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double helix

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct to put rage-quitting players in 'jail'

Don't be that guy
Jan 30
In detailing an upcoming patch for Killer Instinct, developer Double Helix Games has broken down its plans for rage quitters. Players whose disconnect percentage rises above 15 percent in ranked multiplayer matches will be se... read
Killer Instinct

Oh hey it's Spinal's new design in Killer Instinct

I still enjoy this game
Jan 16
Killer Instinct is still played weekly in my house, especially with the Mad Catz Xbox One stick. The problem is it needs more characters sooner than later, and it looks like Spinal is almost done. Play XBLA has posted th... read
Killer Instinct

Sabrewulf is the next free Killer Instinct character

So long, Jago
Jan 03
Killer Instinct has swapped out its first free playable character as of a new 675MB update. Since launch in November, Jago has been freely available to test out. Now, it's Sabrewulf. The full list of patch notes from develope... read
Strider soundtrack

Do you prefer Strider's retro tracks or the new remixes?

Strider? I hardly even know her!
Dec 13
The original "Raid" has not been topped, but both "Siberian Tunnel" tracks make my ears sing. The Strider reboot is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC early 2014 for $15. C'mon, Double Helix. Don't goof this up or it's back to licensed Battleship games and Killer Instinct DLC forever. read
Killer Instinct

This might be Killer Instinct's new Fulgore design

As long as he still has his blade charge I'm okay
Nov 25
Killer Instinct may have launched with a paltry six characters, but that number is set to increase to eight early next year. Currently, fan favorites Spinal and Fulgore are in development, and thanks to a forum thread over at... read
A surprisingly semi-killer combo
When Killer Instinct was announced, I don't think I had heard the silencing of so many screams since the destruction of Alderaan. While many gamers quickly jumped for joy at the mere mention of this resurrection, said joy was... read feature

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct launch trailer teases Fulgore

New characters set for release in Spring 2014
Nov 21
As the release of the Xbox One approaches, the official launch trailer for Killer Instinct is out now, and it's teasing plans for the future. Much like their previous trailers, they showcase much of the existing content whil... read

Can you guess which console these Strider screens are for

Lots of extras are in tow when the game drops
Nov 21
In 2014, a new Strider will launch on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Set to hit Japan on February 22nd, the game will be both a downloadable title and a packaged version -- similar to DuckTales Remastered... read
Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct Classic won't be sold separately

Restricted to new game's Ultra edition
Nov 13
Currently, the only way to get Killer Instinct Classic is by purchasing either the Ultra ($39.99) or Ultimate ($59.99) edition of Double Helix's new Killer Instinct. I say "currently" because these things have a habit of gett... read
Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct's Survival mode will be ready for launch

Dojo, survival mode, and the many uses of Killer Points detailed
Nov 08
With the Xbox One coming in just two weeks, it's about time Microsoft let out a bit more information about one of its more talked-about titles. Killer Instinct is easily one of the most commonly-seen titles for the new consol... read

Leaked character roster outs Fulgore for Killer Instinct

Oh, happy day
Nov 04
Less than a week after the reveal of Spinal, we get a nice little leak showing Fulgore as the final character for Killer Instinct's season-one roster. Yes, there is a God. The leak comes by way of Penny Arcade, who seemingly ... read
Killer Instinct

New Killer Instinct trailer reveals Spinal and much more

Double Helix shows off the goods
Oct 31
During IGN's recent livestream event for Killer Instinct, much of the focus was on B.Orchid's return in the newest entry of the series. As a fan favorite, Double Helix was keen to show off its redesign and new mechanics for ... read
Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct's training mode gets further detailed

Teach me, sensei
Oct 22
With Killer Instinct drawing nearer, so too are details, specifically about the game's training modes. You can expect the standard training mode, of course -- just you and a dummy with A.I. The twist here is that the previous... read

Strider looks nice when it's being played by a pro

But will that sense of speed remain constant?
Oct 08
Even without a deep-rooted sense of nostalgia for Strider -- okay, I do love the ridiculous Blue Dragon and always will for obvious reasons -- the remake in development at Double Helix is enough to bring about feelings of un... read
Hands-on at TGS
Strider was…well, it wasn't a big deal at Tokyo Game Show 2013. It could be found at a couple of places on the show floor, but you had to look for it. But I didn't need any fanfare or huge signage to want to try it out... read feature

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