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Take a picture with this life-size Mega Man statue

9:00 AM on 04.06.2013 // Tony Ponce

Smaller version of the statue is also up for pre-order

I'd like to think us Mega Man fans have been pretty patient thus far. Capcom has been celebrating the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary with soundtracks and custom USB sticks, and that's cool and all. Buuuuuuut... we're still waiting on that new game announcement. Any day now, right?

The latest treat is a life-size Mega Man statue that will appear at this year's E3 and San Diego Comic-Con for all your photo-op needs. Capcom community manager Brett Elston explained that the statue was meant to appear at PAX East, but it wasn't quite ready in time.

For those who can't make it to those events, there is also a desktop version up for pre-order on the Capcom Store through midnight, April 21 -- it will also be available at SDCC. Standing 10 inches tall and powered via USB, this little beast will set you back $99.95. Because nothing soothes the sting of no new Mega Man game quite like setting ol' Ben Franklin free into the night. Obviously, I already placed my order because I have no shame.

Their hearts are definitely in the right place, but I mean... you know. Just feels hollow considering everything else.

Life-size Mega Man statue to greet you at E3, Comic-Con [Capcom Unity via The Mega Man Network]

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