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Recognizing Gamers photo
Told you you shouldn't have done that. My go
[Originally published in 2007, one of my favorites from Destructoid's Golden Archives! -Niero] It used to be a lot easier to stereotype a gamer. It used to be that all that was needed was some greasy hair, thick glasses, and ... read feature


Suck it, Dale!

Nov 08
What now?! read

Monday Mind Teasers: The World's Hardest Game

Dec 07
Warning: The following may not be suitable for minors who are living completely happy lives. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to play this game if you have any other plans for the rest of your night, or if you or your... read

Monday (mutilation) Mind Teasers: Karoshi series

Sep 28
Last week we played through a game where your future self torments you. This week we just plain old fashion torment ourselves. "Karoshi" is a Japanese word for "death by overwork" and with our hard working... read

New No More Heroes 2 trailers are over 24 hours old

Sep 25
What do you do when you're a professional blogger JOURNALIST and you come across something that you think is really cool, but you know that it's already days old? Do you ignore it, preventing the blog-o-sphere from accusing y... read

Get your ass to PAX! No More Heroes 2 playable at PAX 2009

Aug 28
I'm so frickin' jealous of all of you that will be at PAX 2009 this weekend. Unfortunately, one of my stupid friends decided to get stupid-married and I'll be at his stupid-wedding in NYC next Saturday, when instead I should ... read

Three things you should know about me before reading this: I hate doing stuff I don't feel like doing (some call it laziness, I call it "strong willed"), I'm a sucker for free stuff, and I hate gaming peripherals. T... read feature


Tabula Rasa creator sues NCSoft for $24 million

May 06
Richard Garriott leaving NCSoft late last year came as a bit of a surprise to some, but surely not to others. He certainly didn't sound pissed about it all after coming back from his trip into space, but he's clearly pissed a... read

Rocky and Bullwinkle, Battlezone on XBLA this Wednesday

Apr 14
Those of you who keep up with Xbox Live Arcade on a regular basis are probably wondering how last week's stellar game could ever be topped, right? Well, it seems that the people involved with scheduling releases knew it was t... read

Titan Quest developer folds, Diablo fans saw at their wrists

Feb 28
Most hardcore Diablo fans have accepted that the titanic success of World of Warcraft means there will likely never be a Diablo 3, but we have tried to sate our addiction with Diablo-clones. Titan Quest was one of these and w... read

Valve speaks on recent software territory violations

Oct 28
It seems that Valve's territorial control for The Orange Box and other software has caused a bit of trouble for gamers who opted to import to save a few dollars. Some gamers found out about this territorial control the hard w... read

30% of Xbox 360 consoles are made of FAIL

Jun 21
Listening to Microsoft might lead you to believe that all is roses and sunshine in the world of the Xbox 360. After all, the company's never been slow to claim that the old 'red rings of death' problem afflicting... read

Where is your God now? Nintendo consoles outsell Sony 5 to 1 in May

Jun 04
In hindsight, I suppose making the world's most powerful consoles for both the home theater and portable gaming seemed like a bright idea.  When you have the best system in the business, how could you go wrong? ... read

A Guide To Recognizing Your Gamers - Chapter 2

May 31
Welcome, my friends, to the second part of Destructoid's ongoing field guide to the anthropology of the various modern gamer sub-species.  Before we go on with this week's study, I must confess that only one of the two b... read

ZOMG!!! Just hit play

May 18
Look I drink...and from time to time, I end up fighting a dog. At one time I was 38 & 2 until the sport was outlawed. I don't remember many of the fights, so this video was nice to see. This dog has mad skills.[Thanks NamelessTed] read

MI-6 Conference 2007: BK lampoons GameDaily, talks viral poultry

May 10
Day One's afternoon session saw the official conference welcome from Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Peter Moore in which he intro'd the keynote speaker: one Russ Klein, head marketing cheese at Burger King.Citizen Moore pr... read

New Splinter Cell: Conviction scans; Ubisoft devs crap on the PS3 [Update]

May 07
Sam's gone emo. He's also kicking ass in broad daylight and fighting crime by hurling the entire Ikea catalog at the bad guys. A Finnish gaming magazine scored an exclusive look at Splinter Cell: Conviction, noting n... read

UK GAME stores still oblivious; plot thickens

Apr 28
Intrigued by Summa's report on the U.K. and Ireland's biggest gaming retail chain, GAME , not stocking Friday's PS3 release of Oblivion, I decided to make a stand for my fellow countrymen and look further into t... read

The guilty pleasures of gaming

Touch it
Apr 27
The word hardcore when applied to gamers tends to paint a picture of a person who plays games like Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Gears of War, not someone who sits with his little Nintendo DS and plays hours of Cooking Mama or ... read

My moves are killer, son!

Apr 20
Behold the mighty power of the Dance Dance Revolution. With the sacred moves passed down from geek to geek, a young man will face his enemies and move in time with the music. Watch as enemies cower before the might of DDR Kid! Another sweet video from the guys at New Golden Boys who brought us the True Gaming Legends video series. [Thanks Eric!] read

Rosenblum pleads not guilty, to be put under house arrest

Apr 19
To update the alleged happenings of one very allegedly stupid person, GameLife's Andrew Rosenblum has pleaded not guilty to three counts of threatening to commit a crime and has had his bail placed at $50,000. Once Rosenb... read

Hackers continue to ruin Valve?

Apr 19
I've said this a few times, but back in college I lived and breathed Counter-Strike. In fact, I'd even say I majored in the damn game. Well, one of the biggest turn-offs to me, after a while, was the rampant hacking a... read

PS3 so hot they're practically giving them away in the UK

Apr 18
OK, well maybe hot is stretching it. How does desperate sound? According to MCV, a few UK retail outlets have slashed their PlayStation 3 prices in order to get rid of that big black meanie box. Here are the juicy details:&l... read

Nintendo's top mistakes ... evil grin

Apr 10
Attention Nintendo fanboys and gals, your precious little company is not perfect. Hell, nobody is, including me, which I know is very hard to believe. Thankfully, Games Radar has put together a list to keep all little fanati... read

OK, let’s see a show of hands: Who is already getting sick of hearing about NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams on the Wii? Alright, very interesting. Now, who is sick of it primarily because of the 16,000 posts... read feature


Attention Xbox 360 owners: You got a brick, Microsoft has some new answers

Apr 03
This new Xbox 360 is just grand. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say it's the bee's knees. But sadly, it seems there are more than a handful of reports out there of gamers' 360's crapping out on them. Be... read

PS3 in UK laughs at Titanic

Apr 03
I admit, it's not looking good for the PlayStation 3 right now. It's one thing to have sort-of-steady sales in the States, but the PlayStation bread was always nicely buttered in the UK and without that support, even ... read

Think before you poke your Mii

Mar 23
Do you think it's possible for a Nintendo Wii Mii to feel? Well, X-Play believes so and they decided to show us what really goes on in the life of a Mii in this eye-opening segment. From Mii Bill trying to escape the h... read

Mexican state fights back against GRAW with all out seizure

Mar 23
Now this is how you fight against video games! There are no pansy-like court hearings or cry baby legislative tactics, no, this is a no-holds-barred "I'm gonna take yo sh*t" style of banning. According to Juare... read

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