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video games motherfuckers!


Animal Crossing DLC now online: Pikmin spaceship edition

Jul 24
// Jonathan Holmes
This free DLC was supposed to hit about four days ago, but for whatever reason, it didn't make it out of the online gates until today. Personally, I assumed it was going to be cut altogether, because I'm used to Nintendo sayi...

Ryan Reynolds says games are a waste of time

Jun 18
// Ben Perlee
For anyone who saw the summer movie debacle that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I can guarantee that the only silver lining in that stinky little cloud was Ryan Reynold's performance as Deadpool. Until, you know, they effed it...

Snail mail is still cool with a touch of Space Invaders

May 04
// Colette Bennett
Of course, Backbone Entertainment had to actually mail me the limited edition Space Invaders print that we're giving away in this week's contest, and today I got this rather attractive silver package in the mail with said pri...

MadWorld's audio commentary is so dumb, it's brilliant

Apr 02
// Anthony Burch
Have you played MadWorld yet? You know, the superviolent, superstylized action game that fulfills the Wii's annual "over-the-top game where the Wiimote is used as some sort of dismemberment device" quota?If you have...

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