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game freak

Pokemon photo

Game Freak nearly lost Pokemon Red and Green

Major technical difficulties
Feb 04
// Kyle MacGregor
This month is Pokémon's 20th anniversary, which seems like as good an opportunity as any for the development team to share some memories of their time working on the series over the years. Game Freak's Junichi Masuda h...
Pokemon timeline photo
Pokemon timeline

This 20th anniversary Pokemon timeline sure is nostalgic

2.B.A Master
Jan 15
// Jordan Devore
"1999. Pikachu becomes a star." I'm scrolling through this official timeline celebrating two decades of Pokémon, and it's all coming back. Ken Sugimori's iconic artwork on the game boxes and trading cards. The opening ...
Level 50 Mythical Hoopa photo
Level 50 Mythical Hoopa

You've got to go to McDonald's to catch the latest Pokemon

Distribution for unique legendary
Oct 29
// Steven Hansen
The Pokémon Company announced early this month it'd be handing out Level 50 Mythical Hoopa, though the North American distributor (it's GAME in the UK) hadn't been decided yet. The legendary pocket monster is coming to...
Woof! photo

New Pokemon from XY & Z revealed!

More Zygarde and Greninja!
Sep 12
// Jed Whitaker
The latest issue of CoroCoro has leaked online revealing multiple new never before seen Pokémon from the anime series Pokémon XY & Z. First up is a new version or color variation of everyone's favorite frog ...

Sega's boner photo
Sega's boner

Pricing error PSA: Don't buy Tembo on PS4 yet

Sega's boner in North America
Jul 21
// Steven Hansen
Sega -- or someone -- made a boner (that is, a mistake) with the listed price for Tembo the Badass Elephant on PlayStation Network. The $15 game is currently listed at $40. This will differ with your territory, mind. When I l...

Review: Tembo the Badass Elephant

Jul 20 // Chris Carter
Tembo the Badass Elephant (PC, PS4 [reviewed], Xbox One)Developer: Game FreakPublisher: SegaReleased: July 21, 2015MSRP: $14.99 Tembo has a rather short little setup, and from there, doesn't really give you any further exposition until the very end. What you see is what you get in essence, which is a Rambo-inspired elephant laying waste to an enemy dictator, who controls the Phantom Force army. It sports a charming little visual style that reminds me of Regular Show and a few other Cartoon Network properties. It even has effects like a literal "BADA BADA" phrase appearing while dashing about, and despite the low key setup it's a very bright and loud game, mostly in an endearing way. The basic gist is that you'll be able to jump, dash, and float in the air momentarily like Yoshi, with the added ability to shoot water from your trunk. More advanced moves involve uppercuts, slides, butt stomps, and a cannonball dive spin with a bounce. As you progress you'll start to learn more nuances, almost like you're fitting Tembo through various keyholes with your moveset. There are no real explicit puzzles, but it sure feels puzzle-esque if you're going for flawless runs. For instance, select levels can be completed without losing any momentum whatsoever, and it's a blast to dash, dive-kick, and slide your way through the entire thing. There's even a modified charge that you can utilize by holding down the water button, which can put out flames while running. It's pretty much the perfect amount of depth, allowing newcomers to pick up and play Tembo while giving hardcore platforming fans room to experiment a bit. [embed]296063:59600:0[/embed] The level design is fairly open-ended, tasking you with finding hidden civilizations scattered across the map, and killing as many enemies as possible -- both of which have separate goals that are tracked. Mini-bosses and a few full-on Big Bads are peppered into progression, but I would consider it more of a traditional platformer than a real action game -- especially with how muted and easy these encounters are. There's many more instances of timing and running than fighting, which is something you mostly happen to do while jumping around. Game Freak keeps things exciting with hazards, well-placed enemies, and lots of explosions, which will keep you on your toes constantly. Tembo has 17 stages, which last a few hours -- if you play very well, that is. Now, here's where my big holdup is with Tembo -- gating. In order to progress past certain stages, you need to kill a certain amount of enemies. Each stage has a death counter of sorts, which requires you to rescue most of the civilians trapped within a level, as well as actually seek out and defeat most of the enemy forces. It incentivizes actually killing foes, which is neat, but it ultimately ends up causing frustration and forcing players to replay levels over and over. While it is cool that levels do split off into branching paths, several of them have points of no return. If you happen to just choose a particular path, you may be locked out of say, 50 kill points or so -- which can easily be the difference between unlocking new levels and being forced to replay. It's maddening in some cases, and at one point I was held back by six points. Now, I did like returning to some levels to try to "master" them per se, but that should be a player choice -- not something that gates main story progression. Tembo the Badass Elephant is a really enjoyable game at its core, but it can get tiring to replay the same stage five times over just to grind out a few kills to see the next set of levels. It's an odd design choice for sure, but most of you will probably enjoy dashing through unsuspecting Phantom Soldiers and butt stomping them into oblivion regardless. [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]
Badass Elephant review photo
They drew first blood
When someone told me that the developer of Pokemon was creating an action platformer called Tembo the Badass Elephant, I knew I had to give it a shot. While a few of the design choices are a bit odd, they don't overshadow the sum of its parts.

Tembo the Badass Elephant photo
Tembo the Badass Elephant

Game Freak's Tembo the Badass Elephant drops on July 21

Draws first blood on PC, PS4, Xbox One
Jul 10
// Jordan Devore
I've covered Tembo the Badass Elephant only once -- back when it was unveiled in March -- and the side-scrolling action game is nearly ready for us with a July 21 launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Nice to not drown in promotio...
EGX Rezzed photo
EGX Rezzed

Tembo the Badass Elephant is a stuttering beauty

Peanut butter swilling, Rambo cosplaying Elephant
Mar 16
// Laura Kate Dale
Tembo the Badass Elephant, the newest game from Pokemon developer Game Freak, is a bit of a departure from what you might expect of the studio. Centered around Tembo, an elephant who seems to have taken a lot of his fashion c...
Sega x Game Freak photo
Sega x Game Freak

Sega and Game Freak join forces for Tembo the Badass Elephant

PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer
Mar 11
// Jordan Devore
Game Freak (Pokémon, Drill Dozer) and Sega (Sonic Runners, Sonic Boom) are collaborating on Tembo the Badass Elephant, a side-scrolling action game about a commando elephant who will seemingly level entire cities on h...
Free Pokémon photo
Free Pokémon

The Unova starter giveaway is live in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Codes are valid until November 30, 2015
Feb 10
// Jordan Devore
The codes for Serperior, Emboar, and Samurott in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are now all redeemable. Just head into the Mystery Gift option and choose "receive via code," then type in POKEMON497, POKEMON500, ...
Free Pokémon photo
Free Pokémon

Who's the better Pokémon: Serperior, Emboar, or Samurott?

You can nab all three in a distribution event for Ruby/Sapphire
Jan 22
// Jordan Devore
The next distribution event for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will give us a chance to score Serperior, Emboar, and Samurott, each with their own Hidden Ability. You'll need to update your game to version 1.2 a...
Catch 'em all photo
Catch 'em all

This map shows where to find Pokémon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Bob has done it again
Dec 10
// Jordan Devore
On my journey to obtain every Pokémon in X/Y (and eventually give many of them away; no regrets!), this map of catchable Pokémon created by reddit user Bobdor was instrumental. It got my Pokédex off to a ...
Pokémon event photo
Pokémon event

You won't have to leave home for this Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire shiny Beldum distribution

Just hop on the internet superhighway
Nov 25
// Jordan Devore
Now through January 14, 2015, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire players can claim a free shiny Beldum via in-game internet distribution. No GameStop visit necessary! The Pokémon comes with it...

I gave away my best Pokemon

Nov 18 // Jordan Devore
For starters, the trading process is fast, but not that fast. You have to save your game, move the cursor over to the Pokémon you want to trade, wait to be paired up with someone, then watch an animation of your new mystery 'mon leaping out of its Poké Ball. Every single time. It's not a pain if you're doing a handful of trades here and there, but hundreds? Those aforementioned actions, miniscule as they are, add up. I had my 3DS to my side and traded while working. Later, while watching a show about one woman who eats bits of tire, and another who consumes vapor rub. Finally, while beginning to piece this article together. It was at that point I decided to be more selective; to stop wasting my time and everybody else's. This was going to be an hours-long investment even if I avoided giving out garbage Pokémon (like Zigzagoon and Tauros, not that lovable scamp Trubbish). So, after unloading a few boxes worth of hit-or-miss Pokémon, I made the call: good trades only. Stuff I would've appreciated back when I was filling out my Pokédex and had hundreds of entries remaining. This experiment would still take forever under the new rule but I'd have the satisfaction of making someone's day. I didn't want anything interesting in return -- again, I'm not transferring Pokémon out of X for future games -- but I ended up getting some cool, funny, or otherwise worth-mentioning trades back. And thank goodness for that! This article would've been far less interesting otherwise. Here are the highlights: A Foongus named YOU SMELL. Love novelty names. Someone traded me a Rayquaza for, uh, some shitty thing. I need to pay better attention. A Squirtle named Schiggy. Haha. My one and only shiny, an Octillery, was traded for a common household Swinub. The rad Elegant Pattern Vivillon. Never got into collecting all the variations. A shiny Absol (!). Head Muscle, the Onix. My Yveltal went for an Igglybuff called Penile Envy. Fair trade, IMO. A shiny Groudon and then a shiny Rayquaza (!!!) right after it. Who are these people? Stephen King, the Sewaddle. A Spinda named Crazy Ebola. Perfect. For each of these bullet points, there were, god, I don't even want to think about how many bland Pokémon. Let's just call it "many" so I can retain some dignity here. There are individuals -- and whole online communities, it turns out (#WonderTradeWednesday) -- working to make sure it's not all junk being passed around, but there's still tons of junk. ~Do your part to help!~ Wonder Trading worthwhile Pokémon for the heck of it was something I had done before (you can't just take, take, take) but never to this extent. At first, it felt weird saying goodbye to Pokémon that had traveled with me for years, across multiple games, but it felt even better to declutter. Freeing. They've escaped my languishing PC, and now I can start fresh in Omega Ruby. Before this exodus, I liked Wonder Trading; it was one of my favorite modern Pokémon features. Now, I love it, and I don't want to stop. With enough patience, something great is bound to come your way, possibly from me. You just need to get through twenty Fletchlings first.
2.B.A. Master photo
And got some surprising Wonder Trades in return
For a couple months now, I've been thinking about getting rid of my Pokémon collection. My favorite part of the series is catching 'em all and for years that motivation has fueled my interest in these games. I'm not in...

Review: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Nov 18 // Brittany Vincent
Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (3DS)Developer: Game Freak Publisher: Nintendo/The Pokémon CompanyReleased: November 21, 2014MSRP: $39.96 The plot has remained the same at its core. On one very special day, you embark on a journey to fill up your Pokédex, traveling around the land with the goal in mind of becoming a Pokémon Master. It’s all familiar stuff, and if you’ve followed the RPG series from its inception you’ll no doubt be familiar with what’s going on here. Professor Birch bestows you with one starter monster out of three: Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko, representing fire, water, and grass respectively. Then, you'll embark on a journey to become the Pokémon Champion of the Hoenn region. Along the way, either Team Magma or Team Aqua (depending on which version they’re playing) will step in to fulfill their roles as the games' nefarious villains, attempting to use a legendary Pokémon to revert the world back to its ancient form. However, the plot has been expanded, with scenes featuring additional details and the inclusion of a plotline (the Delta Episode) in which the player must explore the origins of the Mega Evolutions. [embed]283900:56363:0[/embed] Everything that was originally in Ruby and Sapphire (and Emerald too) was lovingly remade and improved. The view has returned to a more isometric perspective instead of the up-close angles of Pokémon X & Y, although environments do remain 3D. In fact, the 3D features work a lot better in this iteration, with slowdown not being near as much of a problem as it was in X & Y. Secret bases return and can be shared via StreetPass, Wi-Fi, or even a custom QR code. Not only are secret bases infinitely customizable, but one a player accepts your invite to your secret base, their character will appear there for you to move about and interact with! Pokémon Contests also return, this time with an adorable new friend. Players receive a special Pikachu that can dress up in different costumes. Not only do these costumes affect its performance in the contests, but by wearing them while battling, the Pikachu can learn moves it would not be able to otherwise. Pokemon-Amie and Super Training are also available to further customize the monsters on your team, but remain unchanged from their functionality in Pokémon X & Y. EXP Share again rears its head (possibly much to many a player’s chagrin) and like in X & Y takes a lot of the grinding out of building up teams of Pokémon. In fact, the only really noticeable new feature that’s actually missing from X & Y is the ability to customize the appearance of the player character. What you see is what you get for the duration after you choose to be either male or female. Instead of more personal customization, the games' new features are actually a series of refinements of previous series' concepts, which are very welcome. The PokéNav Plus is a suite of tools available for the player that takes a ton of headache out of the game. The AreaNav takes care of the frustration of having to consult guides or memorize locations of Pokémon. After you encounter a Pokémon on any given route, their silhouettes will appear on the mini-map. The AreaNav will also tell you whether or not you’ve collected all the Pokémon in the area. Catching a particular Pokemon also gets easier with visual, in-game cues. Sometimes when traveling, you’ll see a Pokémon's tail sticking out of the tall grass. Each tail is unique to species and gender, so you can know exactly what you’re getting if you head to that square. Once you’re near the square though, you can’t just rush in headlong. You’ll have to sneak up on the Pokémon or risk scaring it off. Additionally, the more you encounter a species of a Pokémon in an area, the more information on them will be displayed on the DexNav, which makes rare species variations easier to track down. Multiplayer is available by selecting the PlayNav feature, and BuzzNav offers news reports from around Hoenn. Horde battles have been expanded into trainer horde battles in which the player may have to fight up to five enemy trainers at the same time. Also, a somewhat late-game addition is the introduction of the move Soar. This move allows you to, in real-time, fly around Hoenn and land where you choose! This opens up areas in the map that have not been seen previously and also allows you to quickly get to any spot you need to, to catch Pokémon without the hassle of having to walk or bike. The Pokémon are still center stage, though these games don't actually bring any new creatures to the table. It’s refreshing to see an abundance of familiar monsters hanging around and see Mega Evolutions for some old favorites, both in the wild and on the belts of trainers everywhere, instead of having to memorize a whole new set of data for 100 or so new Pokémon. There’s a sense of balance that comes with this design decision, as it really seems like a lot of work went into fleshing out existing monsters, and it’s one I appreciate. It’s also great to finally be able to catch them all in one generation of game, as Game Freak has stated (although I'm still well on my way to capturing them all) that between X & Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, every single Pokémon to date can be caught. It's a daunting task for sure, but one that feels good to know is attainable.  Even without venturing out to catch 'em all, which has always been the ultimate Pokémon goal for trainers across the globe, these games have an abundance of content to offer, taking on the role of the ultimate versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. With tons of old favorite features returning with quite a bit of polish, and new features which complement instead of overshadowing, players will be able to experience the tightest gameplay in the series to date. Oddly enough, a game that made its debut almost 12 years ago is what it took to lure me back into Pokémania. Although X & Y did an admirable job when it came to transitioning the Pokémon series onto the 3DS, to me (other than the graphics) it seemed like the same formula from 1998 with a new coat of paint. However, this entry feels like a true next-gen title, with all the charm of the Pokémon franchise and just the right amount of features and complexities to have players journeying through Hoenn for years to come. Grab a Poké Ball and jump right in! [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]
Pokémon review photo
Play it again, Mudkip
For a franchise that’s continually berated for remaining the same over the years, Pokémon is wildly successful, having pushed forward on its own, full speed ahead. It hasn’t needed to change much to sweep t...

Pokémon photo

It's Deoxys vs. Rayquaza in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's new Delta Episode

New details on the story, legendaries, and Mine Cart minigame
Nov 13
// Jordan Devore
Legendary Pokémon Deoxys is back in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire -- and he's battling Rayquaza in space! Today's trailer shows some of the new Delta Episode, a storyline centered around an asteroid headed toward the ...
Pokémon remakes photo
Pokémon remakes

We'll have to StreetPass to catch Latios and Latias in the Pokémon remakes

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
Nov 07
// Jordan Devore
In order to reach and catch Latios in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Latias in Pokémon Omega Ruby, we'll need an Eon Ticket. And to get one of those, well, it's kind of a pain in the ass. Here in the US, The Pok&eac...
Free Pokémon photo
Free Pokémon

GameStop is giving out Diancie for Pokemon X and Y

Starting today
Oct 27
// Jordan Devore
Shiny Gengar is no more (hope you got yours!) but another distribution event for Pokémon X and Y has taken its place. Today through November 16 at GameStop, you'll be able to score a free code for the Legendary Rock/F...

Review: Pokémon Art Academy

Oct 23 // Brittany Vincent
Pokémon Art Academy (3DS)Developer:  Headstrong GamesPublisher: NintendoMSRP: $29.99Released: October 24, 2014  You enter the titular Pokémon Art Academy as a brand new student who's in training to become an illustrator of Pokémon trading cards. You're not alone, however, as you find yourself learning alongside another artist who's just getting started -- and somehow is far worse off than you, no matter your skill level. You're ushered along through various stages of illustrating Pokémon after being given your very first task: drawing Pikachu's face. In the beginning, your tools, techniques, and even your medium are severely limited. You're given free rein over markers and what look like oil pastels to create simple portraits while still learning the basics. In a matter of hours, you'll learn to sketch, flesh out, shade, and highlight intricate images of Pokémon from Eevee to Oshawott. The fact that most players will progress in such a manner is a testament to how fluid and responsive the 3DS is when it comes to sketching and painting. The touch screen works beautifully as an input tool, with spot-on responses to each brush stroke or pencil sketch. You truly feel as though you're using a miniaturized version of a professional tablet, and with the staggering amount of techniques at your disposal, the possibilities are nearly endless. [embed]282934:56064:0[/embed] You're given a one-button "undo" to erase mistakes, layers a la Photoshop that allow you to work comfortably with linework and adding colors that pop, and plenty of reasons to revisit old pieces of art to rework them. What's more, there's no hurry. You simply create each work of art in as much time as you need, lending a relaxing lilt to the game. This allows for an environment that promotes learning and patience rather than the gamification of picking up a new skill. Once you've risen through the ranks, you can check out Free Paint mode to improve upon that photo of Meowth that you wish the whiskers were longer on, or Quick Sketches, which offer plenty of opportunities to practice your speed drawing. The main "campaign" mode is basically a set of tutorials meant to help improve your artistic skills, so approaching the entire product as if it were a course you'd take in the real world is the best attitude to take. You won't "complete" it, because you can always improve your art. Unfortunately, that's one pitfall Pokémon Art Academy does fall into: There's a real lack of feedback when it comes to your artwork. The game doesn't grade you on how close you came to the example artwork, and instead simply praises you for doing your best, like you might treat a child. I understand the importance of positive reinforcement, but a grading scale or some sort of input on the game's part would have been appreciated. [embed]282934:56063:0[/embed] There's a very specific sort of audience that will gleefully devour Pokémon Art Academy, however, and I surmise that these players will only be interested in learning more about the craft, with elements that attract "regular" Pokémon fans acting as icing on the cake. Sharing your creations is a good time, and watching yourself improve just plain makes you feel good. And when a videogame can easily accomplish that, I think we can pronounce it a success. Now excuse me while I attempt to improve on this rough sketch of Pansear. 
Pokémon Art review photo
Draw them like your French girls
Educational games that impart knowledge while remaining entertaining are certified rarities. Too often you're left with staggering amounts of informative material and meager side portions of "game" that contribute to a rather...

Pokémon demo photo
Pokémon demo

Don't overplay the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo

I forgot Tropius can fly
Oct 21
// Jordan Devore
Do you have your code for the special demo of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? There are a handful of ways to acquire one before the games' full release on November 21. Those who missed getting a code via email s...
Steelix and Glalie photo
Steelix and Glalie

Catch Mega Pokemon early in the Alpha Sapphire Special Demo

Also Omega Ruby, I guess; both them 3DS games
Oct 20
// Steven Hansen
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby will let you get a head start on your adventures with a Special Demo Version. Details on how to get it are here. You may want to. It lets you transfer items as well as Pokemon, ...
Pokémon remakes photo
Pokémon remakes

Here's how to get the special demo for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Mega Glalie will eat your face
Oct 14
// Jordan Devore
By now, you've hopefully had a chance to read Steven's words about Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Funny guy, that Steven. The Pokémon Company has since sent over some accompanying media showing the new ...

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire let you soar the skies & do the creep

Oct 14 // Steven Hansen
As X and Y showed, Pokémon translates pretty neatly to 3D models, so playing the twelve-year-old game in 3D isn't all that different from the longstanding Pokémon format. Machokes are helping Mom move, but there's a Wii U in your room now. You still pray for the extinction of Zigzagoon and other early fodder. I still negged my starter Pokémon, Treecko, by naming it Croagunk. And that doesn't even make sense this generation. I might have created a time paradox. There are new things, though. Certain X and Y features like Super Training and Pokémon-Amie remain. My favorite part, though, the custom avatars and Trainer Videos have been left in X and Y where, according to director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda (Ruby and Sapphire's original director) they fit in X and Y's theme of "beauty," what with the "French inspiration and fashion." That's part of why the Secret Bases, one of my favorite Ruby/Sapphire features, ended after the following generation. Game Freak is big on giving "unique characteristics" to its regions. And in Hoenn, it was the "abundance of nature" that bore Secret Bases in the first place. So the feature just didn't fit with later regions that had their own tertiary things going on, I guess. I'm just excited they've been gussied up even further. The story has been reworked to touch on Mega Evolutions, Primal Reversion. The X/Y connection is important. "I didn't want to just do an update with graphics. The idea of tying it up with X/Y, that there is full comparability," is important to the team. And it makes sense with X/Y's sales figures.  There are some neat gameplay additions, too, including some new navigation tools. You can use Fly from the bottom screen map. The DexNav will show you Pokémon in an area with a little icon so you know what you've caught and where. There are also added areas that are unreachable except when using Soar on the back of Mega Latios/Latias, which actually lets you fly above the clouds.  My favorite thing, though, is the creep. To keep you on your toes as you once again wade through loads of tall grass, occasionally a Pokémon tail will, in real-time, be wiggling out of the grass. These wild Pokémon have a chance of having better stats, preferred natures, or different moves. And getting them requires you to push lightly on the circle pad, which leads to your trainer doing an exaggerated cartoon creep like The Pink Panther or Jon Belushi in Animal House. It is adorable. Now that we've gotten remakes up to the DS era, I was curious at what rate we'd continue to see them. According to Masuda, it goes beyond the graphics and ability to render past games in 3D. And it's not (explicitly) about maintaining a cycle. "In the future...if we can find a lot of cool things to implement and make work with the titles that haven't been remade, that would be the right time to update them for modern times." Hopefully the Diamond and Pearl remakes fit more neatly in headlines.
Preview: Pokémon Ruby photo
What would your Mega Evolution be?
It is challenging to fit "Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" into a headline. It wasn't hard fitting these 3D updates of the Game Boy Advance classics on the 3DS, though. It was hard making a clean segue from my me...

Free Pokémon photo
Free Pokémon

Add a shiny Gengar to your Pokémon collection

Distribution event at GameStop this month
Oct 13
// Jordan Devore
Now through October 26, you'll be able to score a shiny Gengar holding Gengarite, the stone necessary for its Mega Evolution, at GameStop. Simply bring in your copy of either Pokémon X or Y for a free redeemable code....
Pokémon photo

Mega Rayquaza looks far cooler than normal Rayquaza

That poor Swampert
Oct 02
// Jordan Devore
It was all but guaranteed that Rayquaza would be among those Pokémon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to have a Mega Evolution -- or perhaps a Primal Reversion, like Groudon and Kyogre -- and as such it's nice to get ...
Pokémon photo

Trick or treat with a Super-Size Pumpkaboo, courtesy of Nintendo

Grab your 3DS and get to downloadin'!
Oct 01
// Brittany Vincent
Just in time for Halloween, you can now pick up a Super-Size Pumpkaboo in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y via the Nintendo Network. Right now, all you need to do to receive this Pokémon is connect to the internet...
Pokémon demo photo
Pokémon demo

We're getting the demo for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire too

Featuring unique content
Sep 12
// Jordan Devore
Well, I'll be. The demo for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire isn't just coming to Japan. The Pokémon Company International isn't saying when or how codes will be distributed in the West yet, but this speci...
Pokémon photo

More Mega Evolutions: Camerupt, Sharpedo, and Gallade

Japan is getting a demo
Sep 10
// Jordan Devore
Japanese magazine CoroCoro has the scoop on three more Mega Evolutions debuting in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as picked up by Camerupt's new form is my favorite of the trio -- that grin! Mega S...
Pokémon photo

Get your 'Genshi' Kyogre or Groudon Pokémon accessories from Hori

Just in time for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Sep 08
// Brittany Vincent
Hori is releasing these super cool Kyogre and Groudon Pokémon accessories for your 3DS or 3DS XL. You can get a TPU cover, hard pouch or a 24-card case. You can pre-order yours now and they'll ship December 5. In other news, Pokémon accessories are some of the best kind. What are your favorite Pokémon-branded cases, covers, or pouches? NintendoTweet [Tumblr]
Pokémon Omega Ruby photo
Pokémon Omega Ruby

New Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire trailer shows off additional features

Pretty princess Pikachu
Sep 04
// Brittany Vincent
The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and boy, are they shaping up well. The trailer shows off the newly-remastered version of Hoenn, the face-of...

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