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1:34 PM on 06.04.2012

Rumor: New 3DS with larger screen to be announced at E3

Ahead of Nintendo's E3 press conference tomorrow, Nikkei is reporting that a new 3DS model will be announced at the event, and it'll have a bigger screen. The report states that the new 3DS model will have a 4.3-inch screen, ...

Brian Szabelski

1:00 PM on 05.19.2012

E.X. Troopers yanks a character from Mega Man Legends 3

One of the weirdest games to be announced so far this year is E.X. Troopers, the manga-style Lost Planet spin-off for the 3DS and the PS3. After Lost Planet 2 failed to set the world ablaze, a lot of people thought the series...

Jonathan Holmes

8:00 AM on 08.23.2011

Rumor: 3DS getting major overhaul, second circle pad

According to the rumor mill, Nintendo is in "turmoil" over what to do with the 3DS, and is planning something even more radical than the controversial price cut -- a complete physical overhaul.  Gossip suggests that a fu...

Jim Sterling

4:20 PM on 05.24.2011

Rumor: New Shinobi coming to Nintendo 3DS

According to the resume of an environment artist, a brand new game based on the Shinobi license is coming to Nintendo's 3DS. Now that is something I want to see.  Griptonite Games, a studio known mostly for portable lice...

Jim Sterling

6:30 PM on 04.21.2011

Rumor: Let's pour one out for the DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite, the second iteration of Nintendo's popular dual screen handheld, is no more. According to a GameStop internal memo, once they've cleared out their stock, that's it -- Nintendo won't be shipping any more....

Nick Chester

10:00 PM on 03.27.2011

Capcom talks Street Fighter X Tekken 3DS

Despite the fact that the game has no release date in sight, we're already hearing talk of Street Fighter X Tekken being ported to the 3DS. In a recent interview, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono stated "The next step would be to have ...

Jonathan Holmes

11:40 AM on 01.14.2011

'PSP2 vs. 3DS is like PSP vs. DS'

When Nintendo revealed that 3DS games would received a fairly significant graphical upgrade, it looked like the company was finally meeting some visual standards. However, the bar looks set to be raised even higher, with PSP2...

Jim Sterling

8:40 AM on 01.13.2011

Rumor: 3DS to use the hated Friend Code system

A Famitsu preview of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition seems to suggest that the despised Nintendo Friend Code system -- Nintendo's way of pretending to keep children safe online -- might be making an unwelcome return with t...

Jim Sterling

7:00 PM on 12.31.2010

Rumor: Monster Hunter headed to 3DS

If you're the incorrigable Tony Ponce, you're sarcastically "putting on your surprise face" right now. For the rest of us, this could be big news. The Monster Hunter series has long been exclusive to the PSP when it comes to ...

Jonathan Holmes

9:00 AM on 12.31.2010

Burnout Freestyle for Wii/DS was a thing, then canceled

[Update: Reader hatesyou points out, there was a Burnout title for the DS, called Burnout Legends. Oops! Sorry about the confusion.] The high-speed arcade racing franchise Burnout has found a home on nearly every platform ove...

Nick Chester

9:40 AM on 09.22.2010

Rumor: Nintendo 3DS gutted, tech specs spilled

According to the latest gossip, Nintend's hot upcoming handheld, the 3DS, has been ripped open and had its juicy tech specs spilled onto the dusty ground. It'll come as no shock to you that these stats place the 3DS far above...

Jim Sterling

8:00 PM on 07.08.2010

Japanese cell provider hints at 3G handheld connection

In discussion with The Wall Street Journal, Japanese cell phone provider, NTT DoCoMo, is in discussion with unnamed game console developers to embed 3G service in handheld consoles. Considering devices such as Amazon's Kindle...

Ben Perlee

9:20 AM on 06.28.2010

Motion-controlled breasts coming to Dead or Alive 3DS?

According to Japanese sources, Dead or Alive 3DS is not only going to feature massive, swollen, jiggling mammary milk tumors in 3D, but it will also allow those massive, swollen, jiggling mammary milk tumors to be manipulated...

Jim Sterling

12:00 PM on 06.09.2010

Rumor: Nintendo to reveal Animal Crossing 3DS at E3

Next week at E3, Nintendo is expected to reveal its Nintendo 3DS hardware to the world, and with it the first batch of software. According to our sources, Nintendo has been quietly wooing developers and publishers with a hand...

Nick Chester

Ooops: Activision's GoldenEye Wii and DS remake leaked photo
Ooops: Activision's GoldenEye Wii and DS remake leaked
by Nick Chester

For many, GoldenEye was the turning point for first-person shooters on consoles, and in many ways defined the Nintendo 64-era of gaming. Since then, publishers and developers haven't been able to capture the same magic of Rare's original. So what do you do? You remake it, apparently.

According to a leaked survey, Activision will be releasing a new version of GoldenEye for the Wii, "developed from the ground up" to take "advantage of the latest technology to deliver the same intense experience with today's graphics and physics." The title will supposedly "modernize" the classic story, placing Daniel Craig in the role of Bond. The survey suggests that many (if not all) of the originals areas from the N64 title will return, along with its weapons and four-player split-screen. The game will reportedly support 8-player online matches, as well.

A potential golden Wii Remote shell, as well as a golden Classic controller, were also hinted at in the survey.

Following this survey leak, Eurogamer has received word that Eurocom (responsible for the N64 Bond outing, The World is Not Enough) will be developing the title, along with n-Space. GoldenEye for Wii, along with an Nintendo DS title of the same name, is said to be revealed at this year's E3.

Activision GoldenEye game in November [Eurogamer]
RUMOR - Survey points to Activision's GoldenEye title as a remake of the N64 classic, complete with Wiimote shells [GoNintendo]

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3DS may be widescreen according to FCC leak photo
3DS may be widescreen according to FCC leak
by Ben Perlee

The FCC is like the ESRB of hardware. Whenever a company tries to get their products certified without the whole world knowing, leave it to them to make a leak. Case in point, the FCC has leaked the above image of a DS motherboard from a test kit. It's a filing by Nintendo and manufacturer Mitsumi, and it's simply designed for approval of the US DS Wi-Fi card. It was leaked last month by WirelessGoodness.

However, the attached image initially did not attract too much attention. It's just a motherboard for the current DS, nothing to pay attention to. Not so, says Digital Foundry, via Eurogamer. According to them, there are some strong indicators that this motherboard is not for the DS, but rather the 3DS. If this proves, true, there could be some interesting implications.

Most noticeable are those big black blocks. Obviously screens, the bottom conforms to the 4:3 ratio currently seen on the DS series. However, the top on is clearly of a different type, larger and closer to a 16:9 screen ratio. Some speculation is that the top one is the 3D-enabled screen, while the bottom is more traditional DS touchscreeny goodness.

Finally, what is even more important is the code name applied to this motherboard. This one is "CTR", which is surprising in that no other DS has been codenamed with this moniker. The DSi, for example, was the "TWL" and the DSi XL went by "UTL". Ultimately, this is all speculation, and could very well be some obscure DS motherboard. Or, it could be a sign of what's to come from Nintendo. We'll find out next month at E3.


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