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Wii porn

Shameless Wiimote rip-off for the Walmart win

Aug 16
Took them long enough, didn't it? After months of waiting, we finally have some cheap, terrible Wiimote knock-off on the shelves of Walmart, in the form of four LCD sports 'games' in an inconvenient Wiimote-shaped case. For s... read

Wii games for your vile old grandmother to play while wetting herself

Jul 29
I hate old people. I think they take up too many seats on the bus and they smell of vinegar and cat urine. When I see videos mocking the crusty, ancient, decrepit old harbingers of mortality I feel so much better about life. ... read

Co-op mode confirmed for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Jul 04
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii seems to get better and better with each passing tidbit of information that comes to light. The latest bit of juicy confirmation from Famitsu tells us that a 2-player co-op mode i... read

Lightsaber action coming to the Wii?

Jun 28
Ever since the gaming community first laid eyes on Nintendo's Wiimote, Star Wars geeks from around the world have been chomping at the bit to get their sweaty hands on a game that lets them truly experience the thrill of ... read

The best worst game ever: Bikini Karate Babes 2

May 21
Words cannot describe ... should have sent ... a poet.  read

UK's Official Nintendo Magazine: Resident Evil Edition

May 10
The UK's latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine has the markings of greatness stamped all over it. Not only is it featuring what's new concerning the Resident Evil 4 port and the Wii's exclusive Umbrella Chron... read

Game Informer: Stealing Destructoid's immature jokes since 1946

Apr 10
We here at Destructoid pride ourselves and being toward the bottom of the slime pit when it comes to jokes/posts/life ... whatever. And, often times, we catch other outlets either stealing our ideas or stories a few days lat... read

A new Zorro game for the Wii: Is the "Z" for "zensational" or "zero interest?"

Feb 17
"Zensational?” Really?505 Games and California-based Pronto Games will be publishing and developing, respectively, The Destiny of Zorro, a Wii exclusive due out at the end of 2007. Players will make an act... read

MadCatz Wiimote: Built for her pleasure?

Jan 14
As if women needed more reasons to stick Wiimotes up their pleasure palace, now comes along MadCatz with a 3rd-party Wiimote that could easily pass as a top-seller at your neighborhood adult store. Who are the wizards that came up with this one? Was there any doubt that it DIDN'T look like a dildo? read

T&A sells your Wii too

Jan 10
The sexy pictures posted by sellers on eBay have done nothing to help sell their PS3s, but knowing this didn't stop other sellers from trying to sell their Nintendo Wiis with some sex appeal too.Isn't kind weird to sell gaming system with sexy pictures when it's promoted towards families? Puppies were killed so these photos could exist. read

Parents unhappy about porn on Wii

Jan 09
Seeing as how this story is already all over the internet, I wasn't really going to bother putting it up ... until Teddy Gage e-mailed it into tips (thanks, dude). Seeing this pop up in more and more places by the minute... read

Weekend Destructainment: Hey, where did that Wiimote go?

Jan 07
 A boyfriend and girlfriend are sitting on the couch. The boyfriend keeps losing at Wii Tennis. The girlfriend, who is now the worlds best girlfriend evar, decides to help out her dear boyfriend. What does she do? She st... read

Bikini blonde plays Wii Sports, grunts

Jan 05
  What, of course this is news! You're probably sick of watching Wiitards throw remotes at their moms, so here is something completely different -- a well spoken half naked blonde woman playing Wii Sports -- str... read

The men of Nerdcore and a contest (updated)

Jan 04
A while back, one of our very own, Wilbo posted his version of the console bikini in the forums and there was much puking. But, at the same time he started something special. The ladies and gay men of Dtoid realized that we... read

Best use of the Wii ever?

Jan 04
You may have enjoyed a robot humping a pinata, but how about a dog humping a Wii? I mean, honestly, does it get any better than this? I think not. I demand a wind-up-toy humping add-on immediately from Nintendo. Killer app, I think we have found you.[Via Go Nintendo]  read

Friday Comic Intermission: Digital Unrest

Dec 30
Ladies and gentleman, I am a demented pervert. You all should know that by now, really. If you still need further proof of the above statement, look at the picture. See it? I just about died laughing when I first saw it.This ... read

Masturbation via Wiimote

Dec 29
Girl Gamer Advance published a now legendary article back in 2002 about the use of a little item called the Trance Vibrator, which came packed with the PS2 game Rez. After the excitement over that bit of marketing brilliance... read

First traces of Wii pr0n (Update)

Nov 26
Wii pr0n. We all knew it would happen. It just had to ... ever since the console's official name was announced just prior to E3 2006 in May, everyone and their neighbour has been cracking jokes at its expense. Everyone al... read

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