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It has been over a year since gamers were given the opportunity to check out the XNA Community Games demo and I think it's safe to say that one game clearly outshined all of the competition. The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai was f... read feature


The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai out on XBLA this week

Mar 30
It's been so long since the trial for The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai was released that I can hardly remember any of the specific things that made the game so much fun to play. But, I do recall the feeling of pure exhilaration i... read

New XNA massaging game made by a Dtoider features online co-op

Feb 12
Dtoider Entrager just released a brand new XNA game called Remote Masseuse. It’s like the other XNA massaging game (Rumble Massage), except Remote Masseuse features online co-op!Players can still massage themselves if... read

Before I brewed my cup of coffee this morning, I listened to the sounds of my two cats playing with their toys, my girlfriend grumbling about having to go to work, and rain drops. My cats’ paws thumped on the floor spor... read feature


XNA game provides orgasmic massage pleasure

Jan 28
Although Destructoid's Community Games challenge is for developers to tell us what we should review, a few titles on the service tempt me to "go rogue" and review them anyway. One of them is Rumble Massage, which Wi... read

Weapon of Choice has been held aloft for a while now as an example of what Community Games can be with some development know-how and a lot of effort. It is one of the most professional looking games to have come from the XN... read feature


Braid premium theme available on Xbox 360, creator remarks on theme prices

Jan 11
If you're anything like me, you'll love console themes, but can't stand the fact that Microsoft charges stupid amounts of moon money for the privilege of downloading. Jonathan Blow would like you to know that, although he has... read

Weapon of Choice speed run contest challenges you to move fast for prizes

Jan 09
Weapon of Choice is by far my favorite XNA Community Game. What other XNA game features a stick monster that spews milk from its teats? Considering the wide berth of titles available for download, I consider originality (and ... read

There's something inherently satisfying about watching a chain reaction. From the ancient simplicity of Dominos to modern day videogame classics like Peggle, setting something in motion and watching the results is incredibly ... read feature


Downloadable fireplace is available because of XNA, thanks Microsoft

Dec 22
Microsoft’s indie developer tool, XNA, is more than just a program that helps people create games. It can also create ambience ... the smoky and crackly kind. Recently, a creator by the name of SniperED007 debuted his l... read

Developer criticizes 360 Community Games price structure

Nov 25
Microsoft has come under fire before, especially from indie developers like Jonathan Blow, for the amount of restrictions and inflexibility one finds when making games for the Xbox 360. Joining the ranks of the frustrated is ... read

On November 19, the hard work of many XNA developers is finally going to pay dividends. Along with the New Xbox Experience, gamers will get access to the Community Games blade, which is the spot to download highly touted titl... read feature


 Last year, the winner of the Dream-Build-Play competition was The Dishwasher: Last Samurai, game that has gone on to become a fully formed Xbox LIVE title, soon to be released. This year’s winner, CarnyVale: Showt... read feature


Xbox LIVE Community Games event coverage

Nov 03
The new Xbox 360 Dashboard update is right around the corner, and it isn't just wacky Avatars and March of the Penguins streaming off of Netflix over at the land of Microsoft. No, no, no! Microsoft wants you to remember just ... read

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is coming, and he's packing a guitar

Oct 27
If you've ever tried out some of the XNA games currently being lined up, then surely one game in particular would have caught your eye. If you're a reader of taste, that game will be The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. If you're an... read

This tech demo for The Unfinished Swan is mighty impressive

Oct 22
It's not very often that I can get fired up over a maze game, but The Unfinished Swan is unlike anything I've seen before. The indie game is currently being developed in XNA, in case you were wondering. Since this is one of... read

XNA Game Studio 3.0 hitting later this month

Oct 16
It's been a long time coming, but Microsoft will be releasing the XNA Game Studio 3.0 development tool on October 30. The tool will be made available to the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, and Spain and hits almost three weeks... read

Ex-Resistance and Ratchet and Clank developer goes 2D with Weapon of Choice

Oct 09
Weapon of Choice is a new 2D run-and-gun shooter birthed from the mind of Nathan Fouts, weapon designer on Resistance: Fall of Man and boss programmer on Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. Though the game definitely lac... read

Plain Sight: New XNA game brings robot-on-robot ultra violence to the masses

Sep 08
London-based indie studio Beatnik Games (described as "six guys working in a shoebox") have announced their new XNA project, Plain Sight -- a 3D multiplayer game featuring robotic sword fighting and explosions. In P... read

Many gamers got a surprise first-glimpse of Shortfuse Games' upcoming XNA-developed title, Colosseum, during Microsoft's E3 2008 press conference. The inclusion of the multiplayer arena-fighter was a surprise to the developer... read feature


Five XNA games (and developers) to watch for

Aug 08
While Microsoft’s small-developer XNA tools have been available for awhile, it was only recently that the software giant revealed plans to allow creators to get paid for their efforts. Called Xbox LIVE Community Games, ... read

Microsoft responds to concerns about quality of XNA Community Games

Jul 28
Late last week we told you that former XNA community manager David Weller had some concerns about the quality of the upcoming Xbox LIVE Community Games service. His worry was that we would not be able "discern the qualit... read

Former XNA manager worried about the quality of Community Games

Jul 25
When we told you about Microsoft's new user publishing model, Xbox LIVE Community Games, some of you were quick to look past the dollar signs and possibilities. A few of you expressed concern that this new model could have us... read

Chris Satchell is having a good week. Yesterday he was just promoted as Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business Group, closed the loop on indie game distribution for the Xbox Live plat... read feature


Enter the fray with XNA muliplayer arena fighter Colosseum this Fall

Jul 22
It looks like one of the first titles that will (presumably) making money out of the newly announced Xbox LIVE Community Games initiative will be Colosseum, developed by Sweden-based Shortfuse Entertainment. A multiplaye... read

Details emerge on first wave of XNA Community Games

Jul 15
Microsoft has been slowly working on promoting their XNA Creator's Studio and Community Games distribution system for some time now. Yesterday, that labor showed a little bit of fruit, as the Big M showed off footage of some... read

Schizoid and Golf: Tee It Up! on XBLA this Wednesday

Jul 07
It's been some time since Torpex Games announced that Schizoid (800 Microsoft Points) would be heading to Xbox LIVE Arcade as the first XNA Game Studio-built game to be up for purchase through the service, but it's finally be... read

GDC 08: Details on XNA and Community Games

Feb 20
Some exciting developments were uncovered at Microsoft's keynote today, including details on XNA and community games.Chris Satchell took the stage to talk about Microsoft's XNA and community games, and he kicked things off wi... read

XNA Game Studio 2.0 released, includes multiplayer functionality

Dec 12
The beta for XNA Game Studio 2.0 is out now and ready to be downloaded. The most notable improvement over XNA Game Studio Express is the ability to bring your PC and/or Xbox 360 games online via Xbox Live and Games for Window... read

New trailer for The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, new hope for the future of XBLA

Nov 07
   Open wide thine eyes, dear readers, and gaze upon the brilliantly crafted chaos that serves as the perfect example of what an XNA game can be. What you're seeing is the latest trailer for The Dishwasher: Dea... read

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