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slow news day


MAG box art is some box art ... for MAG

Dec 10
Zipper Interactive are good people. Not because their PS3 exclusive Massive Action Game is any good (I don't know if it is or isn't yet), but because they chose a great slow news day to post the box art for the aforementioned... read

Sony: PS3 will hit 13 million sales next year

Nov 20
Sony bossface Kaz Hirai has stated that the PlayStation 3 will top 13 million sales in 2010, helped along by a bevy of new features. He believes that the target will be met before the financial year is over in March. Next yea... read

James Barnett's Fauxvism: Fallout 3's Megaton meets Matisse

Jun 23
The Internet is a wonderful place -- you can find anything on it, including the results of videogame × Fauvism mash-ups. Well, let's back up a bit. Perhaps Arizona is a wonderful place, since it's where artist James Bar... read

Watch the Main Drag's first video, A Jagged Gorgeous Winter

Jun 19
Ok, before you guys start flaming me, I should get this out of the way: what you're about to read is only tangentially related to videogames. It is, however, very much related to Calvin and Hobbes, so you're going to like it ... read

Left 4 Dead modder gets Zoey naked

Jun 14
Oh don't be surprised. Well, actually, I am surprised that a nude mod for Zoey took this long. Seriously, we got to see ugly Boomer butt back at the start of the year and we're now just getting nude Zoey. You modders need to ... read

Platinum Games blog reveals intimate Bayonetta details

Jun 11
Here's a confession: I'm fascinated by game design. As someone with very few creative impulses of his own, I love reading creative people describe how they get work done. Thankfully, Platinum Games boss Hideki Kamiya has been... read

Study: Gamers sleep less than non-gamers

Jun 10
I'll be damned. So everyone doesn't stay up into the wee hours of the morning playing games? It's just gamers? And that makes them tired?Not to poo poo on anyone's research or anything, but I could have told you that. But thi... read

Plants vs. Zombies: Real-life zombie defense plant exists

May 25
Check out this real-life Zombie Defense Plant that PopCap sent me. My home is relatively free of zombies, so I didn't have much of a sense of urgency when feeding and watering the thing. I planted the seed, watered it and lef... read

That girl that smells cats' butts just got a Cloud Black PS3

May 11
Keeping up with our long list of shining examples of journalism today, we bring you news that Japanese idol, singer, television celebrity, super blogger, voice actress, and illustrator Shoko Nakagawa, the gal famous for smell... read

The wait is over: first Bollywood game EVER is coming to PC

Dec 29
I've never seen a Bollywood movie. I'm not really a movie person in general, and what little I know about Bollywood movies is that there is a boatload of unnecessary singing and dancing extravaganzas. Not really my cup of tea... read

Rumortoid: Xbox Experience, 15 hr GTA IV DLC out in November

Aug 26
Just to prove to you how slow the news is in between Leipzig and PAX, here's a rumor that the new Xbox Experience dashboard will be arriving to consoles some time in November. Considering that's one of only four months of the... read

C'est ci bon: Van Damme's French WoW TV commercial

Dec 08
 I have no idea what is being said in this French World of Warcraft commercial, but I do know that it stars famed film star Jean-Claude Van Damme. How ironic is it that the same guy that once asked "Aren't you a lit... read

No trucks in World of Warcraft? Only if you've not got Four Wheels of Fury

Oct 07
Toyota is currently running a commercial that uses the always popular World of Warcraft to meme-tastic effect. Obviously inspired by a certain Mr. Jenkins, our intrepid hero casts Four Wheels of Fury to infuse WoW with the po... read

Hide your Barbie! Raving Rabbids are attacking!

Aug 18
The wacky Ubisoft Rabbids are popping up everywhere, from videogame sequels to viral videos.  Now they're in paper clay form and attacking your toys.Fifi from Ficky's Toy Station has posted pictures of what I assume to b... read

True Griefing Tales: This is much easier than actually being creative

Jul 28
Griefing is the all-too-common practice within online games of a player -- generally a youthful one -- entertaining themselves by making life harder for other players. The practice has long been the scourge of the Azeroths an... read

Luke Smith drops one new Halo 3 screenshot. This is news?

Jul 06
Oooh! Ahhh! Isn’t that shiny Master Chief guy something else? Boy, I sure can’t wait until that Halo 3 comes out. I’m going to crap all over my pants when I can finally get me my Halos.Actually, I‘m ly... read

Slow news day: build a PlayStation 2 memory card holder out of LEGOs

Jun 23
*yawn*I'll level with you -- there's nothing going on today. Granted, it's Saturday, and the industry news bear generally hibernates. For whatever reason, though, today is exceptionally slow. Truth be told, this g... read

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