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game music

Mega Man photo
Mega Man

This Mega Man 2 concert kicks ass

Of course it has the Wily theme
Feb 01
// Chris Carter
Over in Chiba, Japan last weekend at the Makuhari Messe (hey that's where TGS is!), a Mega Man concert was held -- specifically, of the Mega Man 2 variety. If you're into game music at all it's worth checking o...
Force de Frappe photo
Force de Frappe

The 'Force de Frappe' album contains unused Hotline Miami 2 music

Plus original tracks
Dec 07
// Chris Carter
[Disclosure: Scarlet Moon Productions' Jayson Napolitano used to write for Destructoid.] Electronic artist Dubmood has a new '80s concept album coming later this month. It's called "Force de Frappe," and will contain unu...
Prescription for Sleep photo
Prescription for Sleep

Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana is a beautiful Secret of Mana tribute

From composer Norihiko Hibino
Dec 01
// Chris Carter
[Disclosure: Scarlet Moon Productions' Jayson Napolitano used to write for Destructoid.] Secret of Mana is one of those games that really means a lot to me. It wasn't just because I had so much fun with the co-op fu...
CubeWorld photo

CubeWorld developer releases a new song for the game

Most substantial update in two years
Oct 05
// Joe Parlock
Wol_lay, the developer of CubeWorld, has released a new song that’ll feature in the game. It’s not the update we’ve been waiting over two years for, but it’s something. He posted Druids of Mana to Sou...

The Witcher 3 photo
The Witcher 3

Check out the main theme for The Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone DLC

Oct 02
// Chris Carter
The Witcher 3's Heart of Stone DLC is coming on October 13, and will have 10 hours of content in tow. But before it drops, you can listen to the main theme above from composer Marcin Przybyłowicz. Wild Hu...
Silent Hill photo
Silent Hill

Silent Hill Live coming to the UK later this year

One Night Only across five UK cities
Sep 09
// Vikki Blake
Konami is celebrating the music of Silent Hill with a live concert UK series, led by Silent Hill composer and producer, Akira Yamaoka. The show will be coming to five UK cities: Bristol (October 29), Cardiff (October 30), Lo...
Tommy Tallarico photo
Tommy Tallarico

Composer Tommy Tallarico may owe his career to a t-shirt

Thank you, TurboGrafx
Jul 27
// Zack Furniss
Chances are if you've played a video game, composer Tommy Tallarico helped with the music in some form or another. Earthworm Jim, Cool Spot, MDK, Advent Rising, and the original Prince of Persia are just a few of the tit...
The Last of Us photo
The Last of Us

The Last of Us soundtrack coming to limited vinyl collection

Nice art for nice music from a nice game
Jul 21
// Joe Parlock
Mondo has announced it will be a selling a limited edition, 4-vinyl collection of The Last of Us original soundtrack, with artwork by artists Olly Moss and Jay Shaw. The collection will include the music from both The Last o...
Guitar Hero Live photo
Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live adds more of those rock songs whippersnappers like

Seriously though, Live looks pretty rad
Jul 14
// Joe Parlock
The return of the battle of the plastic peripherals is almost upon us once more, with titans Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 both throwing more and more songs at us in the hopes we’ll actually recognise any of them. Th...
Journey photo

It's a hipsters paradise: Journey soundtrack going vinyl

Limited edition print also unveiled
Apr 21
// Robert Summa
Journey is a beautiful game. And what better way to honor that beauty than with two separately artful tributes that will soon be up for sale -- the soundtrack on two vinyl LPs and a "very limited edition" screen print by arti...
Final Fantasy photo
Final Fantasy

Watch the London Symphony Orchestra do Final Fantasy... in 3D!

Just imagine the Chocobo racing theme
Apr 16
// Joe Parlock
We here at Destructoid sometimes get a bit distracted by the crasser things in life. When we’re not making sweet love with fictional wrestlers, we’re wanking off cars, but we’ve got to have a bit more class ...
Bloodborne photo

Official Bloodborne Soundtrack available to pre-order, releases April 21

"Rom only knows what I'd be without you..."
Apr 08
// Stephen Turner
I'm terrible at Dark Souls, and I'm too broken to play Bloodborne, but at least I can always appreciate the amazing score as the phrase "You Died, Ya' Feckin' Ejit!" seeps into view for the trillionth time. Thankfully, for mu...
GTA photo

New radio station coming to GTA V

But only on PC ... for now
Mar 06
// Robert Summa
Rockstar remains busy improving and tweaking Grand Theft Auto V. With the impending arrival of heists, they also have plans to add another radio station -- except only on PC at first. I guess us console peasants are going to ...
Spark Mandrill photo
Spark Mandrill

Mega Man X's Spark Mandrill theme on eight floppy drives sounds awesome

I'm mesmerized by this channel
Feb 24
// Chris Carter
If you haven't visited MrSolidSnake745's YouTube channel before, he basically recreates various iconic songs by way of floppy drives -- it's just what he does, and he does it well. Just yesterday he posted one of my personal...
Rockman Dystopia photo
Rockman Dystopia

Rockman Dystopia gets some sweet, sweet samples

Free samples are the best
Jan 15
// Chris Carter
e-Capcom has put up the latest samples for the upcoming album Rockman Dystopia, which is basically an electronic take on the Mega Man X series. If you love the X games and EDM, you'll want to check this out, as shor...
Austin Wintory photo
Austin Wintory

Journey composer Austin Wintory threatened by musician's union

Band Geeks 2
Jan 13
// Mike Cosimano
Austin Wintory -- the Grammy-nominated composer behind Journey, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, and The Banner Saga, among others -- has been fined by the American Federation of Musicians for "violating union rules," Varie...
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 photo
Marvel vs. Capcom 2

This Marvel vs. Capcom 2 acapella medley brings me back

Swing your boooooddyyy...
Jan 08
// Chris Carter
Triforcefilms' latest video involves an acapella rendition of a few Marvel vs. Capcom 2 themes, and it will definitely put you in a feel-good mood. I can vividly recall the day I bought the Dreamcast game from a Fu...
Mega Man photo
Mega Man

Rock out with this free Mega Man tribute album

Hyacintho Resilience
Jan 05
// Chris Carter
Tribute albums are often the best albums. Why? Because they're almost always free! The newest tribute is to the Mega Man series, compliments of Hyacintho Resilience. You'll find tracks from X4, Zero, Mega Man 3...
Rockman Utopia photo
Rockman Utopia

These Rockman Utopia music samples are so good I want to buy it

Clown Man gets some love
Dec 30
// Chris Carter
For the most part I'm pretty mellow when it comes to videogame music, but every so often something will come along that excites me. E-Capcom put up a few samples for the upcoming Rockman Utopia remix CD, which samples tr...
8-bit Time Machine photo
8-bit Time Machine

The 8-bit Time Machine album takes a nostalgic angle at newer properties

Angry Birds, Super Mario Galaxy, and Destiny, among others
Dec 23
// Chris Carter
More than any subgenre of gaming music, my heart is particularly fond of retro-themed tunes. To help bring us back into the past, composer Giovanni Rotondo has created a project called "The 8-Bit Time Machine," which provides...
Music photo

OC ReMix celebrates turning 15 with, yep, you guessed it

Free remixes
Dec 12
// Jordan Devore
OverClocked ReMix has given us a ton of amazing remixes over the years. Longer than I realize, sometimes -- the game music community celebrated its 15th anniversary this week. Crazy. For the big one-five, the site has release...
Rockman Xover photo
Rockman Xover

Rockman Xover's soundtrack rocked, man

The game is coming to an end
Nov 04
// Chris Carter
As we know, Rockman Xover is ending as a "gaming service" (lol modern gaming) next year. It is the only "living" Mega Man game currently for mobile devices in certain regions, and even though the game isn't that gr...

Flyin' to my heart: Seven videogame songs that actually excite me

Oct 29 // Brittany Vincent
Gitaroo Man - "Flyin' To Your Heart" [embed]282759:56152:0[/embed] "Flyin' to your heart, like a wind into the sea" The upbeat electronic sound effects grab me and don't let up, and the urgency of the lyrics, whether it's the Japanese or English version of the first stage of Gitaroo Man, remind me that special things are on their way. I'd better look my best, strut my stuff, and puff my chest out because things are about to be especially exciting. I still remember listening to this song in the backseat of my parents' car back in 2011 in the days leading up to my first E3. I was pumped. Despite the crushing disappointment of my first trade show, I returned to this song over and over to remind myself that it wasn't the end of my budding career, and I could still be the young writer who was going places. And these days, I come back to it when I'm blow drying my hair and getting ready to go out, even if it's just to Target to pick up some supplies. It awakens something in me. I'm not sure what.  The World Ends With You - "Déjà Vu" [embed]282759:56154:0[/embed] "I don't believe in fantasy..." Sometimes in addition to getting pumped I must also remember that I need a no-nonsense approach to whatever I'm facing. Usually, I let this play when I'm thinking about applying an overabundance of effort when it comes to different situations, like creating a resume for a company I really wanted to work for to reflect the exact structure of one of their reviews, or creating an entire mock magazine for another that looked just like their own publication. I like the transcendent implications and the otherworldly, dreamlike themes of the song, and how beneath the "I'm getting played by you" narrative the song carries, there's an air of defiance. "Turn me into sensation," indeed. Space Channel 5 - "Mexican Flyer" [embed]282759:56155:0[/embed] This is the reason I put some swagger in my walk when I go from my shower to my closet to get dressed for the day, or for when I'm about to go through something difficult, but totally awesome. I imagine strutting just like Ulala down the sidewalk or a store in the mall, or into an interview that I'm totally going to nail. It works even better if I'm with friends, so we can go ahead and summon that entire Space Channel 5 vibe. It's bold and badass, and I love it.  Hotline Miami - "Hydrogen" [embed]282759:56156:0[/embed] I don't go out to clubs or anything of that nature, but if I did I imagine I'd want this type of music to accompany me, especially the beat that kicks in at 1:01. It's nigh impossible to stay in a bad mood when this is blasting from my speakers, and it instantly gets me pumped. Even if I just need to power through a few hundred emails and finish up several reviews and features for the day, a little "Hydrogen" makes it possible.  Bust-A-Groove 2 - "Happy Heart in the Sunshine" [embed]282759:56157:0[/embed] "I've got to get out of this place!" Nearly everything about this bright and cheery song reminds me that it's okay to sit back and appreciate what I have, particularly when I'm excited about seeing someone or going somewhere. Not only that, but the "rambling heart" line resonates with me. This English version of character Shorty's stage in this dance game (one of my personal favorites) takes me back to a simpler time and allows me to look forward and stay positive without being as anxious, and it instills nothing but happiness the entire time it's coming through my speakers. I am sear-ching ev'ry daaaaaaay! We ♥ Katamari - "Disco * Prince" [embed]282759:56158:0[/embed] "Minna daisuki, I love you!"  The buildup to 2:43, where this relaxing Katamari track escalates into pure euphoria is a hilarious amalgam of Japanese and English lyrics before later referencing a classic Katamari tune, "The Moon and the Prince" from the same artist. It's such a bouncy, danceable tune that's even more motivating if you tackle a long project and dance in your seat along to it. Near the end of high school, I thought I was ridiculously clever for using the aforementioned buildup as the voicemail on my Samsung flip phone. The quality was terrible, but I found that I'd call to listen to it during the day when I needed a smile, and it worked. Whatever the future is gonna bring, I'm ready! DDRMAX -Dance Dance Revolution 6thMIX CS - "Kind Lady" [embed]282759:56159:0[/embed] "I'm not like the rest, boy, I'm a kind lady"  First of all, just listen to the song. See if you're not pumped by the "don't you think - don't you think - don't you think" crescendo up until the song begins. Okuyatos, you nailed it. I'll present this one without comment, but know that the "Interlude" version of this song is every bit as awesome if you ever plan on listening to it. 
Seven exciting songs photo
I'm getting played by you, déjà vu
It's tough for me to get excited these days. I ain't jaded, I just hate it. Actually, it's not like I hate everything. I simply feel anxious nearly every waking moment of my life. I need something to look forward to, no matte...


Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft composers join up for a concert

Coming to Naka-Kon in Overland Park, Kansas
Oct 16
// Dale North
Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and World of Warcraft composer Jason Hayes are teaming up with their respective bands, The Earthbound Papas and Critical Hit, to perform live at Naka-Kon in Overland Park, Kansas this Nove...

Zone Runners: Sonic-themed hip hop

This exists
Oct 13
// Dale North
Sonic-themed hip hop exists. Check out Zone Runners, a game music-inspired hip hop trio that just released their debut album of Sonic the Hedgehog type tunes. They run through a number of zones over the 11-track release, with...

These 8- and 16-bit EWI videogame remixes are outstanding

Super Scope!
Oct 08
// Dale North
EWI is a wind controller, or an Electronic Wind Instrument. Basically, it's a synthesizer you blow into, allowing players of acoustic wind instruments to get into the digital music world. It looks kind of like a clarinet or ...

Falcom Sound Team jdk library of music on iTunes

Oct 03
// Dale North
Game music fans, did you know about this?! I didn't until I wrote this piece about my dream racing game a few days back. While I was throwing out unrealistic wishes I daydreamed about the famed sound crew from Falcom making t...

Katamari Damacy composers confirmed for MAGFest 13

Lonely Rolling Staaaar
Oct 02
// Dale North
MAGFest, the Music and Games Festival, is going into its thirteenth year, and to celebrate they have some big musical guests lined up. Katamari Damacy composers Yuu Miyake and Yoshihito Yano will be...rolling into town t...

Game music fans: You've gotta watch Diggin' In The Carts

The documentary
Sep 25
// Dale North
Have you heard of Diggin' In The Carts? This is a documentary series on Japanese videogame music, from Red Bull Music Academy. Episode 4, titled "The Cool Kid," was fantastic. It's all about vintage Sega game music, focusing ...

The Players' Score: A Videogame Music Documentary

Aug 26
// Dale North
The Players' Score: A Videogme Music Documentary comes from indie filmmakers Kory Caldwell and Keaton Slansky. Their goal is to explore game music's impact through interviews with composers, chip tune acts, cover artists and...

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