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More PSP 2 rumors: Touch controls on back of system?

Aug 19
It seems a fairly common consensus amonst the gossiping fishwives that a PSP 2 is definitely in the works as we speak, and that we may not have to suffer another lame iteration of the original Sony handheld before we get it.&... read

Rumor: PlayStation Phone out by October

Aug 12
Rumors have surfaced that the latest attempt by Sony to make the PSP worth a sh*t involve jamming a smartphone in there. The word on the street is that a PSPgo with phone capabilities could hit the market as early as October ... read

Rumor: PSP2 has touch screen, two cameras, f*cking power

May 17
The PlayStation Portable has had an up-and-down kind of life ever since it released half a decade ago. Sony, however, is not a company to let PR setbacks, a lack of third party support, or crap reiterations of the same system... read

NeoGeo titles may be coming to PlayStation Network

Mar 01
If a slew of ESRB listings is any indication, we might soon be seeing a bunch of NeoGeo titles hitting the PlayStation Network. Alpha Mission II, Baseball Stars Professional, League Bowling, and Super Sidekicks were all recen... read

Rumor: Monster Hunter Tri coming to PSP [Update]

Feb 17
A new rumor is indicating that Capcom's huge Monster Hunter franchise is returning to its spiritual home when previously Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter Tri comes to the PSP.  The gossip is being spread by Hong Kong magazin... read

Dissidia: Final Fantasy coming to PS3/Xbox 360?

Jan 06
Some new Intel has risen from the depths of Japan that seems to indicate a home console outing for Square Enix's giant fan service PSP game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. A scan from a Japanese magazine has listed the game for the... read

PSP-4000 ad was a 'mistake'

Dec 21
Following the news that a PSP accessories advertisement mentioned the PSP-4000, Negative "Destructoid is idiotic" Gamer followed up with Accessories 4 Gamers, the creators of the advert. A4G has stated that the PSP-4000 listi... read

Rumor: PSP-4000 mentioned in new Sony ads

Dec 20
A new ad for LittleBigPlanet PSP accessories has made reference to a PSP-4000, leading to speculation that a brand new PlayStation Portable is in the works. The ad is about a range of LBP-branded items for your PSP, and the 4... read

Rumor: PSP Minis to be playable on your PlayStation 3

Dec 03
If Joystiq's sources are to be believed, Sony may be significantly upping the value of its PSP Mini titles. How does allowing you to play them right on your PlayStation 3 sound?  Rumors have Sony enabling support for Min... read

Sony 'can't comment' on potential ModNation for PSP

Dec 01
According to a GameStop listing, United Front Games' upcoming create-play-share racer ModNation Racers for PlayStation 3 may also be making its way to the PlayStation Portable. Simply listed as ModNation (and s... read

The PSpgo has been getting some flack from us, though when it finally landed I think we gave it a pretty fair shake. One of the great things about it is that the downloadable game service over PSN was pretty robustly supporte... read feature

Rumor: PSPGo shipping with voucher for Rock Band Unplugged

Aug 05
Concerned about the $249.99 PSPGo price tag? What if it came with a free game, more specifically Rock Band Unplugged? According to PSPGo bundle listings on Best Buy's Web site, the handheld will ship with a voucher to do... read

Swedish metal band announces Saints Row PSP... huh?

Jul 17
While its direct open-world rival Grand Theft Auto has made the portable rounds, THQ and Volition's Saints Row has not. But that may be changing soon, as according to the Swedish metal band Opeth, a PlayStation Portable versi... read

Rumor: Sony to unveil PSPgo apps, small games at gamescom

Jun 12
While the lack of physical media for Sony’s PSPgo may be signaling the death-knell for the Universal Media Disc, it may be opening up new doors for developers. Sources close to game development have told Destructoid tha... read

Pre-E3 09: Destructoid Discusses: PSP NO!

May 31
When we first saw the supposed PSP Go leaked images, we were quick to discount them as a fabrications, saying that there's no way that Sony would have released something that looks like that. And then we saw the alleged leake... read

Above you supposedly have your first look at the PSP Go, Sony's rumored new handheld that we told you about back in March.This according to Gaming Console Network who has claimed it received the June 2009 issue of Sony's digi... read feature

Retail listing hints at new Metal Gear reveal for PS3 or PSP

May 21
Everyone is quite worked up over Kojima Production’s teaser Web site. Theories of what it could be are flying, with everything from a Metal Gear game on the Xbox 360 to a game starring Raiden, even a new Boktai or Snatc... read

Rumor: Sony considering music downloads for PSP

May 21
According to “music industry sources” that have been whispering to CNET News, Sony is looking to offer music for the PlayStation Portable by way of the PlayStation Network. The sources tell CNET that no final deal... read

Rumor: Green Day tracks headed to Rock Band

May 17
As if MTV Games and Harmonix don't have enough problems with the leak of the PlayStation Portable game Rock Band Unplugged some two weeks before its release. Now, the same people who simply couldn't help themselves from getti... read

Shacknews has learned from a reliable source that 3D Realms and Apogee have both been shut down. Their source stated that the companies have been shut down due to "funding issues." Employees from both companies are ... read feature

Rumor we agree with: 'PSP Go' is Sony's next handheld

Apr 28
We hear things. Somtimes we tell you about them, but sometimes we can't just be all "Hey we heard this thing." Back in March, we heard some things about Sony's next PlayStation Portable, and we put it in a video dis... read

PSP version of Devil May Cry you didn't know about canned?

Apr 15
According to the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Capcom has shelved its plans to release Devil May Cry for the PlayStation Portable. Wait, what? Was that even ever announced? Well, yeah... back in 2005. ... read

Rumortoid: PSP successor confirmed by mystery source

Apr 07
Pocket Gamer is reporting that a new PSP has been confirmed by a mystery source within the development team. While some of the information is stuff we've already heard, mostly with our own ears, fresh trinkets of news include... read

PS2 version of Ghostbusters getting ported to PSP

Apr 01
And Activision thought Ghostbusters wasn't a marketable and exploitable franchise... pffft! According to the ESRB, a PlayStation Portable version of the game will be hitting shelves alongside the Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation... read

Rumortoid: Shadow of the Colossus Online, new PSP and more

Mar 23
A huge wad of rumors surrounding Sony is here to kick off GDC week. We don't know how much of it is true or what we'll see at the conference, but we're a blog, and rumors were made for the blogging. Since you just want the me... read

As we're Twitter whores here at Destructoid HQ, we quickly noticed David Perry's (Earthworm Jim, Shiny) tweet about the PSP 2 and how it wouldn't have a UMD drive slot. After that made headlines, Sony's John Koller took a sho... read feature

Sony hardly knows Dave Perry, but still responds to his 'PSP2' comments

Feb 27
With all of the PSP2 rumors that have been floating around the past few months, it seems likely that somewhere, someone at Sony is working on a new version of the PlayStation Portable. Videogame developer Dave Perry rece... read

In our day to day operations, we come across a lot of stuff that we debate on running. We get a lot of crap tips, sure, but even some legit ones have us shrugging our shoulders, or in this case, rolling our eyes.So all mornin... read feature

Rumored PSP-4000 details: Wait, do we really need ANOTHER one?

Feb 23
The PSP-3000 was only released last year, but Sony is intent on beating a dead horse by announcing yet another new model for the disappointing handheld. After years of promises and only a handful of developers interested in t... read

Sony Japan is testing a 'new game machine'

Feb 20
It seems like every other week there is a new rumor about an upcoming Sony portable. The PSP2? Who knows. It seems like they are always killed by a lack of hard evidence and usually a stupid-looking concept header image (like... read

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