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positech games

Positech Games interview photo
Musings on The Outcasts, game development, modders, and Kickstarter
Okay, so maybe I'm playing it fast and loose with the headline. Like most interviews, my conversation with the affable Cliff Harris of Gratuitous Space Battles fame was arranged quite some time before and was most certainly c... read feature

The Outcasts photo
The Outcasts

Gratuitous Space Battles: The Outcasts impressions

Resistance is futile
Jan 19
Intergalactic wars are not the sort of conflicts one expects to finish up in an afternoon, or even a plethora of afternoons spread across multiple years. Positech Games' Gratuitous Space Battles is a war seemingly without end... read

Positech's next game is Gratuitous Tank Battles

Jul 13
I have to admit that I love me a good tank battle. Shredding treads and busting out armor-piercing rounds on some underarmored fools is my idea of a good time. In fact, that I don't care if there's no context. Just gimme a ta... read

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