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The big fat Tokyo Game Show recap

10:07 PM on 09.20.2010

Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest videogame conventions of the year. Our boys Dale North, Tim Sheehy and Jonathan Holmes rocked the show while the home team provided you all with the latest new screens and videos.

Of everything that was announced, I am so looking forward to Azura's Wrath. It's looks like it's going to be a ton of insane fun. What new games that were announced are you looking forward to?

Everything from Tokyo Game Show below.

TGS Originals:
TGS: No worries about the west, says Inafune
TGS: Today's 'rebellious youth' inspired Devil May Cry
TGS: Asura's Wrath gave Inafune goosebumps
TGS: We're here!
TGS: The Last Guardian's pal was originally a girl
TGS: Microsoft Kinect booth babes wear Xbox panties
TGS: Warg murder in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
TGS: Hidden cam of sticking it in Dream Club Zero
TGS: Yakuza of the End cosplay and mini-games
TGS: The scoop on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's new fighters
TGS: Hidden cam footage of Mega Man Universe
TGS: What would the fastest car in the world look like?
TGS: Here's the extent of Catherine on the show floor
TGS: Wanna see where TGS is? Why our feet hurt?
TGS: The show floor in photos, plus booth babes
TGS: IRL images of the blue GT5 PS3
TGS: Behold Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's giant chicken stage
TGS: A better look at the Monster Hunter PSP new nub
TGS: Look at all these freakin' people
TGS: The Accidental Pervert's best of booth companions
Child of Eden dev laughs at the notion of a Wii/3DS port
The Best of TGS cosplay: Part 1
'New' NES game Battle Kid spotted in local Tokyo shops

TGS Preview:
TGS: Tentacles-on with GalGun
TGS: Hands-on interview with Quantum Theory
TGS: Hands-on with Onechanbara SPECIAL!
TGS: Trinity Souls of Zill O'll impressions
TGS: My mega frustration with Mega Man Universe
TGS: Hands-on interview with Mega Man Universe
TGS: Tokyo Jungle is strange and hilarious
TGS: Hands-on interview with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
TGS: Dissidia 012 Doudecim has a silly name, Lightning
TGS: Valkyria Chronicles 3 is all I hoped it would be
TGS: Hands-on with The 3rd Birthday
TGS: Nikudan is bar fighting for the lazy
TGS: Final Fantasy Legends (mobile)
TGS: Ape Escape Move rocks the meh with a vengeance
TGS: My mega frustration explained
TGS: Hands-on with El Shaddai's angels and umbrellas
TGS: Michael Jackson DS is the new Elite Beat Agents
TGS: Ni no Kuni PS3 is what Ghibli fans want
TGS: Hands-on with rhythm heroics in Astro Ranger
TGS: Hands on with Miles Edgeworth 2
TGS: Yakuza Black Panther PSP hands on
TGS: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 hands on
TGS: Hands-on with the spooktacular Ghost Trick
TGS: Hands-on with the technically awesome Okamiden

TGS News:
TGS: It's the new Catherine trailer and OH SHI- MONSTERS
TGS: Team Ninja working on Ni-Oh
TGS: Ninja Gaiden 3 announced
TGS: New Xbox 360 titles from Japanese devs revealed
TGS: New Last Guardian screens appear
TGS: PS3 firmware v3.5 next week, actually adds function
TGS: New details of Shadow of the Colossus/ICO collection
TGS: Shadow of the Colossus is looking smooth at 30fps
TGS: How will The Last Guardian relate to ICO and Shadow?
TGS: The Last Guaridan may not be as tragic as we thought
TGS: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater hitting 3DS in 2011
TGS: Demon's Souls team announces Project Dark
TGS: A massive amount of new Pokemon have been revealed
TGS: Gran Turismo 5: New courses and cars announced
TGS: Gran Turismo 5's weather changes revealed
TGS: Gran Turismo 5 special events revealed, demoed
TGS: Play Gran Turismo 5 from your web browser...kind of
TGS: Another Vanquish demo? Yes please!
TGS: New dual color PSPs are so sexy
TGS: Spider-Man and Wesker in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
Inafune: Japan is making 'awful' games

TGS Media:
TGS: Capcom announces Asura's Wrath (Update)
TGS: Dead Rising 2 epilogue starring Frank West announced
TGS: Suda51/Mikami/EA reveal Shadows of the Damned
TGS: First look at Dead Space: Extraction on PlayStation
TGS: EA announces My Garden for Nintendo 3DS
TGS: Alice has a rough trip back to Wonderland
DmC: Devil May Cry trailer is hot ... what's the problem?
TGS: New Devil May Cry starring a younger Dante revealed
TGS: Sly Cooper Collection trailer
TGS: The new Edgeworth trailer makes me hard
TGS: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor for Kinect announced
TGS: Yakuza Of The End shows shooting, zombies, silliness
TGS: Tron Bonne and X-23 join Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
TGS: Last Guardian scheduled to release 'Holiday 2011'
TGS: Here are some Valkyria Chronicles III screenshots
TGS: First look at level creation in Mega Man Universe
TGS: Michael Jackson: The Experience trailer
TGS: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor reveal trailer
TGS: Holy crap ... Vanquish has a story!
TGS: Three minutes of Okamiden goodness, new images
TGS: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer is too long
TGS: And now for a Valkyria Chronicles III story trailer
TGS: Cop a load of this Sonic 4 trailer
TGS: Ghost Trick gameplay trailer
TGS: Nathan Spencer has some new moves
TGS: You need another Sengoku Basara trailer!
TGS: Sonic 4 takes us to the Lost Labyrinth
TGS: Tokyo Jungle trailer is FINE HUNT!
TGS: Fresh Castlevania: Lords of Shadow screenshots
TGS: Here's some weird-ass Yakuza Of The End gameplay
TGS: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 announced
TGS: Project Dark steps into the light

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