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We're just about an hour out from the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct 2012, and people are already getting into a deep analysis of the scant bits of new game footage that was shown. In Nintendo's bizarre new video showing of... read feature


Rumor: Wii U 'not as powerful' as Xbox 360, PS3

Apr 03
Rumors for the Wii U are a dime a dozen, and not all of them agree. The latest seems to go against the idea that it will be on par with current consoles from Sony and Microsoft, suggesting it will still be weaker than the com... read

Rumor: GameStop to sell Xenoblade in US (Update)

Dec 02
[Update: Nintendo has thrown fuel on the fire, updating its Facebook page with Xenoblade images! The plot thickens] According to a NeoGAF Sherlock, Xenoblade Chronicles will finally come to North America despite Nintendo of A... read

Rumor: Last Story, Xenoblade already localized for NA

Jul 08
Operation Rainfall, a group dedicated to the seemingly impossible task of giving the Wii more than four games this year, has declared potential victory. According to a "source" at Nintendo, both Xenoblade and The Last Story a... read

Rumor: Europe to receive The Last Story

May 30
While in Paris to attend a concert performed by Masashi Hamauzu, the current composer of the Final Fantasy series, Mistwalker president Hironobu "The Gooch" Sakaguchi mentioned that the Wii action RPG The Last Story would def... read

Is this a genuine photograph of Project Cafe?

May 20
A photograph has clambered its way up the Internet grapevine, one that allegedly displays the Project Cafe console in all its white, curvy glory. If it's the genuine article, then Nintendo's new console is a cross between a W... read

Rumor: Project Cafe to be Nintendo FEEL

May 06
If you thought the Wii was a silly name, what do you think of the rumored moniker for Project Cafe? The latest industry mutterings suggest that Nintendo's HD console will be called Nintendo FEEL, with a name that seems to nod... read

Image of 'Nintendo Selects' Wii budget titles surfaces

May 03
Earlier today, we told you about the rumored line of budget games for Wii, which is set to roll out along with the also-rumored price drop for the system later this month. Quick update on that front! Images of the proposed bu... read

Rumor: 'Wii Select' budget games, Wii price drop

May 03
Prices slashed! It looks like Nintendo plans to move consoles and games this year, leading into next year when they launch their new console, codenamed Project Cafe. Retail sources tell Kotaku that Nintendo will drop the pric... read

Rumor: Project Cafe controller shaped like a tablet

Apr 25
It's time for your daily serving of Project Cafe rumors, folks! The mysterious Nintendo console has had another slice of gossip carved off of its inscrutable hide, with talk of a tablet-shaped controller.  The simple int... read

Here's the latest leaked Project Cafe image

Apr 22
We've been inundated with all sorts of mock-ups and leakages concerning Project Cafe, the rumored HD console being developed by Nintendo. The latest development is this supposedly leaked image, found on various forums and ima... read

Project Cafe to be named 'Stream'?

Apr 21
From "Wii" to "Stream," eh? One-track mind, Nintendo, one-track mind. Other new rumors from the IGN party van include: Could retail between $350 and $400. Being manufactured in Taiwan. Could ship as early as this October. Will be based on a version of AMD's R700 GPU architecture, not on Fusion. Will definitely output in HD (phew!). Mmmmm! Delicious speculation! read

Update:  The system is now rumored to be called Stream. The rumors concerning a new HD console from Nintendo have ramped up to absurd proportions, to the point where it's getting difficult to keep track of everything.&nb... read feature


Rumors of a Wii HD have been floating around since the dawn of time, but Game Informer has boldly stated that various sources are now corroborating the development of some sort of HD Nintendo system with a 2012 launch date in... read feature


Rumor: Nintendo dropping Wii to $150 in May

Apr 13
It's getting to be that time, folks. The time when Nintendo pushes the Wii's price tag down again. According to a "trusted source" at Engadget, the company is expected to start selling the system at $150 on May 15. Such a mov... read

Rumor: EA working on NFL Blitz title

Nov 22
According to Giant Bomb's well-placed tipster, Electronic Arts/EA Sports is currently working on resurrecting Midway's NFL Blitz series. EA Sports recently releases NBA Jam remakes across all platforms, and reports had previo... read

Dtoid (the show): Pirates Lego, dragons, Wii and Mega Man

Nov 19
Man, I screwed up pretty badly in this episode. That normally makes me miserable. Yet, I still can't help but love today's edition of Destructoid. I think it's the dance party bit. When I look back on the creation of show fr... read

Rumor: House of the Dead Overkill 2 in development

Nov 10
Allow me to momentarily pretend that I believe in God, so I can get on my knees and pray that this is real. A new rumor has surfaced which suggests that a sequel to the deliciously vulgar House of the Dead: Overkill is in dev... read

Rumor: Open world for next Tomb Raider

Sep 21
According to rumors out of the UK edition of PC Gamer, Lara Croft's next tomb raiding adventure may be her biggest yet. According to the magazine, Crystal Dynamic's upcoming Tomb Raider game may be set in an open world. "Set ... read

Rumor: HD re-releases of Odin Sphere and Muramasa coming

Sep 15
Following the announcement of Shadow of the Colossus and ICO re-releases coming to PlayStation 3 in high-definition earlier today, sources have told 1UP that two more cult classics are bound for HD glory. According ... read

A GoldenEye Wii controller for $70? Really? Really?

Jun 28
While Nintendo revealed the upcoming Wii-exclusive GoldenEye at its E3 press conference, there was no mention made of fancy, special controllers. The leaked information (which panned out to be legit) did, however. It showed o... read

For many, GoldenEye was the turning point for first-person shooters on consoles, and in many ways defined the Nintendo 64-era of gaming. Since then, publishers and developers haven't been able to capture the same magic of Rar... read feature


Rumor: Earthworm Jim 4 coming to Wii

Apr 29
Some man went to someplace and met the man who created Earthworm Jim. The man said that the Earthworm Jim making-man said that Earthworm Jim 4 is coming to the Wii. I read what that man heard the other man say, so I decided t... read

The Conduit is getting a sequel? Really?

Mar 16
So, a game usually needs to turn a profit in order to warrant a sequel, right guys? Mushroom Men 2 and Dark Void 2 will likely never be created, but we'll definitely be seeing Just Dance 2 and Assassin's Creed 3 in the next f... read

Rumor: NBA Jam coming to PS3, 360 as well as Wii (Update)

Feb 21
It looks like somebody at EA Sports may have been listening when I implored EA Canada to bring NBA Jam to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 along with the Wii. The publisher has always spoken of the game as a Wii exclusive,... read

Rogue Squadron listed for the Wii

Feb 21
You can put this one under the "probably not going to happen" file, but British retailer GAME is listing a Rogue Squadron game for the Wii. GAME does not list VC games and the price point is at £29.99, so this does seem... read

Rumor: Monster Hunter Tri coming to PSP [Update]

Feb 17
A new rumor is indicating that Capcom's huge Monster Hunter franchise is returning to its spiritual home when previously Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter Tri comes to the PSP.  The gossip is being spread by Hong Kong magazin... read

Rumor: Sonic the Hedgehog playable in Mario Galaxy 2

Feb 06
In what will probably be the strangest rumor this weekend, a new slice of gossip is claiming that Sonic the Hedgehog will be a playable character in Mario Galaxy 2. In a way, that's very plausible -- if you've not been able t... read

Grain of salt alert: Rumored Zelda Wii details

Jan 20
Before you go any further, take a deep breath and remember that everything you're about to read is rumor about the upcoming Legend of Zelda Wii. It comes from information found on the 2chan message boards, a Japanese board pr... read

Rumor: New EA Sports game is NBA Jam

Jan 05
Even though EA Sports has remained mum about its mysterious IP set to be revealed this month, inside sources have been talking. Last month, our source said the new game is being called “NFL Trainer,” a Wii exclusi... read

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