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Terraria Collector's Edition comes to console

4:30 PM on 07.30.2013

Darren Nakamura

Associate Editor

Pickaxe flash drive, vellum stickers, and a poster

Earlier this year, the Terraria Collector's Edition released for PC, and shortly afterward, the 2D dig-a-thon came to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Now that the downloadable has been successful on those platforms, the collector's edition is chiseling its way onto consoles, with a few minor changes.

Replacing the pickaxe keychain is a pickaxe flash drive, and replacing the trading cards are vellum stickers. The included poster is also different; where the PC collector's edition poster featured images of the monsters, the new poster is more functional, with recipes for crafting some of the rarer gear. Oddly, while the Xbox 360 version features the game on a disc, the PlayStation 3 version comes with a download card, which might defeat the purpose for some collectors.

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