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GameStop taking heat amid Xenoblade controversy

Gamers accuse retailer of scamming customers
Aug 13
Over the past few days, GameStop has found itself in the midst of a controversy surrounding the used sales of Xenoblade Chronicles, a fan-favorite and a game which the retailer had negotiated an exclusive contract to distribu... read

Most pirated games of 2011 include Crysis, Mario, Gears

Dec 30
Torrentfreak has published its list of the most pirated games of 2011, a favorite end-of-year controversy for gamers around the world. The pirated software is broken up by system, with quite different results for each. No PS3... read

A few days ago, we told you that an official Zelda art book containing the definitive timeline for the series would be released. Well, with the book out in Japan, that timeline has been officially revealed. All the historic e... read feature

Heavy Fire Afghanistan coming to Kinect, PS3, Wii

Mar 29
Did you want more "hardcore" Kinect games? Prepare to regret that request, my friends. Just check out that trailer (actually using the Wii version, oddly) and be stunned. This is Heavy Fire Afghanistan, a game that may very ... read

Jensen admits he was 'wrong' about Epic Yarn

Dec 21
Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen caught quite a bit of heat for claiming that Kirby's Epic Yarn was the worst game of 2010 because it was too cute. In a year that had technically deficient games, poorly designed games like ... read

Former DICE CEO says the Wii is a virus

Feb 27
Fredrik Liliegrin is the former CEO and co-founder of DICE and is now running a gaming company called Antic Entertainment. As such we should take his opinion on things very seriously and get really angry when he says things. ... read

Church attacks Resident Evil, Capcom fights back

Nov 25
Thank God for the clergy! Those guardians of our frail humanity are always here to set things right, and they have protected us from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, a game that glamorizes violence and promotes the occ... read

Nirvana is no fan of Guitar Hero 5's Kurt Cobain

Sep 11
It's not just Kurt Cobain's non-murdering wife who hates what Activision has done to Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5. Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, former members of Nirvana, have issued a statement criticizing Activision's us... read

EA's Peter Moore steps away from the Metacritic to breathe

Jun 10
Where do you go for review scores on your latest games? Destructoid? I hope so. But Metacritic is also a handy tool. They incorporate the scores from several of the major gaming sites into a handy page you can use to determin... read

The reason EarthBound is not coming to the Virtual Console

May 14
When news dropped three months ago that EarthBound -- the incredibly good Super Nintendo RPG -- would not be coming to the Virtual Console, fans of the cult classic flipped out (me included!). Rumors of the games exclusion --... read

The day that evil won: Wii Fit outsells Halo 3 in the U.S.

Mar 22
Lets start with the facts.Nintendo is a giant, evil corporation that is hellbent on ruining videogames, the world, and everything. The only things standing in their way are a local, "Mom and Pop" software developer ... read

Nintendo is 'working on a solution' to the Wii storage limit

Jun 17
Geeks and Otaku, stand proud. Our incessant bitching has finally made it to the ears of the upper brass at Nintendo, and now it seems that they are finally working on some kind of storage solution for the memory-gimped Wii. A... read

Let the crappy add-ons commence! Wii Fit gets a 'yoga mat'

Apr 17
Wii Fit hasn't even hit shelves yet, but that hasn't stopped the third party rubbish from kick starting. Introducing the Wii Fit yoga mat, a special piece of cloth that you need to own if you're serious about losing weight. W... read

Bully debate: Teachers are ignorant edition

Mar 13
The debate over Bully: Scholarship Edition continues to rage as concerned teachers, still yet to actually play the game, continue to talk about it based merely off the title, while stating that we in the media and the games i... read

Commodore 64 is coming to a Wii near you

Feb 21
The very first gaming system I had was a Commodore 64, and the very first game I ever bought (or rather, had bought for me) was Dizzy, Prince of the Yolkfolk. It can be said that I have a very nostalgic view of the noble Comm... read

Pantless ex-Midway employee claims to have created the Wii control scheme

Jan 14
 Pants off to Patrick Goschy, an ex-Midway employee who may have came up with the Nintendo Wii control scheme years ago. Go Nintendo links us to this demonstration video by Pat, which seems to have been created back in 2... read

More painful than dying in a fire: Alvin and the Chipmunks on the Wii

Dec 27
What's harder? (A) Producing a popular cartoon show for nearly 30 years about a trio of fat-faced high-pitched maladjusted chipmunks and their three whiny rodent girlfriends or (B) Producing a single good video game about the... read

Europe wants blood: No More Heroes not censored now?

Dec 13
From what we heard earlier, it seemed that the European version of No More Heroes would be censored. Now, publisher Rising Star Games is doing its best to clarify matters, saying that the European version is not censored, and... read

Welcome to the Manhunt 2 circus: Hysteria, idiocy and artistic defense

Oct 30
In case you didn't know, Manhunt 2 is released tomorrow, set for a fitting Halloween release date. As expected, the imbecile parade has been out in full force, with panic and fear setting in for the release of this so-called ... read

Proof that the Wii isn't for us: It's time to Dance with the Stars ... (kill me)

Oct 14
Unless you want to have your day ruined, I suggest you bypass clicking on the above video. Dancing with the Stars is exactly what it sounds like, and indicative of the kind of thing that will outsell Metroid and Super Smash B... read

Geometry Wars: Galaxies features video: love is a trapezoid!

Oct 02
The above video is a promotional highlight reel of the upcoming features found in Geometry Wars: Galaxies, the upcoming semi-sequel to Xbox LIVE Arcade mega-smash Geometry Wars. Galaxies, while not as pretty as the XBLA ver... read

[Intensely NSFW] Wrench murder: It's not just for BioShock anymore! [UPDATE]

Sep 13
The above video is a compilation clip demonstrating the stunning variety of horrific assassinations one can perform with a common, everyday wrench in Rockstar Games' upcoming controversy slut title Manhunt 2. As some of you... read

Game Boy to go Game bye-bye, Wiiware to be Wiiwelcomed

Jul 17
Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, George Harrison, has recently made statements that nod toward his company finally dumping its venerable Game Boy line of handhelds ... read

Mario in disability slur shocker!

Jul 13
We've just had a tip from Dtoid artistic guru Lauren letting us know about some bizarre news relating to yet another case of videogame controversy in the UK, and this time the perpetrator of offense is none other than ev... read

Drink Coke, get a Wii

Apr 25
To all of you out there who are still struggling to find a Wii, I offer the perfect solution: just drink 2,084 bottles of Coke! Sure, the sugar intake alone will rot out all your teeth and you will be paying about $3,271.97 m... read

Resident Evil for the Wii promo video is clown shoe-tastic

Apr 13
While we are supposed to remain tight-lipped about yesterday's Capcom event, apparently Capcom is one of those, "Do what we say, not what we do" type. This morning Neogaf posted links to Capcom's official J... read

Can't find a Wii? Get used to it

Apr 11
According to our favorite PR person, Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo's Wii shortage will last a tad longer than what we've been told and promised by other Ninty execs in the past. From Kaplan via Next Gen:“There is a l... read

How innovative is Nintendo REALLY?

Dec 28
Often heralded as the most innovative console and game developer in the gaming industry, Nintendo has come a very long way from the card-manufacturing company it was back in 1985. Each of their major franchises has its own se... read

Wii FPS games cause motion sickness?

Dec 22
It's ok. Don't feel like a big gamer wuss. There are others like you. Nobody's talking about it. It has to be said. Wii have a new problem, but it doesn't have a catchy name -- it's Wii First Person Shoote... read

Wiitards have no case!!!

Dec 21
Looks like Wiitards are screwed. Despite the ridiculous determination of lawyers to try to find a way to blame Nintendo for people's inability to firmly hold a controller and move around simultaneously, the argument seems... read

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