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7:00 PM on 05.19.2010

Wii Rowing device is all sorts of magically dumb

// // Look, I think we all get it. There is a good chance that gamers, more than the general population, is made up of fatties. And you know what? C'est la vie! I say if anyone wants to lose some weight or become healt...

Ben Perlee

9:20 AM on 04.14.2010

Woman falls off Wii Fit board, becomes a sex addict

Wait, what? A woman from Manchester is blaming Wii Fit for turning her into a sex addict. 24-year-old Amanda Flowers fell off her balance board while playing Nintendo's blockbuster placebo and claims that the stumble somehow ...

Jim Sterling

6:20 PM on 03.08.2010

Are the Bit.Trip guys suing the hell out of Anthony?

I probably shouldn't be writing this, as it may not be good for my friend and coworker Anthony Burch, but he's on his way to GDC and I can't get a hold of him. There is the chance that posting this will somehow negatively eff...

Jonathan Holmes

Review: Wii Fit Plus photo
Review: Wii Fit Plus
by Jonathan Holmes

Wii Fit Plus is a $20 upgrade to Wii Fit. It includes everything from the original title, plus new games and new "fitness"-related things that I only sort-of care about.

The game now tries to count how many calories you've burned by using the MET system (but like its attempts to tell me how obese you are via the BMI scale, I have my doubts about the validity of these guesses). It also allows you to set up your own routines based on your goals, and it lets you make a Mii of your babies, cats, or dogs and chart their weight progressions. There are also a few new ways to test your "Wii Fit" age, three new yoga exercises, three new strength training exercises, some charts indicating the average calorie content of a bunch of different foods, and a few other non-game elements I may be forgetting. 

Whew! Enough of that, back to the videogame talk. Yes, people, as much it may pain some of you to know, Wii Fit Plus really is a videogame, or at least, it's a series of videogames collected in one package. Semantics aside, Wii Fit Plus is definitely more game-focused than the first one. For starters, it gives all its games (even the ones found in the original) non-simultaneous multiplayer, which goes a long way to give the game that "Wii party" accessibility so many people seem to like. More importantly, Wii Fit Plus includes 15 all-new games (all shown here in video form). Three of these games are "sequels" to some found in the original Wii Fit, one is based off a game from Wii Sports Resort, and the rest are brand new. 

I played these games for 30-45 minutes a day for the past two weeks. Hit the jump to see what I thought of them (and if I lost any weight).

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12:40 PM on 10.08.2009

Beyonce wants to be in a videogame

Beyonce Knowles likes Wii Fit. Beyonce Knowles wants to be in a videogame because she likes Wii Fit. This is basically what the videogame industry is boiling down to. "I'd like to get involved in video games, since I rea...

Jim Sterling

1:00 PM on 10.03.2009

Wii Fit Plus jumps the shark... and then weighs it

Get ready to add crazy cat ladies and people with one too many dogs in their homes to the long list of Wii owners. For many people keeping their pets healthy is almost as important as keeping themselves healthy, and thus it i...

Matthew Razak

5:00 AM on 09.18.2009

Trish Stratus coming out with a Wii Yoga game

Trish Stratus as a brunette with glasses is stunning. She was always hot, but now she's just ... wow. Oh, right, videogames. Fitness model and former WWE actor Trish Stratus has teamed up with Frima Studio to develop a n...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

4:30 AM on 09.01.2009

Wii Fit Plus detailed, exercise even more realistically

More Nintendo news has come out of the GameStop manager conference in Las Vegas. You know, the annual event that makes the Hell of working at GameStop actually worth it!Wii Fit Plus is on its way and will be replacing the cur...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

2:00 PM on 08.15.2009

Wii Fit book helps you shed pounds... theoretically

One of my biggest gripes with Wii Fit, which I expressed in Dtoids review of the game, was that it had absolutely no direction. There were simply a bunch of exercises thrown at you and then nothing else. You couldn't even mak...

Matthew Razak