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Pachter talks more about Nintendo's Wii U 'mistake'

Clarifies the company's not in danger, but its glory days may be over
Feb 19
Following yesterday's angry protests from Nintendo fans, industry analyst Michael "Fishy Sunday" Pachter took to NeoGAF to clarify his statements.There was uproar when Pachter said the Wii U was a mistake Nintendo may never r... read

Scandal: Pokemon team had a poo fight in a hotel

Mar 05
Sometimes, every Christmas that's ever existed merges to form a Super Christmas, and the magic of this time paradox creates a truly wonderful event to happen somewhere in the world. This phenomenon must have recently occurred... read

A few days ago, we told you that an official Zelda art book containing the definitive timeline for the series would be released. Well, with the book out in Japan, that timeline has been officially revealed. All the historic e... read feature


Sony's Tretton: Nintendo systems are 'babysitting tools'

Apr 08
Wow, Jack! You troll as much as I do!  An article on CNN Money has PlayStation boss Jack Tretton talking smack about Nintendo's game offerings. He says that the Wii hasn't aged well, and that he doesn't really see it as ... read

Sun says 3DS making hundreds dizzy, Nintendo disagrees

Mar 31
UK tabloid The Sun has claimed that "hundreds" of gamers are "slamming" Nintendo for causing a wave of dizziness with their new 3DS system. Nintendo UK says it hasn't received a single complaint. That's weird, because The Sun... read

It had to happen, really. With over 22,000 words in its vocabulary, it was only a matter of time before someone managed to find a racist angle with Scribblenauts, and that racism came in the form of the word "sambo."... read feature


GTA: Chinatown Wars gets Nintendo Power banned from school

Mar 24
The latest issue of Nintendo Power has been banned from a middle school library in Ohio because of the cover, which features a piece of artwork from Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The cartoon image of a woman holding a gun... read

Only one Xbox 360 game gets into Japan's top 100, DS gets 47

Jan 21
Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has released a load of dirty sales data from the Land of Pixelated Porn, revealing the top 100 selling games of 2008. These games have been broken down by platform, because console wars are fu... read

Drug dealing minigames in GTA DS cause 'controversy' already

Sep 28
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars isn't even near release yet, and British comic The Sun has already begun to cultivate its own controversy around the game. Having caught wind of the drug dealing aspects of Rockstar's portable... read

Exclusive: The truth about the 'Holocaust' game

Mar 10
Some gamers have chosen to call it "creepy" and "disgusting." Media outlets, those even belonging to the videogame press itself, have misrepresented it as "Holocaust DS" or a "Nazi torture game." The truth of the matter is th... read


Mar 10
The multi-tasking mayhem ensues as Majesco brings a brand new game to the Nintendo DS! Yes, you've all heard the highly anticipated rumors and bated your breath with excitement for the announcement, but we can finally confirm... read

ELSPA shoots down the '90 percent' R4 story

Feb 01
We all knew something was up with a recent quote by John Hillier, Manager of ELSPA's Intellectual Property Crime Unit. The Sunday Post, a Scottish newspaper, quoted Hillier saying "In America it's thought 90 percent of N... read

The worst ideas in gaming listed

Nov 12
Last week we went over Next-gen's list of the 50 greatest gaming innovations, noting that they forgot tentacle porn in the line up. Now they've put together a list of gaming's worst ideas ever, and again, tentacle porn is mis... read

Gaming periphery as filler: videogame look-alikes

Nov 09
Hollywood steals ideas constantly, authors have been lifting plotlines for millennia, and Glengarry Glen Ross was directly stolen from a dream I once I had via David Mamet's brain-draining dark magic. Since every other creati... read

Geometry Wars: Galaxies features video: love is a trapezoid!

Oct 02
The above video is a promotional highlight reel of the upcoming features found in Geometry Wars: Galaxies, the upcoming semi-sequel to Xbox LIVE Arcade mega-smash Geometry Wars. Galaxies, while not as pretty as the XBLA ver... read

Gaming causes violence: young girl thrown from bus edition!

Sep 07
I want to go on record as saying that this story is not about video games. Yes, a dispute over a Nintendo DS broke out and it resulted in a young girl being thrown from a school bus, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is not the issue here. Hit the jump for the cold hard truth (aka stuff you already know).  read

Squeenix to take a break from FFVII briefly and make DS puzzle game

Sep 05
Those waiting for Square-Enix to stop with the spin-offs and remakes and do something original are in luck -- a new DS puzzle game in which you match falling colored blocks is on the way! According to Famitsu magazine, Yosumi... read

Trailer for upcoming DS game Insecticide looks ... unspectacular

Jul 10
The boys at Gamecock are finally starting to reveal more of their hand as this trailer for Crackpot Entertainment's Insecticide contains actual gameplay footage, much unlike the Mushroom Men teaser released a while back.... read

Drink Coke, get a Wii

Apr 25
To all of you out there who are still struggling to find a Wii, I offer the perfect solution: just drink 2,084 bottles of Coke! Sure, the sugar intake alone will rot out all your teeth and you will be paying about $3,271.97 m... read

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