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Review: Starhawk

Aug 10 // Darren Nakamura
When Starhawk was announced as the follow-up to 2007's PlayStation 3 exclusive Warhawk, cynical gamers wondered if it would be nothing more than Warhawk in space. Going into this completely cold, I was expecting another ... read feature

Get Warhawk in your Starhawk (if you are European)

May 11
Europe gets a lot of things, like political extremism and unnecessary languages, like French. What we don't get a lot of, however, is love from the industry. We usually have to wait for the Japanese and Americans to get their... read

All Starhawk DLC maps to be released for free

May 08
Starhawk hit store shelves in North America today and with the release comes great news for its long-term prospects, as it has been announced that all future map content will be made available free of charge.  In a ... read

Live show: Mash Tactics takes to the skies in Starhawk

Dec 27
Today, Mash Tactics will once again take flight in the Starhawk beta. Carnage is flying solo today, but that has never stopped him from going full thrust in both playing the game and chatting with the audience. Jump into the ... read

Live show: Mash Tactics takes to the skies in Starhawk

Dec 20
Today, Mash Tactics is strapping on their G-suits and barrel-rolling into the Starhawk beta! Jon Carnage prides himself on his prowess in the original Warhawk. You can watch live to see if Carnage can regain his former glory,... read

Preview: Starhawk

May 13 // Dale North
Sony Santa Monica and Incognito released Warhawk, a fast vehicle/dogfight multiplayer third-person shooter for the PS3, back in 2007. Since then there has been a goal to build on this popular game and do something special wit... read feature

Check out these leaked Starhawk details

Apr 29
We can't verify these details of the rumored sequel to Warhawk, but SystemLink says that an anonymous Sony employee has passed them along, and they look legit. Don't take these to heart just yet, but maybe start feeling hopef... read

New Warhawk expansion adds rocket pack, new level

Aug 25
Sony has announced that they'll be dropping the third expansion for the excellent PlayStation 3 title Warhawk on August 28 for $7.99. Called Operation: Fallen Star, the expansion will add a game-changing new feature -- t... read

New Warhawk update gives new gameplay modes, quick play, and more

Jul 14
While you could easily be glued to Destructoid for all your E3 updates, you could be playing Warhawk while being glued to Destructoid. Be sure to boot up the game on Wednesday to pick up the Warhawk 1.4 update, which is dropp... read

Calling all Warhawks: Operation: Broken Mirror is dated and priced

Mar 28
 Fresh on the heels of Sony's surprise announcement that Warhawk would be offered with a limited-time discount ($29 until 4/15), comes the official release date for the game's latest expansion pack, Operation: Broken Mir... read

First Warhawk: Omega Dawn screens, pricing announced

Nov 30
Sony has released the first screens and artwork from the forthcoming Warhawk expansion pack, Omega Dawn, and I've made the decision that I want it. Damn it. For $7.99, you get the new "Omega Factory" map which can b... read

It's official: Warhawk expansion pack 'soon come'

Nov 23
Yup, that Warhawk expansion pack that Game Informer revealed last month is the real deal. Called "Operation: Omega Dawn," the expansion will be available this December, and unfortunately, there's not much to it.&nbs... read

New Warhawk patch coming, Arbiters introduced

Oct 22
The PlayStation Network multiplayer title Warhawk is seeing some improvements by way of a new patch, as well as with the introduction of in-game watchers called Arbiters.The PlayStation Blog updates us on the upcoming v1.1 pa... read

Rumor: Warhawk expansion slated for December

Oct 16
Oh Game Informer, with your games and your informing. When will you ever cease to amaze us? While we at Destructoid have yet to receive our office copy of the latest issue (yes, we subscribe, and we also save 10% off of used ... read

Voice chat is for chumps: Warhawk coming to retail without headset

Oct 01
Newsweek's LevelUp blog has confirmed with Sony Computer Entertainment that later this month, retailers will start carrying a new $39.99 SKU of the PlayStation 3 online-only title, Warhawk. This SKU will not contain the Jabra... read

Sleep is for the weak: Warhawk getting midnight PSN release this week

Aug 26
It appears that Sony's multiplayer title, Warhawk, will be getting an early release on the PlayStation Network this week. Set to hit the PlayStation Store on Tuesday at 12:01 AM EST, the digital version of the title will cost... read

An explosion of knowledge: everything you need to know about Warhawk

Aug 15
Warkhawk is coming to the PlayStation Network and retail stores later this month and if you're thinking of getting it, chances are you still have a few unanswered questions. But that's okay, because Dylan Jobe (game director ... read

Warhawk goes gold, gets price, date, matching pumps

Aug 04
Warhawk, Sony's upcoming jet/ground-combat-simu-arcade title has finally gone gold. After what seems like years of watching pretty pictures and hearing how it's the next evolution in the jet/ground-combat-simu-arcade genre, o... read

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