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Last February, I wrote an article about Cartoon Network's Regular Show and how it speaks to the 80s generation of gamers with genuine love and attention to detail. Whereas other shows make only cursory, often disparaging ref... read feature

Retro City Rampage cereal is a download for your face

Apr 01
"I can really taste the graphics!" How many videogames can you play as well as eat? Inspired by Ralston's nasty-ass Nintendo Cereal System from back in the day, Retro City Rampage: The Cereal brings the pixelated action of R... read

NES JAMS is a half-and-half blend of piano and chiptune

Mar 23
You got chocolate in my peanut butter! Well, you got peanut butter in my chocolate! And this guy put piano arrangements in my NES music! Is nothing sacred anymore!? For the magical price of "whatever," you can grab a copy of ... read

Today is a fine day for a FREE EarthBound tribute album

Mar 22
Any day is a fine day for free music of any kind, but EarthBound is a game that strikes a particularly harmonious chord whenever it is mentioned. Maybe if fans believe in the power of friendship and magic enough, Nintendo of ... read

ScrewAttack uncovered a bizarre PSA from the early 90s

Mar 20
Hop into your time-traveling phone booth and go back to the early 90s, when pastels and neon were all the rage and Hulk Hogan was still a real American who fought for the rights of every man. The boys at ScrewAttack were doin... read

The NES era was a special time for a lot of us. Many of the staff here at Dtoid will always have a certain attachment to the period, myself included. Abobo's Big Adventure is a tribute to all those who grew up with the gaming gods of old. This free Flash game is quite fun and funny, definitely well worth a trip down memory lane. read feature

Max Payne (and others) derezzed for 8-bit home computers

Feb 01
What if, instead of Max Payne 3, the next chapter in the saga was a retro throwback for old-ass computers like the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64? You watch the video above and, at first, it doesn't look all that bad. Then you ... read

You walk into an arcade. Whether you just finished playing miniature golf, swinging a bat in the batting cages, or just decided to make your way to one of the few remaining standalone arcades hidden in some random downtown no... read feature

ScrewAttack asks who or what your favorite retro boss is

Jan 13
With a title that I would have expected our own Chad Concelmo to concoct, ScrewAttack has kicked off a new series entitled The Best EVER! The premise is quite self-explanatory: folks ask SA their opinions on the best "whateve... read

A collection of videogame maps drawn from memory

Jan 13
Here's a novel idea: ask gamers to recreate stage layouts and overworld maps from their favorite games... without any sort of reference! The result is Mapstalgia, a place where folks can upload hand-drawn game maps spawned en... read

Japan's Super Potato has got all the bomb frostings

Dec 08
Any gamer with an interest in visiting Japan will most undoubtedly be aware of Super Potato, the famous retro game store in Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district. You might have even sen a few videos that tour the joint, but o... read

Remember The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge?

Oct 29
It's the weekend before Halloween, and my mind turns to thoughts of the spooky. After recently re-watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, I suddenly remembered its sequel, Oogie's Revenge. Never heard of the sequel? Well, it... read

It’s the 20th anniversary of the release of the Super Nintendo! To celebrate, Destructoid is offering a week's worth of SNES-related content. Join us for “Seven days of the Super Nintendo!” The Super Nintend... read feature

New Once Upon a Monster trailer is good old family fun

Aug 12
It comes as no surprise that Microsoft has an overly pretentious family enjoying the Kinect in this trailer. Looking past that, the video does a great job showing off how damn fun this game looks. It also gets me all nostalg... read

Megamalgamation: 375 iconic Mega Men

Jul 12
Alright, I'm not going to lie -- I really like seeing people take their own spin on characters or artwork. For example, while not exactly a brony myself, I spent way longer than any grown man should browsing the My Little Pon... read

Super Mario 3DS to feature more classic suits

Jul 05
The return of the Tanooki suit has been a big talking point for Super Mario 3DS, but Nintendo has revealed that it won't be the only famous costume to make a return. Mario will get to dress in a few other togs from yesteryear... read

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary figure looks classy

Jun 17
SEGA has revealed a commemorative 20th anniversary Sonic the Hedehog figurine. In keeping with the theme of Sonic Generations, the figure pays dual respect to both "classic" and "modern" Sonic, with the green-eyed version pos... read

Regular Show, representing the retro gamer

Feb 18
If you visit this site frequently, chances are you've heard us name-drop Cartoon Network's fairly recent masterpiece Adventure Time. The Destructoid staff, in particular one Jonathan Holmes, loves to draw attention to it when... read

Destructoid: Carmen Sandiego, Gang Bangs, and The PSP2

Jan 28
Good news everyone! We've just completed work on the latest episode of The Destructoid Show. In this episode, our heroes discuss WTF the 411 on the PSP2, AKA the NGP is. OMG. If that's not portable Sony news for you, w... read

Wanna be part of The Destructoid Show's Holiday Special?

Dec 21
As you might have noticed, we've entered Holiday mode. In the gaming community, this takes many strange forms. From the guys who made Bulletstorm launching torsos at a Christmas tree, to SEGA actually sending Jim Sterling som... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Valkyrie Profile series!

Sep 14
In the previous debate we reached way back to one of the oldest RPG series of all time. Despite release dates spanning about two decades, Ultima fans proved to be every bit as varied as the series over the years. To have an a... read

Rare spills guts about company's history

Sep 05
Rare has been kicking around for about 25 years, and despite having a low or two recent years, it has had a great impact on gaming. Known for being a bit camera shy, Rare tends to hold its secrets close to its chest. That's n... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Ultima series

Aug 24
In the last debate, we had one of the closest voting races I've ever seen. Persona 4 would take the lead by two or three votes, and then Persona 3 would strike back with a few votes of its own to tie it up. This continued abo... read

Final Fantasy, Ghosts N Goblins and more themes for piano

Aug 07
Nobou Uematsu's record label, Dog Ear Records, is primed and ready to release its next collection of NES themes. Pia-Com II provides us with piano arrangements for music from Commando, Final Fantasy III, Castlevania, Spelunk... read

Medabots DS is still happening, here's some concept art

Feb 04
We haven't heard about Medabots DS since last September, but a small update has recently surfaced in the form of some funky new concept art. The doodles show off the character Kabuto, and feature a range of quirky designs for... read

Dude, relive the 90s with these rad game ads

Oct 01
Our friends over at Bitmob recently scrounged up some ancient videogame magazines that date all the way back to the mid 1990s, and yes, they were nice enough to share their shocking archeological find with us. Depending on wh... read

Tim Schafer on Monkey Island: 'I get instantly happy'

Aug 13
By now you've heard about the multiplayer for Brütal Legend, as well as the yet-unseen 4v4 mode. But, as we all know, Tim Schafer is a man of many hats, and one of the hats he wore was writer for the original The Secret ... read

When Nostalgia Attacks: Pole's Big Adventure video

Jan 23
Did you own a Genesis back when the console was in its prime? Did you watch the first three seconds of this video yet? If you answered yes to both questions, then you know what it's like to be attacked by a wave of nostalgia.... read

Double dose of nostalgia: Street Fighter IV meets Faith No More

Jun 01
Spotted on Power Glove's always epic C-blog, this new trailer for Street Fighter IV could be the most thought provoking yet. Not because it has an alarming amount of new content, because it doesn't. Everything that shows up... read

Lorne Lanning further confirms Oddworld project

May 27
Last week, we posted the news that Maxis co-founder Jeff Braun had confirmed a new Oddworld game, and there was much rejoicing. Now the head of Oddworld Inhabitants, Lorne Lanning, has added his own confirmation."I can c... read

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