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You son of a ...


Pirates kill the new Ace Attorney in some retail zones

Feb 18
Brizamila is the company that distributes Capcom's DS games in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, or at least, they usually are. They are passing on Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, as they fear that R4-e... read

Wife forces man to choose between her and an Orc

Jan 05
A husband has been forced to make the ultimate compromise -- his wife, or his six-foot-tall World of Warcraft Orc statue. For years, 42-year-old Robert Cushnie was living the ultimate dream, sharing his home with both his wom... read

George Costanza's Frogger high score beaten in real life

Jan 05
What's the deal with Frogger? It's an interactive recreation of a tragic daily occurrence in which frogs become roadkill. Also, it faithfully reproduces how frogs often jump from turtles to logs to crocodiles in order to reac... read

M.U.L.E. gets a sleek new look, continues to torment me

Dec 08
M.U.L.E. Now there's a game I've heard a heck of a lot about, but was never really able or willing to fidget around with for long enough to "get it." Now that I think about it, sitting down and learning to not suck at this re... read

GameStop lets you become the Nintendo 64 kid

Dec 04
Similar to the promotion GameStop ran for Left 4 Dead 2 in which you could become a zombie using a simple picture of yourself, Internet voodoo, and a whole lot of patience, there's a new one that turns you into the infamous N... read

Real Girlfriend screens make me feel physically sick

Dec 01
Real Girlfriend is yet another in a long line of Japanese erotic games, except this one is slightly more advanced than your usual wad of glorified hentai. This particular game joins the twenty-first century with 3D graphics, ... read

Huge surprise: Silent Hill 2 movie sounds pretty sketchy

Nov 19
The Silent Hill movie tends to pop up on occasion when discussions about good videogame movies happen. The only problem with that is, when compared to everything else in the medium, even the best films based on games tend to ... read

Yakuza designer would 'never want to make' a GTA game

Oct 19
Sega's Yakuza series has often been likened to Grand Theft Auto, since both games involve gangland dirty work in the big city. Despite the similarities between the two games, however, franchise designer Toshihiro Nagoshi seem... read

Activision yanking Kurt Cobain Guitar Hero 5 footage

Oct 14
Looks like the legal shenanigans between fish-faced Courtney Love and fish-hearted Activision are not over yet. The latest development in the battle for Kurt Cobain's soul has seen Activision yanking Youtube footage that show... read

Geon Cube is more super and Pac-Man than Super Pac-Man

Sep 30
Have you heard of Geon Cube? Yeah, I didn't think so; I hadn't either until I got this press release. That lack of press alone probably spells doom for this game. No matter how great it turns out, people aren't going to buy i... read

Secrets abound in NES Punch Out!!, here's one

Aug 08
I played the original Punch-Out!! on the NES until my fingers bled. This was mostly because I sucked at it, but I was determined to beat it. I did, once, during a weekend night of glory that I have attempted to recreate, but ... read

Guards bring PSP into nuclear warhead recycling facility

Jul 16
Brilliant. Three Tennessee security guards have recently been busted for bringing game devices, including a PSP, into a nuclear warhead recycling facility. Due to the obviously sensitive nature of the work, electronic devices... read

Three things you should know about me before reading this: I hate doing stuff I don't feel like doing (some call it laziness, I call it "strong willed"), I'm a sucker for free stuff, and I hate gaming peripherals. T... read feature


D3 trademarks Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond

Apr 28
D3 Publisher has trademarked the name Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond, revealing what may be the title of the next chapter of the Matt Hazard series. Although nothing is specified beyond the name, it's possible that this c... read

Noby Noby Boy multiplayer teaser is kangaroo

Mar 24
Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi has allegedly posted teaser footage of the PSN game's upcoming multiplayer mode. I say "allegedly" because, really, the footage could be of anything. It's just kangaroos and the... read

Fable II Pub Games cheaters are going to get screwed.

Sep 16
You know that old chestnut about how game glitches are actually "features" in disguise? It seems that sometimes they actually are.Yesterday, IGN posted their impressions of the first three hours of Fable II. Tucked ... read

Games of the week for 12/30/07: Screw Call of Duty 4 on Veteran edition

Dec 30
Seriously, who was the crackhead who decided that Veteran mode was even remotely fun to play? It's not even worth completing the levels for 40 gamerpoints a pop. In fact, I'd rather cut out my own eyes and shove them up my ar... read

Videogame conventions II: Hand-me-down

Nov 16
I am the Hero of Legend.Long have been my travails in a vast and mysterious world, an environment largely hostile to me. When I departed the tiny, peaceable village where I spent the whole of my childhood as a mere farming bo... read

IGN modifies Assassin's Creed review after Destructoid's report (update)

Nov 14
Yesterday I posted a report that IGN had critically slammed the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed, claiming the framerate issues were so bad, they affected the gameplay and that the former Sony exclusive fared poorly in compari... read

BioShock is NEVER coming to PS3, never ever ever: 2K crushes the dream

Nov 13
A fresh rumor has been flying around that BioShock would be heading to the PlayStation 3 in 2008, no doubt sparking off fanboy flamewars up and down the Internet. Well, 2K Games has decided to squash those rumors in a most br... read

Force your filthy children off the Xbox 360 with technology

Nov 04
The Xbox 360 fall update is on its way, and it's doubtless that millions of Internet Matlocks are already complaining about the hidden evils that Microsoft will smuggle onto connected consoles everywhere. One evil that will n... read

What Cooking Mama should have been? Hell's Kitchen game announced

Oct 25
With the popularity of Cooking Mama, it was only a matter of time before somebody came up with the "grand" idea of giving the most entertaining chef on television his own game to punish us with. Announced for someti... read

Hands-on with Dynasty Warriors 6: Was fighting through cosplayers worth it?

Oct 21
As promised, I attended the London Expo today with one thing on my mind -- Koei. My head full of giddy delights (and a lingering flu virus), I hopped onto the Docklands Light Railway and shook my head as I realized that I'd b... read

Hold your Hadoukens: Street Fighter IV is more than a year away

Oct 19
I had to laugh when I saw the announcement of Street Fighter IV, thinking that this 'fourth' game was more like the millionth (without hyperbole). I do admit it's refreshing to see a Street Fighter title not followed by a cha... read

Another original IP on the Wii bites the dust: Pollen Sonata cancelled

Sep 24
With Project H.A.M.M.E.R already cancelled and games like Disaster: Day of Crisis and Sadness going very quiet, the future for original franchises on the Wii looks pretty damn bleak. It's a tragedy then, that a true original ... read

Television is morally superior to videogames ... says a television station boss

Sep 15
If you want to truly define the term 'biased,' perhaps you might want to take a look at ITV executive Michael Grade, who has made the ridiculous claim that television is morally superior to videogames. The boss of one of Brit... read

Phishers target Xbox Live members in the US and UK

Sep 13
Some Xbox Live users are being targeted by phishers according to posts on the Xbox forums. The sneaky criminals, posing as Xbox Support, are sending out a scam email in attempts to access the user information of members in th... read

Don't Cry: Devil May Cry 4 to be a bit kinder, says producer

Sep 05
Kinder? Maybe, but don't expect the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game to be any easier than the controller-crushing Devil May Cry 3. Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi tells Eurogamer in a recent interview that Devil May Cry 4 may be a... read

Banning videogames = social utopia? David Cameron believes so

Aug 28
David Cameron, leader of the British Conservative Party and Gordon Brown's biggest challenger for the position of Prime Minister today detailed worrying plans for a rather sinister sounding "social covenant," a soci... read

This is getting conSKUsing: Best Buy lists Core System with HDMI

Aug 24
Can somebody, somewhere please admit that releasing multiple console SKUs is a set up for disaster? Haven't we learned by now that confusing customers and/or insulting their intelligence by offering sloppy, under-equipped pac... read

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