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Testosterone injection: Big Band funded for Skullgirls

1:00 AM on 03.14.2013

Patrick Hancock


Skullman joins Skullgirls

With two weeks left in its IndieGoGo campaign, Skullgirls has successfully funded its second DLC character. The first male cast member, Big Band, will now be developed for the game as the crowdfunded campaign has surpassed a whopping $375,000.

Considering how quickly the campaign reached its original goal, it's actually surprising how long it took to reach this stretch goal. Nevertheless, I'm very excited that the fighting game community has pulled through and shown a surprising amount of support for one of my favorite fighters.

Big Band is no reason to stop throwing money their way, though! If the campaign reaches $600,000, another character will be added as determined by a vote. Let's get there, people! Hubrecht NEEDS to be a playable character!

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