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The Wii is dangerous: More dangerous than stupid doctors?

Jan 07
We've all heard about how dangerous videogames are from a variety of crackpots who vilify their violent content and penchant for teaching kids how to murder people, but it's not often that the virgin-white Wii is branded dang... read

Wii games are not fit for fitness...yet

Dec 26
I'm not out to rain on anyone's parade, but all of that arm flailing in front of your Nintendo Wii may not be helping your physical fitness as much as you'd like to think it is. A study called "Energy expenditure in adol... read

Weekend Destructainment: Mainstream media continues to rape videogames

Dec 01
This clip is from the new T.V. show called Life. This clip is also one of the worst representation of what videogames are that has ever graced prime time. A lot of shows lately like The Office, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, House... read

Wii shows soldier his cheating wife's bowling shenanigans

Nov 20
I don't know how else to title this article, nor do I know what to say, really. This is a weird one, that's for damn certain. Go Nintendo reader Tony sent an email to the aforementioned site telling the story of how his wife ... read

Check yourself into Wiihab: At least it's one of the better Wii puns

Oct 29
You can file this one under the "how the hell did they stretch this one to over three minutes?" category. Here's a parody song from Amy Winehouse (or rather, Amy Brickhouse) called Wiihab in which the scary songstre... read

Nintendo is boring: The Wii has failed to invigorate many, despite N's claims

Oct 16
Only yesterday I brought you Nintendo's most pompous claim yet -- that gamers were apparently bored until Nintendo rubbed the cobwebs from their eyes and introduced our messiah in the Wii. However, according to research, it i... read

The horrible Nick Chester informed us yesterday that Nintendo is giving away free protection covers for Wii owners (thanks to all of the Wiitards, no doubt). Well it apparently is going to cost Nintendo over $17 million to do... read feature


Greybushtainment: Dave's not here man

Sep 24
Look I drink...and this results in a lot of apologies. Be it to a Catholic Bishop, AOL, or the shopping cart I "allegedly" molested at Wal-Mart. But, I have never ever apologized with a bag of marijuana cigarettes.&... read

New Southwest ad makes fun of Wiitards

Sep 17
I hate it when our medium leaks into T.V. and movies since it's usually butchered (a good example of what I'm talking about will be on Weekend Destructainment this week). So I always have to cringe when I see our pasttime abo... read

UR MR GAY! Super Mario Galaxy artwork holds a mirror to your homosexuality

Sep 16
There's something about we gamers that seems to give us an innate ability to home in on any and all homoerotic material and make as big a deal of it as possible. This would help explain why everybody's jumping on the 'news' t... read

The Wii Zapper will lead to murder, chaos and utterly retarded parents

Sep 14
Destructoid reader cjpkiller sent me an email this morning letting me know he saw this and thought of me. He was right to do it. What we have here is a nice collection of some of the most insane blathering I've ever seen with... read

No-Brainer: Cranium comes to Wii

Aug 28
Last week we told you about the classic board game The Game of Life making its way to the Nintendo Wii, and now it looks like another popular board game is getting a Wii-working.I've only played Cranium twice before, and both... read

PS2 gets its own wiggle wand

Aug 17
It seems like gaming companies are slowly taking away our right to sit still and motionless while playing our games. The Wii already has us doing every type of silly motion humanly possible, and even the PS3 sometimes has us ... read

Shameless Wiimote rip-off for the Walmart win

Aug 16
Took them long enough, didn't it? After months of waiting, we finally have some cheap, terrible Wiimote knock-off on the shelves of Walmart, in the form of four LCD sports 'games' in an inconvenient Wiimote-shaped case. For s... read

A glimpse into madness: The best of Tom Tommy

Jul 31
In my short tenure at Destructoid, I've done a lot of things I never thought I would. I've eaten cocktail sausages with games companies, I've been stranded in the Hilton Hotel with Pure Pwnage and angry Norwegians. I've telep... read

Soften the blow with NERF Wii Remote Sleeves

Jul 30
The third-party accessory makers have been pitching mostly unnecessary add-ons for our game consoles and related devices for a some time now. This is the first controller accessory that we've seen in a long time that actually... read

NY to get a Wii Bowling league

Jul 23
You remember Wiimbledon, right? The first ever Wii Tennis tournament was a hit, and now one of the founders moves on to the next natural Wii sport in the progression: bowling. Wiimbledon organizer Steve Bryant joins man-abou... read

First Soul Calibur Legends trailer; the old people are going to have SO much fun

Jul 10
Screens and scans of the upcoming Soul Calibur spin-off for the Wii have flowed freely as of late, but now you can finally get a chance to see it in action. And I do use the term "action" very loosely, as only the m... read

Cooking Mama Wiimote peripherals? Not in Mama's kitchen

Jun 28
You've gotta love Cooking Mama. Sure, she's got a dark side, but who doesn't? At her heart, Mama is a good-hearted woman who only wants to help you become the great chef she knows you can be. She invited you into ... read

Wiimbeldon: Barcade, Beers, and Bears! Oh My!

Jun 25
Part hipster costume party, part casual Wii-gamer, and part "Well, I don't really want to fit into either of those other two categories, so I suppose I'll just drink a lot of beer instead" would all aptly d... read

Destructoid rocks the first annual Wiimbledon (well, sort of)

Jun 25
 This past Saturday, .Tiff, Analog Pidgin, Phist and I headed out to Barcade in Brooklyn, NY to check out the first annual Wiimbledon event. Also to drink lots of reasonably priced microbrews, as evidenced by my fail... read

Make yourself look sillier playing Wii Sports; introducing Wii Boxing Gloves

Jun 17
I truly find it hard to believe that anyone is still actually playing Wii Sports, much less the "sounds great on paper, but about as fun as trying to bite your own ear" Wii Boxing. But then again, NPD numbers indica... read

Best Buy slashes PS3 game prices, riot ensues

Jun 12
Man. Remember when people actually cared that much about the PS3? Those were the days. Although when I interviewed several campers on launch night, most of them were planning to turn around and sell it, and one girl who had c... read

Web MD: the Wiimote is actually a double-edged sword

Jun 06
We've all seen the videos on YouTube and read the stories. Injuries caused by overzealous game players getting hurt by way of the Wiimote are nothing new to any of us. However, getting your very own medical term coined af... read

TV facing the onslaught of the insidious Wii threat? There is help!

May 23
Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the midst of an epidemic. A vile scourge comes from the east, intent of destroying our homes and obliterating everything we have worked so hard to build for ourselves. It can't be bargained... read

DDR Wii: Get off the couch fatty

Feb 02
Konami sent over a press release today announcing that their Dance Dance Revolution franchise would be coming to the Wii. Called Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party, the title is slated to come out at some point this year. ... read

A recording of the fatal Wii Wee contest

Jan 22
You know the story -- a radio station's Wee for a Wii water drinking contest left Jennifer Strange dead from water poisioning. The contestant's possible deaths were discussed by both the hosts and callers and shrugged... read

Wee Wii contest nets mass firing

Jan 17
After the death of a mother recently because of an idiotic morning DJ contest called "Hold Your Wee for a Wii," the radio station that employed these jackasses has decided to can 10 employees of KDND. Three jockeys... read

People are so insane about getting a Wii, that they're willing to die for one ... literally. Such is the case of a mother who took part in a radio contest in which you had to "Hold Your Wee for a Wii." From CNN:... read feature


Bikini blonde plays Wii Sports, grunts

Jan 05
  What, of course this is news! You're probably sick of watching Wiitards throw remotes at their moms, so here is something completely different -- a well spoken half naked blonde woman playing Wii Sports -- str... read

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