Tasty! Feast of Fiction bakes a Minecraft cake

10:30 AM on 01.10.2012

When I posted the first episode of the new online cooking show Feast of Fiction, I hypothesized that the topic coverage would most likely extend beyond videogames. Last week's Harry Potter butterbeer episode proved me right. Don't get me wrong! It was still an enjoyable episode, just not, ya know, videogame-related.

Well, Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams are back in our territory with their latest masterpiece: a red velvet Minecraft cake. They required a few more ingredients than what the game itself asks of you, but the end result looks amazing and delicious. I would love to try working with fondant -- that stuff's like Play-Doh!

I totally need to submit a suggestion to these guys. Anyone have an idea?

Minecraft Cake, Feast of Fiction Ep. 3 [YouTube]

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