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Microsoft testing their own version of Google Glass

Glassholes rejoice
Oct 23
// Dale North
Do you know what a glasshole is? That's a street term for a person that uses Google Glass. I like the term, but I'm not hating on Glass users. Have you tried Google Glass. I have, and I think it's really neat. It seems that M...
Next Xbox photo
Next Xbox

Report: Next Xbox to use x86 AMD chip

Which means it won't be backwards compatible
Apr 08
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Bloomberg is reporting that the next Xbox is set to use an x86 AMD chip. The anonymous source states that Microsoft will be adopting the AMD system-on-a-chip that combines "Jaguar" central processing units with graphics chips...

The DTOID Show: Bring on the uncensored violence!

Jun 18
// Tara Long
That's right, folks - I'm back in the studio after a week-long vacation, and I've got my party shoes on! You know, the orthopaedic ones with extra arch support? (I have fragile bones.) Anyway, on today's show, we've got a tr...

Insanely Insane Rumor: Next Xbox won't play used games

Jan 25
// Jim Sterling
Yep, it's another "Next Xbox" rumor, and it is quite possibly the most outlandish hardware rumor we've had in a long time. A source close to Kotaku claims that not only will the "Next Xbox" adopt Blu-ray, it'll also refuse to...

Rumor: Next Xbox to be six times more powerful

Jan 25
// Jim Sterling
You know the drill by now -- a new console announcement seems inevitable, so a slew of exaggerated rumors start hitting the Internet with increasing frequency. As pundits expect a new Xbox to be announced this year, the lates...

Rumor: Next-gen Xbox destined for Christmas 2013 launch

Oct 20
// Jim Sterling
Multiple sources are coming out from their anonymous burrows to share a prediction that Microsoft will launch its next-generation console in 2013, just in time for Christmas.  Several projects are said to be in developme...

Xbox 720 rumors: Rare, Lionhead, Turn 10 working on games

Oct 04
// Dale North
Lots of grains of salt! Rumors of the next Microsoft console have been flying around lately, and the latest one is that Rare is working on a mature title for the console. Conker's Worse Fur Day? That's not mature these days. ...

Microsoft job ads suggests new game system

Mar 07
// Dale North
Over the years we've learned so much by looking at job ads for the games industry. The latest of Microsoft's wanted ads may hint at a new console. It could be us daydreaming about a system that doesn't sound like a truck star...

Major Nelson: Xbox Originals will not have achievements

Nov 14
// Dale North
One of the first things we thought of when we heard that the Xbox 360 would get downloadable Xbox games was Achievements. Surely the addition of Achievements would make bargain bin games like Halo, Psychonauts, Crimson Skies:...

Peter Moore: New Xbox 360 in five years

Mar 13
// Niero Gonzalez
While it seems a little early to be talking about the console wars again, hearing new tidbits to the successor of the Xbox 360 does raise an eyebrow when considering the business impact on competitors. We've heard Sony talk a...

360 price cut in UK + Scarface release date

Aug 25
// Tom Fronczak
"UK retail has confirmed to that Microsoft has officially dropped the RRP of the Xbox 360 Core pack to GBP 199, effective from today." Read more here on GamesIndustry. "Vivendi Games, will deliver Scarfac...

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