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The best joke at Sony's CES conference that no one got

7:23 PM on 01.06.2014
DeadpanThe best joke at Sony's CES conference that no one got photo

During Sony's CES press conference, Sony Electronics President and COO Mike Fasulo went on about the newest resolution buzzword, 4K. 4K movies, 4K cameras, 4K Netflix streaming, 401Ks, 4 K9 units ripping apart a violent offender. They were all talked about.

Fasulo then casually mentioned that, "Sony is at the forefront of 4K..."

The forefront? The fourfront? Four kay! That's advertising synergy. No one else laughed, though. Hamza didn't even get the joke, looking at me like I'm an idiot.

4K Netflix streaming is also a pretty cool joke given America's embarrassing internet infrastructure. How about some fiber? It's an important part of human diet.

We will keep you up to date with more Sony news and really good jokes from CES.

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