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Ys buyers guide photo
Ys buyers guide

The Ys buyers guide

Promoted from our Community Blogs!
Dec 13
// JoyfulSanity
[In honor of the newest Ys game's release, I thought it appropriate to promote JoyfulSanity's wonderful series buyers guide. Want to see your own blog appear on our front page? Go write something! --Mr Andy Dixon] I've been s...

Ys I & II Chronicles+ comes to Steam on Valentine's Day

Better than chocolate!
Feb 12
// Dale North
I know what to get my Valentine now! XSEED announced today that Ys I & II Chronicles+ will come to Steam on February 14. The "+" in the title means that the game has been remastered for PC, making the first two ...

XSEED to release games on Steam, starts with Ys

Mar 14
// Dale North
Things are getting Steam-y in here! XSEED is one of my favorite publishers as they have brought out some titles I would have otherwise missed, like the fantastic Ys series. Now the company is announcing that they're bringing ...

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