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2:30 PM on 01.07.2015

Xbox dethrones PlayStation as porn console king, Wii grows 69.9% (nice)

Pornhub, which I am told by other people familiar with the webpage is a site for viewing adult, pornographic films, has released its statistical year in review. It's not as detailed on the videogame console side of things lik...

Steven Hansen

4:00 AM on 12.04.2014

YouPorn is sponsoring an eSports team

YouPorn, which a cursory Google search tells me is a streaming adult video webpage, has announced its sponsorship of a Spanish eSports team (Hearthstone, League of Legends). Play2Win will now be known as Team YP, which s...

Steven Hansen

2:15 PM on 11.23.2014

Warning: Girlvania is not a very good Metroidvania

When I see the faux suffix "vania" at the end of a word, I have a Pavlovian reaction. Visions of whipping flying decapitated Medusa heads in mid-air, exploring a Victorian mansion that defies all concepts of sound architectur...

Jonathan Holmes

6:00 PM on 01.02.2014

PS4 users watch three times more porn than Xbox One users

Pornhub shared with us how console users experience porn across the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 4. The results were interesting to say the least, and now SugarDVD has shared how porn is viewed between the tw...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

Which Console watches more Porn, BF4 Fixes & FFVIII Hair photo
Which Console watches more Porn, BF4 Fixes & FFVIII Hair
by Max Scoville

Hey hey! This video was supposed to go up yesterday afternoon, but a series of unfortunate events resulted in it going up very late last night, and then internet witchcraft prevented me from putting up a post. So, if you don't mind a little reheated day-old news, here ya go. CUT ME SOME SLACK I'M DOING THIS ALL ON MY OWN.

We got an amazing exclusive scoop thanks to Pornhub, EA has told DICE to fix Battlefield 4 before making any new DLC, cops busted up a dude's World of Warcraft livestream after a phony tip, Riot Games' contracts with eSports iJocks apparently prevent them from streaming Fat Princess and Final Fantasy VIII is now on Steam.

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The PS3 is porn console king, 360 is indeed for Teens photo
The PS3 is porn console king, 360 is indeed for Teens
by Steven Hansen

Shortly after the PS4's launch, Pornhub announced that it was the first porn site to fully support the PS4. Destructoid reached out to Pornhub following the announcement and got a load of interesting facts and breakdowns of console porn viewership.

According to Pornhub Vice President Corey Price, "Pornhub is targeting consoles for website support because that is where some of our users today prefer to access our site and our aim is to offer a great user experience across all platforms." 

At least percentage wise, this intersection of porn and consoles rings true. The PS3, PS4, Wii, and Xbox 360 users who visit the site have a lower bounce rate than average traffic -- they're more likely to visit more pages rather than split after coming to the site. All four consoles also have a longer visit duration than average traffic, though that could come from those consoles being less efficient than PC visitation. It's hard enough typing on the Xbox 360, but with one hand? 

The lion's share of console porn viewing comes from the PS3, which accounts for 55% of console traffic to the Xbox's 39% and the Wii's limp 6%. 

What really sticks out, however, is what kind of porn each console indulges in.

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System Seller: Pornhub pledges to fully support the PS4 photo
System Seller: Pornhub pledges to fully support the PS4
by Jonathan Holmes

The PS4 has been out for a day or so now and people seem to be having a good time with the handful of launch titles. What about next week, when they've beaten all their ... PS4 games? What will they get a handful of then?

If you are one of these at-risk PS4 owners, and you're one of the few people in the world who enjoy videogames and pornography, then Pornhub has you covered. According to this probably NSFW tweet (the object in her mouth is hard to make out), Pornhub is the first porn site to fully support the PS4. This is the kind of 3rd party console support that matters in 2013. 

As you (and Tim Curry) already know, the Wii U is also fully compatible with Pornhub and its related sites like Youporn and PornMD. What about Microsoft? Will they do what it takes to grasp onto the streaming porn audience, or will they let Xbox One lose that bone to the other dogs? Stay tuned to Destructoid for the latest on this evolving story.  

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5:00 PM on 07.29.2012

Sociologist: 'Internet/games/porn causing demise of guys'

This video has been out for close to a year, but we've never posted about it until now, so forgive us if it's "old" to you. Maybe if you got out and talked to another human being every once and a while, you wouldn'...

Jonathan Holmes

12:30 AM on 02.26.2011

New Destructoid Show: Skyrim, Sexy Parties, and NEStalgia

I am completely out of clever ways to start posts about The Destructoid Show. I will totally accept suggestions in the comments. On that note, we have another episode today. First, I went over my life-changing experiences wi...

Max Scoville

Destructoid review: Animal Crossing: City Folk photo
Destructoid review: Animal Crossing: City Folk
by Jonathan Holmes

Animal Crossing: City Folk may be the most unfortunately named videogame I've ever played. The Animal and Crossing parts don't really bother me, but that City Folk suffix really gets me down. With a name like that, people are bound to assume that the game takes place in a city. That just ain't right. The closest thing this game has to a city is tiny commercial area that features a big old clock tower, an ATM, and a few random stores. Come to this game expecting more of a city than that, and you're going to be disappointed. 

Why couldn't Nintendo have gone with the name I suggested for this game; Lazy Wonder: Achievement Porn Vacation? That would have fit much better, as like its predecessors, Animal Crossing: City Folk remains focused on hunter/gatherer gameplay structured around hundreds of little stress-free goals. On second thought, maybe Benzodiazepines: The Videogame would have been a better name, as Animal Crossing: City Folk is just about as relaxing and addictive as videogames get. I don't just mean "Wow, I can't believe I played that game all night!" addictive, I mean "What happened to my life? Who am I? Oh god...I need help" addictive, the kind where hundreds of hours a year could easily be lost to this one game. Really, I had to go at this review alone because all the other Dtoid staff I asked to take a hit were too scared they'd become Animal Crossing junkies (again). The stuff is just that potent. 

Hit the jump for details on what makes Animal Crossing: City Folk such a dangerous drug, as well as an (overly) extensive laundry list of the game's new features.

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5:31 PM on 07.21.2008

Sex game utilizes the Wii remote

Ever get tired of the “normal” stuff with your partner? Or perhaps, get exceptionally lonely? The guys at the IT University of Copenhagen may have just designed the game of the future. It’s a sex game that u...

Brad Nicholson

11:17 AM on 05.02.2008

Earthbound listed by ESRB for the Wii

If you have no idea what Earthbound is, than you likely are wondering why I am slapping a big ESRB listing screencopy here like it's big news. If you are a fan, however, your computer has likely been thrown on the floor in th...

Colette Bennett

10:13 AM on 01.25.2008

Complete Sports Pack contains some lovely 'attachments' for your Wii

Oh, God! What am I looking at? Wait...oh! These are only Wii Remote attachments. Whew. At first glance, I thought this was the ultimate sex toy kit. It seems the folks at Gizmodo felt the same way. They show us this Complete ...

Dale North

1:29 PM on 12.03.2007

Warning: playing the Wii may end up in bestial rape

It's very easy to get excited playing the Wii. With everything going on, you sometimes feel like you're in the action -- I know I feel that way when I'm playing Red Steel. Well, sometimes people can get hurt from this. Let's...


1:39 PM on 11.14.2007

WiiShaft commerical makes me want to sew my vagina shut

If any of you ever catch me looking as retarded as these two girls do playing with this new Wiishaft control thing, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to take the nearest blunt object you can find and I want you to hit m...

Colette Bennett

12:01 AM on 08.24.2007

Nintendo and their Wii own retail, has a chart to prove it

Every once in awhile, Nintendo sends us an e-mail to remind us how awesome they are. You see, sometimes we can forgot. Personally, it's been months since I've turned on my Wii to play a game that I didn't have to play for &qu...

Nick Chester