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Xperia Play


The DTOID Show: Gaming Predictions of 2012!

Dec 30
If you're anything like me, then chances are you can't help but look forward to 2012 and salivate at all the delectable delicacies the videogame world has to offer us in the coming year. Not only is it a period for deep self... read

OnLive brings console gaming to Xperia Play with update

Dec 22
That little "PlayStation Phone" will soon be able to do a lot more than boot up old PlayStation games. OnLive announces today that the slide-out controls of the Xperia Play are now supported in their Android app. This means t... read

Kristen Schaal plugs more Xperia Play stuff

Dec 05
You guys got a chuckle out of Kristen Schaal requesting that you put her in a Minecraft coma, right? Well she's at it again, plugging the Xperia Play and some assorted games. Apparently it has over 150 games that I'll never ... read

Kristen Schaal wants you to put her in a Minecraft coma

Oct 15
As the above video explains, Kristen Schaal (spokeswoman for the Xperia Play) is looking for a Minecrafter to build her something awesome in the game. Besides the satisfaction of knowing you've made something great for someo... read

Dead Space and other EA games now free on Xperia Play

Oct 07
Sony Ericsson has worked out a deal with Electronic Arts to offer four free Xperia Play games for a limited time, and they're actually ones you've heard of before. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Dead Space Need for Speed: Hot Pu... read

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for the Xperia Play

Sep 28
A new partnership has Square Enix bringing titles to the Xperia Play from Sony Ericsson. The first title they'll push out to the Android Marketplace is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, which was originally released on co... read

Bid on this Limited-edition Minecraft Xperia Play

Aug 15
Do you want a Sony Ericsson Experia Play? Not so much? Well, how about a limited-edition Xperia Play decorated in a Minecraft theme? Still no? Then I won't bother telling you how much it is going for on eBay right now. Nah, I... read

More details on Kinect-compatible Minecraft for Xbox 360

Jul 18
Even though Minecraft designer Markus Persson is holding back on what he's willing to say about the upcoming Xbox 360 version of the game -- "there's going to be actual marketing" this time -- he did drop a few solid details ... read

Sony: Xperia Play not another N-gage (reality: yes it is)

Jul 04
Sony has declared that its new N-Gage, the Xperia Play, will not be a new N-Gage.  "As you can see from the design of [the Xperia Play], when you hold it in portrait it's a smartphone," said Sony-Ericsson's Dom Neil-Dwye... read

New Destructoid Episode: Wizard hackers Play in GagaVille

May 14
Good evening, Destructoid readers! It's Friday night, and that can mean only one thing: it's time for another episode of your favorite video game news show co-hosted by Max and Tara. First and foremost on tonight's agenda, M... read

PSOne games sell badly on Xperia Play, Sony doesn't care

May 12
Sony's Xperia Play phone boasted PSOne games as a major selling point, but customers don't seem to agree. Less than 1,000 downloads have been registered for the current library of five PSOne titles, excluding Crash Bandicoot,... read

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