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Techies officially coming to Dota 2 next week

1:00 PM on 08.30.2014

Patrick Hancock


'Time to find a new hobby'

Techies, the explosive and suicidal Dota 2 Hero, is finally coming to the game next week, as detailed in the latest Dota 2 blog update. I've never played Techies in DOTA, but here's what I've gathered so far: Techies is literally the worst thing ever, worse than Meepo. Techies have an ability that causes them to explode and suicide, causing big damage in a small radius, so players who have no idea what they are doing will probably just kill themselves a lot.

In addition to a suicide, Techies can plant invisible mines that explode when a Hero walks on them, allowing Techies to make traps out of run spots, jungle paths, or basically anywhere. They're a Hero that forces the opposing team to tread lightly and really invest in some sort of true sight in order to detect the mines.

In addition to Techies, this update brings an All Random Deathmatch, trophies, the All Hero Challenge, and some more Compendium stretch goals from the recent International tournament. Unfortunately, there's no indication whether or not the 6.82 balance changes will also hit with this patch, but maybe they will be revealed next week! Feel free to check out all the planned additions here.

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