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Rumor: iPhone 5 set for September release

Apr 19
We know that Apple has their big conference scheduled to hit right when we're at E3 this year, but new rumors say that they won't be announcing the new hardware then. Everyone's expecting an iPhone 5 announcement but new word... read

iPhone 4G rumors hint at HD screen and multitasking

Mar 30
Just what we need, another f*cking handheld device. Fresh rumors have risen from the Wall Street Journal, claiming that Apple is about to release a brand new customer-bleeder, the iPhone 4G. According to the gossip hounds, th... read

Apple tablet rumored to be a gaming device

Aug 04
You know that Apple tablet you keep hearing about? Rumors are flying, pointing to everything from Apple's answer to netbooks to this latest, a game system. It's actually both, according to one person who claims to have seen t... read

Rumortoid: Next iPhone may have more gaming-centric features

Jun 06
It seems Kotaku has caught wind of several announcements that may drop at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference next week. The first is that a new version of the iPhone will be announced, and that it will be re... read

Rumortoid: Apple's Application Store getting a premium division

Jan 29
Apple’s Application Store is a place blotted by bad indie games and silly prototype titles. Aside from the occasionally brilliant game, the majority of the stuff is junk. Anyone traversing the Store looking for a game h... read

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