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Sunset Overdrive photo
Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive viral site opens up, plans special events for fans

Insomniac Games teases info about characters and upcoming events
May 05
The surprise reveal of Sunset Overdrive at Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference got many people excited, including much of the staff at Destructoid. As a brand-new open-world shooter set in a visually rich and colorful world,... read
XCOM photo

2K wipes trailers and website for XCOM FPS remake

It's a sign that something's happening with 2K Marin's troubled title
Apr 15
Just a few weeks after a possible change of direction was hinted for the troubled XCOM FPS reboot, Digital Trends is now reporting that the website for the game has been taken offline. The project has been delayed multiple t... read

Super Meat Boy blog reveals new cameos and details

Jun 08
This past weekend, Team Meat showed us C.H.A.D., the boss of Super Meat Boy's second world. As it turns out, that reveal was just a tease. The Super Meat Boy blog's latest post gives us the first screenshot of C.H.A.D., plus ... read

Team Meat talks risk/reward in game design, draws Pac-Man

May 01
Looks like Edmund McMillen's initial write-up on game design is turning into a series, as he's just thrown up a new post on how important it was to create an inspiring risk and reward system for Super Meat Boy. Among other th... read

Mario Galaxy 2 website details 2P co-op, also cogs

Apr 15
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is almost here, but you wouldn't know it from the way Nintendo of America is acting. We haven't heard anything from Reggie and the gang about the game since that press event a few weeks back. We've have t... read

INVESTIGATIONS: Miles Edgeworth Web site is now live!

Jul 31
If you are excited about the new Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS: Miles Edgeworth game for the Nintendo DS, let me hear you say “Eureka!”EUREKA!Man, I can’t wait for this game. Sadly, since I couldn’t make... read

Cursed Mountain official website launches, scares me proper

May 05
You already know how I feel about survival horror games if you've read Destructoid or listened to RetroforceGo! for any period of time, so I won't gush all over again about how much I love to turn the lights out and get scare... read

Dtoid Mobile beta 2 -- now 50% faster, more features

Oct 28
Do you read Destructoid on the toilet?  Don't answer that! If you have an internet-capable phone you'll be glad to know that we've upgraded the mobile version of our site quite a bit to make it faster and more useful on ... read

Vampire Rain: Altered Species official site goes live

Jun 05
Following in the trend of highly interactive game sites, Ignition Entertainment launched the official site for Vampire Rain: Altered Species today, a game that places you in the role of an elite agent for the American Informa... read

Dead Island site goes live

Sep 28
Techland's up and coming zombie dismantlement simulator caused quite a stir when it was unveiled at the Leipzig Games Convention, due to its smile-inducing two-hit combo of gorgeously idyllic tropical vistas and savagely brut... read

You're doing it wrong: Destructoid site maintenance tonight

Aug 16
Your humble webmaster intends to cause a severe ruckus on Destructoid's pristine code over the course of the next five hours, defiling the home page and our community blogs in a variety of ghastly ways.  There's no stag... read
 photo offline, people take notice

Jul 30
I'm surprised people have been asking, but for those of you who don't know, our sister site has been down since the night before last. For once, it's not the site crashing. We're not giving up on it, either. Wha... read

Scheduled Destructoid maintenance tonight: we're gonna break stuff

May 30
Funny how a year can change our perception of what Destructoid should be, how it should work, and what it should ultimately become. It's been a wild ride so far. I have to say, I can't tell you how happy I am that I r... read

E3 implicated in HD-DVD piracy - Update!

May 01
   Update!  Today the people of the internet spoke loudly with our mute and persistant clicking of... button things ... meh. Ok, so our founding fathers would call us a bunch of pansies for not storming ou... read

California love: Summa going Hollywood!

Feb 11
It's Sunday, and well, that means we like to bring you lighter gaming news and even lighter Dtoid news. For those who may like to follow and track my whereabouts, you should know that starting Tuesday, I'll be livi... read

Friday Robot Intermission: the robots are always winning edition

Feb 09
Don't you just love it when the work week just blows by? Good, then please tell me how that feels. I've had an E-67 broken hard drive on my 360 for a week and the Texan lady that took my initial support call at Xbox s... read

Destructoid thanks 142,000 triggerfingers

Feb 07 recently ran a poll within their community to vote for their favorite gaming blog. By the will of the Ares, Destructoid had a landslide victory over our beloved Kotaku (and I've also heard AOL also bought and ... read

Become big in Japan: writers wanted

Feb 07
We interrupt your video game Web site for this important Destructoid Network announcement. Our sister site Japanator is currently looking for new intern writers, as we are currently in the process of redesigning and are look... read

Spider-Man 3 game site goes live

Feb 01
Ever get the feeling that you've been neglecting your spidey sense for just too long? Yeah, me neither. But hey, if you're looking for a place to momentarily quench your arachnophilia, today Activision launched the Sp... read

Become a Destructoid blogger

Jan 29
The top-secret community blogs feature of Destructoid is currently under a closed beta test because frankly, it sucks ass right now. When we think it's actually worth a damn, we'll let you give it a spin. Until then, ... read

NextLust: Looking for a few good men or women to help the cause

Jan 21
Are you a complete tech junkie? Do you dream about the iPhone or any other gadget that could leave your underwear all sticky? Can you write in a smarmy enough way that would rival me on a good day? Do you want to be a part of... read

Server maintenace complete

Jan 18
Update: The little marine said "job's done" Is anyone still awake? No? Ok, good! We're going to take down the site for a few minutes into the wee hours to add some new hardware to support more simultaneous r... read

PWNED! This feature is currently under maintenance

Jan 04
The page you have just tried to access is currently being worked on. We apologize for your incovenience.  Instead, here are the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby.  Enjoy: Yo VIP ... let's kick it Ice ice baby (vanil... read

Bonus Kun's just off the home page option

Dec 26
If you read Destructoid 10,000 times a day, you probably love our unofficial Bonus Kun "just off the home page" feature at the bottom of the page. If you're more of a drive-by reader, you'll probably want t... read

So who won the console? You'll know soon enough! We have hundreds possible winners with an average of 10-20 ballots each, so I'm still cutting paper. I tried filming the prep process but it's taking so long that I... read feature


Now you can track our most epic flamewars: Dtoid's top discussions

Dec 19
Today the Elephant man silently introduced a new Web site feature that reports the most discussed articles of the week, month, and all time. You'll find the link on the right of the Top 20 Buzz Monitor where it now reads... read

Ubisoft dude says online gaming sites rule, we agree completely

Dec 18
Finally, an executive that knows what the hell they are talking about! All praise due Ubisoft UK managing director Rob Cooper, for he has prophecized that online gaming sites are the future. Straight from a genius' mouth ... read

Hey business face, send this to yer boss. Dtoid's community wants your budget

Dec 14
For once, gamer girl boners aside, I really just wanted to thank all of our readers, writers, contributors, tipsters, lurkers, forum spammers, and future bloggers for all of the support you've shown Destructoid. Look at t... read

Powerful mojo is coming to Destructoid

Dec 14
In a few minutes we will begin making a few changes to the navigation of the web site. We've consolidated a few menus, spat a little turtle wax here and there, and are in the process of sneaking in a new feature of the si... read

New web site feature: track your comments

Dec 07
Don't you hate it when that 200+ comment article you had spent so much time on gets pushed to the 5th page and becomes impossibly hard to track after a week? Of course you do, it happens on every damn so-called Web 2.0 si... read

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