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iPad 3 expected at March 7 Apple event

Feb 28
An image from a media invitation to a March 7 Apple event shows a finger touching a high-resolution calendar icon on what looks to be a tablet. The text reads," We have something you really have to see. And touch." Looks like... read

High resolution iPad 3 slated for early 2012, says WSJ

Aug 19
There have been rumors about a high-resolution new iPad flying about for some time. Now even the Wall Street Journal is getting in on the action. A source tells them that we should expect the iPad 3 for 2012, and that trial p... read

Rumor: Sony is planning an iPad rival, runs PSOne games

Feb 17
Yikes. Me-too products -- we're drowning in them. Go to an electronics store here in Tokyo and the first floor is flooded with tablet devices. Of course, no one cares about them. It looks like an ocean of black glass smudged ... read

iPad 2 rumors clearing up: Thinner, lighter, front camera

Feb 09
We knew there would be an iPad 2 as soon as the first one came out. Ever since then we've heard countless rumors on what the feature set would be. Clearing some of the confusion is an article from the Wall Street Journal. In ... read

CES 2011: Microsoft planning to reveal iPad rival?

Dec 14
The New York Times is suggesting that Microsoft will reveal a range of products set to compete with the iPad at next month's CES. According to the report, monstrous bossman Steve Ballmer will have a selection of products from... read

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