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OC ReMix's FF6 Kickstarter brought back from the grave

Sep 25
We didn't report on it originally because we didn't want to jump the gun on any new developments, but OverClocked ReMix's Final Fantasy VI album Kickstarter was shut down a while back, way after it had blown past its target g... read

La-Mulana IS coming to WiiWare after all on September 20!

Aug 29
Good things come to those who wait! When Nicalis decided that it would not be publishing the WiiWare version of La-Mulana, it felt like a bitter end to an extensive but ultimately fruitless dev cycle. It was eventually releas... read

Fifty Shades of Grey got b*tch slapped by Hyrule Historia

Aug 17
Who says there's no justice in the world? Just yesterday, we learned that the highly demanded Zelda bible Hyrule Historia is being localized for the US, UK, Australia, and certain other parts of Europe. I originally used the ... read

Ultimate Zelda bible Hyrule Historia will come to the US

Aug 16
[Update: The book is also coming to Australia, UK, and other parts of Europe.] Hyrule Historia is basically the Holy Bible of the Zelda universe. Not only is it jam-packed with concept art and never-before-heard secrets, it a... read

Ecco the Dolphin celebrates 20 years of aquatic majesty!

Jul 29
[Header by Ashley Davis] Every other videogame franchise seems to be celebrating a major anniversary lately. However, there's one little series that seems to have slipped everyone's mind. Everyone except Dtoider TheManchild, ... read

A contemplative E3 retrospective with I-Mockery's RoG

Jun 11
Roger "RoG" Barr -- founder of I-Mockery, co-developer of Abobo's Big Adventure, and typewriter jockey at The Behemoth -- was in attendance at E3 2012, drinking in the sights and meeting a host of colorful people. He fortuna... read

I'VE SOILED MY TUNIC! COMPLETELY BY CHOICE! That's right! You heard me! WayForward will be making a game based on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, and I couldn't possibly be any happier! This is, like, the perfect marriage e... read feature

Ace Attorney film to premiere at Cali's AM2 convention

Feb 15
["Phoenix X Edgeworth" by GyakuSaiLove] Want to catch one of the first US premiers of Takashi Miike's Ace Attorney movie? Then you're going to want to hop on a plane and fly to Anaheim, California, this summer. During the Ani... read

What a glorious week it's been so far! First, Ace Attorney 5 is a really real thing, and now this bit of concentrated awesome. What do we have in store for tomorrow? Localization confirmation of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attor... read feature

Please, try to contain yourselves! Technically, only Gyakuten Saiban 5 has been announced with no word on an international release. Capcom kept Ace Attorney Investigations 2 from us; those butts in Japan better not hold out o... read feature

Fatal Frame 3DS spin-off to spook America on April 13

Jan 20
Okay, so Fatal Frame 4 never left Japan, and the Wii remake of Fatal Frame 2 seems to have completely vanished. Tecmo Koei and Nintendo wouldn't keep holding out on the West forever, would they? Looks like they've finally co... read

Abobo's Big Adventure will donkey punch you on January 11

Jan 02
Sh*t just got real, son. The undisputed Game of the Forever will make its grand entrance on January 11, 2012. Cue music. Are you ready to shatter a generation's worth of 8-bit spines with sick moves and stylish flair? You dam... read

A good Sonic game, you guys! Oh my God!

Nov 04
What!?!? Sonic Generations is not total garbage!? We have to let the world know! Four out of five! Four out of five! Four out of five! Busted Pixel: Sonic Generations (A New Beginning) [YouTube] read

Professor Layton movie is bound for North America

Jul 02
You cheeky Brits have been enjoying Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva for almost a year now. Now it's time for the filthy Yanks to get our cryptic on! At the Anime Expo in Los Angeles yesterday, anime distributor Viz Medi... read

Hot on the heels of their BAFTA win for F1 2010, Codemasters invited me to their offices in the middle of nowhere to speak to the development team behind their latest game, Operation Flashpoint: Red River; all... read feature

Hey, Star Trek Online's a year old now

Feb 02
Hey there! Do you play Star Trek Online? I do, because that's my guy up there in the header. He's a Borg named One of Eleventy, and is captain of the the majestic vessel U.S.S. Weekly. He's standing in front of a big ol' holo... read

Live show: Dtoid Chill Bros vs. Spare Parts

Jan 21
Today on Destructoid Chill Bros we play around with our Spare Parts. Join your friends Venom and Carnage as they become robots in this Co-op adventure. This game from EA is fun and a great game to play with a friend, it also ... read

The Ball releases October 26

Oct 06
The Ball has gone gold and is due for an October 26 release. Forgotten what The Ball is and why you should care? It's a former Unreal Tournament 3 mod in which you use a giant ball to solve puzzles and destroy enemies. It loo... read

Hacking iPhones, games legal in US under DMCA revisions

Jul 27
One of the saddest things to come out of the Clinton administration, from my perspective, was the mass erosion of consumer rights known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Hailed as a victory by the entertainment industr... read

I can't think of a clever title for this rad Pokemon art

Jun 07
Yes, this picture is indeed awesome. When Hamza first showed me it, I thought it was a trap. Assuming the art had to be "old," I almost didn't post it. But then, thankfully, I noticed Zorua and Zoroark -- the first two Pokemo... read

MonkeyPaw Games to bring 'real Japanese games' to US

Jun 03
There is a lot of finicky business in bringing Japanese games to the Western market. Between localizing, formatting, and marketing, an especially niche title may very well just wallow out here. Which is a shame when we are mi... read

Cube director eager for a videogame adaptation

May 13
Cube director Vincenzo Natali dropped some out-of-nowhere awesomeness (the very best kind of awesome) on MTV News recently, saying how he'd "very much like to do a Cube game." "When I was writing it with my writing partner, A... read

Listen up, iPhone owners: Pix'n Love Rush looks oh so rad

May 06
I don't own an iPhone or have any real interest in the vast majority of the games exclusive to the device. Why am I telling you this? Because against all odds, I am supremely intrigued by Pix'n Love Rush, which just so happe... read

'Project K,' the Yakuza spin-off for PSP

Apr 21
Portable Yakuza action? Yes, please! Before this, wondering around Japan's seedy cities and kicking ass was limited to PS2 and PS3 owners, but now Famitsu reveals a new project that will bring Yakuza's world to your PSP. This... read

Yakuza 4 trailer: Too much badass for one sitting

Feb 19
Damn! There's so much going on in this 5+ minute Japanese Yakuza 4 trailer that it's almost information overload. This is a quick overview of everything you'd consider to be badass in the Sega PS3 game. Everything: setting, ... read

Yakuza 3 preorders come loaded with DLC

Feb 10
After much wailing and gnashing of the teeth, gamers finally convinced Sega to release Yakuza 3 in North America and Europe. And Sega's not messing around trying to get you to make with the buying. At least, not in Europe, as... read

Yakuza 3: Lovely new screenshots, box art

Jan 21
It seems like we've been showing you screens of the Japanese version of Yakuza 3 for forever now. It feels odd to be able to show off screens from the English language version. If you've been following the game before it was ... read

It's almost Halloween, and if you're anything like me, you're going to try to make the most of it. Playing survival horror games can be one way of doing that, but the way the genre has evolved (or devolved, depending on how y... read feature

New Shantae game for DSiWare? Yes, it's real!

Sep 15
[Update: Nintendo Power has a full feature on the game that confirms THREE episodic releases in the Shantae universe!] Shantae is one of those games that you either remember with incredibly fond feelings and wish for a sequel... read

The ESRB says Tomena Sanner is headed to the states

Sep 04
"Too Japanese" my ass.Sorry about that. Quirky Japanese games sometimes give me "Tourette's of the keyboard",  especially when they are finally announced for release in the United States. Tomena Sanne... read

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