects

There's plenty of unofficial side stuff you can do on Destructoid, our members are always making all kinds of stuff! The best place to find new projects is our community blogs. You can also join us for playdates on most Fridays, and there's a community-run forum called "Outer Heaven" for all the off-topic and quirky stuff, like playing a month-long text game of Werewolf where some people are secretly killers and the others have to figure out who.


Hey, we’re on Twitter! You can subscribe to two flavors of Destructoid - the full feed @Destructoid (which tweets every frigging story) or smaller semi-hourly updates instead by following @Destructoid or @Dtoid on Twitter for an alternative feed to our daily news. We sometimes post free game codes on there as they become available.


Go Like us! Our Facebook group is a more streamlined feed of only our original videos and top stories, and you’ll get our best stories in our friend feed. Plus you can stalk our Associate Editors and look at their ugly mugs.

(Image by Dtoid's comics editor Mikey Turvey.  THIS IS ACTUALLY TATTOOED ON A DUDE, PEOPLE)

Wallpapers and icons

Community member bushofghosts made a set of animated Destructoid heads perfect for any comment or forum usage. Download the pack here.

Need a new desktop background too? We got you covered with dozens of wallpapers that feature Mr. Destructoid right here.


We give away a lot of stuff. Weve' probably given away over $100,000 in prizes since we've started. We love giving back as much as we can and we do some kind of giveaway each week. Keep up to date with the contest page to see what you can easily nab.


We sometimes do shirts on a limited-edition basis.  They're hard to find on purpose to weed out the posers. (semi-kidding)


Destructoid is all about giving back and we've held a number of charity events to raise money for good causes. Most recently, we've raised thousands for the 24-hour gaming marathon Extra Life and sometimes work with the Charity Water organization. Hit us up if you're doing something with charity, we can most likely help: community @ destructoid.com

And that’s Destructoid in an extremely over-sized nutshell!

For more info check out our contact page and staff directory.

ou can subscribe to us on iTunes and RSSbuy our Android App

Enlighten an uninformed cougar: FacebookTwitterRedditEmail

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