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Will Wright


Will Wright: Spore is about six months out

Oct 24
// Dale North
Famed game creator Will Wright said himself that his greatly anticipated life sim Spore is in its final stages, and that we should be seeing it in the spring of 2008."We have the game fully playable at this point and it'...

Videogame BAFTA awards: Will Wright gets love + full nominations

Oct 15
// Jim Sterling
The BAFTAs are the most prestigious awards that the UK has to offer after the British Comedy Awards, and for the first time they will honor videogames. Spore creator Will Wright shall be receiving a Fellowship BAFTA for his y...

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Spore

Aug 29
// David Houghton
Sometimes things just turn out of the best. Earlier this week I had a ninety-minute appointment over in Electronic Arts' press area, where they had a whole load of their upcoming games available for play-test or presentation....

Maxis confirms Spore coming to consoles, no one surprised

Aug 24
// Nick Chester
During a behind-closed-doors demo of Spore at this year's Leipzig Game Convention, Maxis' Patrick Buechener has confirmed that console versions of Will Wright's ambitious title are likely.This should surprise no one -- seeing...

Will Wright talks toys, looks like a homeless Leonard Nimoy

Jul 22
// Earnest Cavalli
No one would claim that Will Wright is anything short of a genius, but his current look is a cross between prosthetic-fetishism and turn-of-the-century hobo chic. He seems to be waiting for the invention of hover trains so he...

The Sims are totally fierce in The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff; Will Wright cries

Jun 05
// Nick Chester
I remember this one time (last week) that I went into an H&M in my local mall. A piercingly intolerable drum and bass remix of Gwen Stefani's "The Sweet Escape" blared out of the store's hidden speaker...

SimCity DS trailer; now you can "erect a monolith" on the go

May 12
// Earnest Cavalli
Crude masturbation joke? Check!Compelling footage of a title that has seen more ports than Ernest and Julio Gallo? Check!Complete lack of a clever way to end this post? Double check! 

Open your eyes, new Spore footage

Apr 09
// Robert Summa
Thirsty for a little more Spore action? I know I am. Quite possibly the greatest game that has yet to ever be released, Spore gives me a nerdgasm like no other. It's got the perfect blend of RTS and online and such that fills every little void in my gaming heart. Don't you just love it?

SXSW 07: Spore keynote on shakycam

Mar 14
// Niero Desu
Summa may have live blogged the Will Wright keynote, but it was extremely difficult for him to balance an HD camera on his foot while simultaneously fending off an ocean of milfs. Luckily, Matthew spotted a shaky cam of the e...

Will Wright's Wii-controlled robotic arm

Mar 13
// Robert Summa
var digg_url = ''; I just got handed a cool little note about Will Wright from a very special inside source at the Wright camp: As you&#...

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