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Rumor: Army of Two sequel is Army of Four

Dec 01
Whoever spilled the beans to Kotaku yesterday is spilling some more. The latest EA rumor concerns another Army of Two sequel, one that hopes to up the ante with four-player co-op as opposed to the traditional two.  Army ... read

Just Cause dev Avalanche 'not releasing any game in 2012'

Oct 27
Briefly responding to recent rumors of Just Cause 3 hitting as early as next year, Avalanche Studios has told Eurogamer "we're not releasing any game in 2012." So, how does 2013 sound? A minor bump in absurdity is all that I ... read

Rumor: Isaac gets a mean new friend in Dead Space 3

Oct 03
A new report has revealed that Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke is going to be even less sane than usual in the not-quite-confirmed Dead Space 3. He's getting a new personality, while keeping the old one, and his two halve... read

Leaked Dota 2 screenshots look like what you would expect

Aug 14
Valve is set to unveil Dota 2 this week at gamescom with a laughably massive tournament between professional teams. However, this is 2011, and we can't possibly let a videogame company have all the fun with revealing its prod... read

Valve and friends tease Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Aug 12
Rumors of an all-new Counter-Strike game have been whirling around this morning, with word that top CS players have been flown to Valva's offices for top secret shenanigans. Amid fan speculation on Steam's forums, a name was&... read

Trademarks point to possible Alpha Centauri revival

Aug 10
Could the beloved sci-fi strategy title be making a comeback? Trademarks for Alpha Centauri registered earlier this month by Electronic Arts have caused such speculation. The first trademark is for computer game software, whi... read

Another TimeSplitters 4 rumor for the pile

Aug 01
We've been hearing TimeSplitters 4 rumors dating back to 2007, so don't get too hyped about these most recent rumblings. They're coming from Official PlayStation Magazine UK's "Rumor Machine" portion of the mag (via Joystiq),... read

Will Valve unveil Dota 2 at gamescom or not?

Jul 20
There have been plenty of rumors and bits of information about Dota 2 making an appearance at gamescom in the past week and beyond. Between Valve's hints at the upcoming title here and there, its presence at gamescom, and tal... read

Ms. Splosion Man spotted on Steam

Jul 05
Don't know about you, but I could go for a good 'splode session right about now. According to the chaps at RPS, Twisted Pixel's Ms. Splosion Man could very well make it onto Steam. Apparently, the game appeared in the Steam l... read

Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to feature Horde-style co-op mode

Jun 16
It seems Eurogamer has heard the same things we've been hearing about Mass Effect 3: it will feature a four-player cooperative mode.  The mode is said to be completely separate from the main campaign, and may stick close... read

Rumor: Next Call of Duty map pack is 'Retaliation'

Jun 15
Of course there's more Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content on the way. You guys keep buying it, and Activision isn't going to leave money on the table.  While it hasn't been announced, an alleged GameStop promot... read

Pre-order Arkham City at Best Buy, get playable Robin

Jun 12
If a now-removed listing on Best Buy's website is any indication, pre-orders of Batman: Arkham City from the retailer will come with Robin as a playable character. "While supplies last, when you order Batman: Arkham City from... read

Severed doll's head = Aliens: Colonial Marines at E3

May 26
So, Nick and myself each received a burned, severed doll's head in the mail. With E3 right around the corner, this kind of nonsensical paraphernalia is quite common, but our powers of deduction leads us to believe t... read

Massive amount of Modern Warfare 3 details leaked

May 13
A whole bunch of details for Modern Warfare 3 have been leaked online today, including a release date of November 8, 2011. No time for idle chat -- here are the details in pointed list form: Releases November 8, 2011. Huge b... read

Rumor: Treyarch's next COD to be a Black Ops sequel

May 12
According to the latest chatter, Treyarch's next Call of Duty game will be a direct follow-up to last year's Black Ops, potentially creating a new sub-franchise as Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare.  There's no surpr... read

Rumor: Next Call of Duty 'Project Colossus,' out November

May 09
So look, Activision is going to release another Call of Duty this year. We all know this as a truth, like the sun rising and Jim Sterling making inappropriate comments on the Internet. We also know it's likely Modern Warfare ... read

Assassin's Creed Revelations reveal incoming

Apr 29
Considering the success of Assassin's Creed 2 and its followup, Brotherhood, it's not shock Ubisoft is pushing for another release so soon. But now we have a name, and it might be Assassin's Creed Revelations. The name and th... read

Possible first glimpse at Hitman 5

Mar 19
The long rabbit hole of a reportedly Hitman-related alternate reality game has revealed what may be the first look at the next title in the series. Save and Quit has the long and sordid tale of how we got to this point, but a... read

Rumor: Sledgehammer, Raven working on Modern Warfare 3

Jan 20
The LA Times reports that Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software are helping out what is left of Infinity Ward to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ready for November 2011. According to its sources -- "people close to matter"... read

Rumor: Infinity Ward working on Modern Warfare prequel

Jan 05
According to sources speaking with fan site This Is Xbox, Infinity Ward's next title will be a prequel to 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The source claims that the game will focus on Modern Warfare 2's masked soldier,... read

Job listing hints at multiplayer for Tomb Raider reboot

Dec 23
For Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot, it's not  just the popular heroine that's getting an overhaul. The franchise's new look, gameplay hooks, and more are all detailed in the latest issue of Game Informer -- it soun... read

Rumor: Singularity dev working on 'stealth' Bond title

Dec 07
According to James Bond website MI6, Singularity developer Raven Software is currently working on a stealth-based title based in the Bond universe. The rumor goes that wrk on the Bond title was halted earlier this year, as th... read

Assassin's Creed sequel possibilitiesexplored in survey

Dec 03
While there's probably a fair amount of you not even done with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Ubisoft is already likely hard at work at the next installment of the franchise. What would you like to see in the game? That's wha... read

Bethesda quiet on rumored Elder Scrolls sequel

Nov 23
According to Eurogamer's source, Bethesda Game Studios is currently working on Elder Scrolls V. The fifth game in the series is reported to be a direct sequel to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This anonymous source even mentione... read

Rumor: Open world for next Tomb Raider

Sep 21
According to rumors out of the UK edition of PC Gamer, Lara Croft's next tomb raiding adventure may be her biggest yet. According to the magazine, Crystal Dynamic's upcoming Tomb Raider game may be set in an open world. "Set ... read

Rumor: This Is Vegas canned… finally

Aug 24
According to CVG's "cast iron source" close to the development of This Is Vegas, the open-world shooter/wet t-shirt contest simulator has been scrapped. Being developed by the Seattle-based Surreal Software, the game was acqu... read

What's next for Borderlands? This could be it

Aug 05
Supposedly, the recently released patch 1.31 for Borderlands -- otherwise known as the one that added Steam achievements -- contains files that explain, in a considerable amount of detail, what the game's next add-on pack wil... read

EA files three Syndicate trademarks

Aug 04
It seems like there have been rumors surrounding a future title in the Syndicate series forever. EA has thrown a fresh log into the fire of anticipation now by filing for three trademark registrations with the US Patent ... read

Rumor: No new Hitman until at least late 2011

Jul 23
This week, Hitman 5 artwork popped up online, raising the eyebrows of excited fans. IO Interactive took the wind out of their sails, saying that the artwork (pictured above) "does not represent any new Hitman game." Now, acco... read

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a thing?

Jul 09
Are you one of the many bajillions who went apeshit over Plants vs. Zombies? If so, then a winner is you, for there seems to be some strong hints at a sequel.  According to the above teaser image, we have to save the dat... read

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