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Heavy Fire: Afghanistan releasing in November

Oct 19
It's disappointing that games Medal of Honor and Six Days in Fallujah get punished for authenticity, yet things like Heavy Fire: Afghanistan are allowed to exist. We may never see that tasteful, yet horrifying depic... read

Heavy Fire Afghanistan coming to Kinect, PS3, Wii

Mar 29
Did you want more "hardcore" Kinect games? Prepare to regret that request, my friends. Just check out that trailer (actually using the Wii version, oddly) and be stunned. This is Heavy Fire Afghanistan, a game that may very ... read

Study: Violent videogames can help stop nightmares

Mar 08
It's not every day that one gets to promote a positive study about videogames, so it's with pleasure that I bring you this slice of happiness -- videogames may help some people to cope with nightmares.  Jayne Gackenbach ... read

Military bases still boycotting Medal of Honor

Oct 06
Despite Electronic Arts bowing to the minority and "removing" the Taliban from Medal of Honor, military base stores still plan to boycott the war-themed shooter on the grounds that it would still be disrespectful to sell the ... read

Apache: Air Assault is a special beast. While it might be considered a helicopter version of Gaijin Entertainment's IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, a military aerial simulator released in 2009, it is clearly a differ... read feature


Recently Sega invited me over to its San Francisco offices to take a peek at the latest game in the Total War series: Shogun 2. As a return to the original Total War game Shogun: Total War, Shogun 2 is the latest in the real ... read feature


Soldier: Medal of Honor is 'war profiteering'

Aug 19
We've heard the opinions of gamers, we've heard the opinions of pundits, and now we have some opinions from people who have more of a personal connection to Medal of Honor than anybody else -- real soldiers. A number of soldi... read

New Operation Flashpoint confirmed

Aug 01
It looks like realistic warfare (read: dying over and over) is coming back once again to gaming as The Official Xbox Magazine has confirmed that another game in the Operation Flashpoint series is coming out. The game is title... read

[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware that it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as ... read feature


[Sundays with Sagat is a video series where a man named Sagat talks to you about videogames. This is serious business.] [WARNING] This video has swears. Also, the intro is loud, and the rest of the video is not (though we ... read feature


THQ sends us creepy Homefront viral

Jun 08
It's the year 2027 and the nuclear powered Korean People's Army have taken over the United States of America. Yes, America is Korea's bitch in THQ's Homefront, but the occupiers are at least thoughtful. They've released a pam... read

1C Company brings screenshots of Theatre of War 2: Korea

Jun 07
You know, it's true, for every ten titles of World War II, there is maybe a couple modern fictional military shooters, four "pseudo-realistic" future titles, maybe a Desert Storm game, and if a publisher is feeling particular... read

This is how they game in Afghanistan

May 22
Photojournalist Iason Athanasiadis has documented something amazing. It's an arcade in Kabul, Afganhistan, and for the kids and young adults who go there to play it's one of their only escapes. Most of the children who show u... read

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier pushed back to 2011

May 18
Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will now be coming out in early 2011. The game was slated for a Christmas release but pushed back due to a "very competitive environment" according to Ubisoft CEO, Yves ... read

Medal of Honor 'not necessarily pushing the genre forward'

Mar 11
You’d think that EA would be doing its best to separate Medal of Honor from the pack in a very crowded first-person shooter market. The team at EA Los Angeles is, indeed, working to make the game stand out, but the expe... read

Experience the war effort from all sides in Medal of Honor

Mar 11
When I saw a demo of the single-player campaign from EA’s upcoming Medal of Honor reboot last week, it instantly brought back memories of some of the early entries in the franchise, such as Allied Assault and Frontline.... read

Late, but appreciated: Napoleon: Total War demo out now

Mar 10
Almost let this one slip past me, to be frank. I know a portion of you guys are way into the Total War games, and with the demo for Napoleon recently going up on Steam (grab it here), there's a reason for the rest of us to be... read

Rumor: Six Days in Fallujah finished, ready for 2010

Mar 03
According to a mysterious source, Atomic Games' controversial Six Days in Fallujah has been finished and is ready for release this year. This source has promised that the game will be released as well. Now, if only they could... read

New Command & Conquer 4 trailer brings on the cinematics

Feb 19
The latest trailer for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight has been released and it shows off some of the cinematic scenes. The planet is all but doomed, but Kane has a plan to save humanity. His plan works and life i... read

Lack of facial hair in new Medal of Honor screens troubling

Feb 18
Electronic Arts has released some previously-print-only Medal of Honor screens to us Internet folk, and something's missing. Where's the facial hair? The box art for this re-booted, modern Medal of Honor brought promise of gr... read

Sniper Elite coming to the Wii in Europe

Feb 13
During the last console generation, Sniper Elite came out of nowhere and wowed everyone that got their hands on it. It was the most realistic sniping experience on the market at the time but it was extremely hard to find a co... read

Saudis use videogames to reintegrate terrorists

Feb 07
Here's an interesting little fact that doesn't have that much to do with videogames, but just enough to be posted. Saudi Arabia uses videogames as part of its program to reintegrate terrorists in to society. It seems the exac... read

Team Fortress 2 War Report: Day 2

Dec 12
The kill tally updated again last night -- you'll be glad to hear the soldiers are still ahead. We've managed to expand our lead to a 126,167 kill advantage, but I have a feeling it's going to be neck-and-neck all the way to ... read

Team Fortress 2 War Report: Day 1

Dec 11
The first day's kill totals are out, and as you can see above, the soldier is currently ahead by 99,209 kills. GOOD JOB MEN. Overall, there have been 2,681,005 kills between these two classes ALONE in the last 16 hours. Every... read

Study: Videogames allow you to commit war crimes

Nov 23
Videogames: The create murderers. They breed rapists. They warp our children. Now they violate international law and allow gamers to commit heinous war crimes. That's the assertion of two human rights organizations, in any ca... read

NPR talks about the Six Days In Fallujah controversy

Jul 29
If you talk to me regularly, you probably know that I'm a big fan of NPR and listen almost every day. You should too, particularly because they've been seriously discussing video games more and more in the past few months. Ye... read

New Darksiders trailer may be generic, but it gets my vote

May 20
Poor Darksiders: Wrath of War just can't catch a break -- the game's no where near being released (it's slated for August 25), and the general around the internet seems to be that it's just too generic to stand out. After all... read

Six Days of Falluja dev asks if we're just making toys

May 02
The whole cancellation of Six Days in Fallujah has got me immensely pissed off and made me want to rant my head off about how games should be more then just random shooting and should really try to approach real life issues a... read

One of the last games Konami showed during the opening presentation at their Gamer's Night was Six Days in Fallujah. The game has gained a lot of attention already due to it being set during the early days of the invasion of ... read feature


Iraq War veterans support Six Days in Fallujah

Apr 10
We've been covering the grimly predictable outrage over Konami's Six Days in Fallujah, a videogame based on a real-life battle during the Iraq War. While tabloids and families of war dead have already condemned the game witho... read

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