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So, there certainly was a reaction to the newly announced Horn when Jim posted a little clip a few days ago in which the game was shown off and Phosphor Games’ Chip Sineni made some innocent claims about the mobile and ... read feature

Have an obnoxious, petty SimCity Social trailer

Jun 28
If you're mentally subnormal, then Electronic Arts has a trailer that's going to definitely appeal to your sensibilities. This video for SimCity Social promotes the Facebook game with a song so bad, it makes EA's Christmas c... read

The DTOID Show: Bring on the uncensored violence!

Jun 18
That's right, folks - I'm back in the studio after a week-long vacation, and I've got my party shoes on! You know, the orthopaedic ones with extra arch support? (I have fragile bones.) Anyway, on today's show, we've got a tr... read

Zynga's Draw Something game show coming to CBS

Jun 17
I fell in love with, became addicted to and later swore off mobile drawing game Draw Something over the course of 3 days. I deleted the app, washed my hands of it, and never spoke of it again. Zynga paid about $200 million to... read

E3: EA bitchslaps Zynga with SimCity Social

Jun 04
EA is preparing to invade Facebook, and it has Zynga in its sights. What is it about EA and its obsession with picking fights via passive-aggressive game slogans? In any case, SimCity Social is a city-building game for your F... read

Zynga already attempting to actively ruin Draw Something

May 04
I must admit: I still play Draw Something, albeit only with the few loyal friends that I have left (thanks Chad!). Like millions of others, most of the people on my friends list flocked to basically anything else, avoiding th... read

Draw Something losing charm, also millions of players

May 03
Remember Draw Something? Yeah, that asynchronus Pictionary rip-off that everyone was playing for two weeks before we all moved on with our lives. Well, it looks like the honeymoon is over. After setting record ... read

OMGPop founder and Zynga have some history

Mar 27
Last week we learned that Zynga gobbled up OMGPop and it turns out that the founder of the latter actually turned down a job offer from the former in 2008. Charles Forman, after starting up OMGPop and a dating site,... read

NCsoft bows out of E3, probably playing Farmville instead

Mar 21
I know you folks are starting to compile your own personal lists of who will or won't be in attendance at E3 this year, right? Well it seems you can definitely count on seeing Zynga there, so go ahead and breathe a sigh of re... read

Zynga has bought OMGPop, developer of Draw Something

Mar 21
In a conference call today, social gaming megalith Zynga has announced the acquisition of OMGPop, the developer responsible for the wildly popular Draw Something for iOS devices. According to a post at the Wall Street Jo... read

Facebook gaming drops in popularity (what a shock!)

Feb 27
While some pundits assumed Facebook gaming was set to take over the world, the latest figures show that such distractions have become less popular over time. In 2010, roughly half of all Facebook users jumped on such titles a... read

The DTOID Show: Fat Mega Man, bad Zynga & Ace Attorney 5

Jan 30
Hey guys! We're back again. With a show for your faceholes. Remember last week when social gaming behemoth Zynga got busted for ripping off an indie iOS title? Well, it happened again. We've got some good news too: Capcom is... read

Cloning continues: Zynga accused of copying another game

Jan 30
Last week the internet gave Zynga sh*t for biting a bit too much off Tiny Towers for their new game Dream Heights. As you'd imagine, NimbleBit, a three-person company, was not pleased to see that the social gaming monste... read

The DTOID Show: LEGO Minecraft, Blizzcon, & Xbox 720?!

Jan 25
Hey gang! We're back with our usual tri-weekly revelry, and today the news is all hot and stinky. Er. Exciting. For starters, Blizzcon is cancelled. Blizzard is gonna have a big pro-gaming tournament in Asia, but no. No nigh... read

Zynga appears to have given up on copying its own games over and over, and has moved on to the straightforward plagiarizing of other peoples' work. Dream Heights is Tiny Tower to the core, the only difference being Zynga's in... read feature

Zynga bought up four mobile gaming companies

Jan 19
Zynga says that they've purchased four mobile game companies to get into the smartphone and tablet action. Sums paid for each studio were not disclosed. Mobile exec David Ko told Reuters that they picked up German g... read

Zynga does NOT top Facebook's list of top ten games

Dec 23
With all this talk about Zynga and their bazillions of dollars, you'd expect Facebook's list of top games in 2011 to be dominated by their titles. While half the titles on the list are Zynga games, the two most popular aren't... read

Zynga pulls in $1 billion with its $10 shares

Dec 16
Holy f*cking Farmville. Zynga, makers of all those silly games on Facebook that you don't play, have managed to raise $1 billion by offering up 100 shares at $10 in its public offering. It starts trading today on the Nas... read

Zynga bringing out new games to Facebook and mobile

Oct 17
Zynga, who basically runs the world of Facebook games, held a press conference last week in their offices in San Francisco. In this rendezvous, they talked about many of their upcoming projects and hinted at creating their... read

Mafia Wars 2 is now live on Facebook

Oct 11
It's time again for your news feed and game invite inbox to get spammed a second time as Mafia Wars 2 is now live on Facebook. You can start your quest to take over a stylized Las Vegas by searching for the game on Facebook a... read

Take over Las Vegas in Mafia Wars 2

Oct 03
The first time I ever took notice of Zynga was when my friends were blasting me with Mafia Wars invites on Facebook. Little would I expect that the company would go on to become one of the largest videogame developers in the ... read

The DTOID Show: Skyrim Gets Racy, Star Wars Gets a Date

Sep 26
[The Destructoid Show gives a rundown of all the top news from every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebo... read

Bad dog! Zynga suffers 95% decline in profits

Sep 25
Whether it be due to lack of fresh and hip new IPs during it's first quarter of the year or spending too much on that fancy swivel chair, Zynga's year-on-year profits have taken a huge hit. From a recent SEC filing, Zynga sho... read

Zynga announces Mafia Wars 2

Sep 20
Those masters of the microtransaction over at Zynga have announced the sequel to their popular organized crime game, Mafia Wars. According to this trailer, the appropriately titled Mafia Wars 2 will put you in the role ... read

Industry vets start free-to-play supergroup

Sep 14
A group of industry veterans have started up a new free-to-play development studio, Rumble. The team consists of developers and executives from a variety of big name developers like Activision, BioWare, Blizzard, EA and Zynga... read

NBA Jam creator leaves EA for Zynga

Jul 14
Money. At the end of the day, money is what counts. We all need more money, right? Zynga has lots of money. F*ckin' lots of it. Man, Zynga, do you guys need a musician? I can write circles around the dip-sh*tty songs you have... read

New Destructoid Episode: Now with 100% less Max Scoville

Jul 01
Well, for today at least. Anthony Carboni joined me in the studio today to talk about the latest and greatest in video game news and discuss our mutual dislike of that unreasonably tall man who sometimes co-hosts the show ... read

New Destructoid Episode: Wizard hackers Play in GagaVille

May 14
Good evening, Destructoid readers! It's Friday night, and that can mean only one thing: it's time for another episode of your favorite video game news show co-hosted by Max and Tara. First and foremost on tonight's agenda, M... read

Zynga and Lady Gaga team up for GagaVille

May 11
A promotional collaboration between Zynga and Lady Gaga has given rise to GagaVille, a special neighboring farm in FarmVille. Players who visit GagaVille following its launch on May 17th will be able to listen to exclusive, u... read

EA's John Schappert quits, goes to Zynga

Apr 26
You can try to imagine Schappert's motivations. Electronic Arts' chief operating officer quit the company yesterday, and according to Reuters' source he is making the move to the social gaming world. And probably to lots and ... read

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