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video games motherfuckers!


Ryan Reynolds says games are a waste of time

Jun 18
For anyone who saw the summer movie debacle that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I can guarantee that the only silver lining in that stinky little cloud was Ryan Reynold's performance as Deadpool. Until, you know, they effed it... read

Snail mail is still cool with a touch of Space Invaders

May 04
Of course, Backbone Entertainment had to actually mail me the limited edition Space Invaders print that we're giving away in this week's contest, and today I got this rather attractive silver package in the mail with said pri... read

MadWorld's audio commentary is so dumb, it's brilliant

Apr 02
Have you played MadWorld yet? You know, the superviolent, superstylized action game that fulfills the Wii's annual "over-the-top game where the Wiimote is used as some sort of dismemberment device" quota?If you have... read

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