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Videogames to blame for laziness, depression, showing your mother your junk

May 21
Sure, we know kids get crazy when they get separated from their videogames, but Chamborg Hecht may be on a whole new level of madness (no doubt inherited). According to, Chamborg's mother Brenda was having problems ... read

Way to go, advertising 'Thumbcock'

May 13
Sony has a history of disturbing ads, but this most recent one may even have the power to usurp the infamous PS3 baby commercial for shock value. An ad agency in Vienna for some reason thought that they would take the shadowe... read

Predict Britney Spears' death to win a PS3? Also, leave your dignity at the door

Jan 08
You know you can always rely on the internet for all variations of tastelessness, and in this case it doesn't disappoint. When is Britney going to Die basically gives you the option to guess what day Britney Spears will die. ... read

RIAA: Ripping CDs to your hard disk is illegal

Dec 31
These days, there's little love left for the Recording Industry Association of America. It's understandable that they'd want to clean up music piracy, but they always seem to approach things in the worst way. Now they sa... read

Teenagers charged in 'Mortal Kombat' tragedy

Dec 20
Oh dear. When the game haters of the world hear about this one, there's going to be a field day to rival the Romans reveling over bloody crucifixions. Apparently on December 6th, 7 year old Zoe Garcia was being watched by her... read

Rock Band delivery truck hijacked by thieves ready to rock

Dec 14
Christmas is apparently becoming the season for taking, rather than the other way around. In further theft news, in Los Angeles a group of robbers hijacked a truck carrying 1,000 Rock Band bundles and held the driver at gunpo... read

Wii theft from retirement home proves nothing is sacred

Dec 14
Wii shortages have turned up everything from insanely overpriced auctions on Ebay to lines waiting for retailers' Wii shipments to arrive, but this is some seriously unacceptable news. The folks at the Lilac Plaza Retirement ... read

Vietnamese kid strangles elderly woman for money to play MMOs

Nov 20
This story is so ill I don't even know where to begin, so I guess I'll spit the facts out first and hopefully the fog in my brain will clear by then. The Vietnamese police have arrested a 13 year old Thai boy for strangling a... read

Rare: Banjo-Kazooie is definitely not cancelled

Nov 12
Speculation has been running rampant about a high profile Xbox 360 game being thrown on the scrapheap. Speculation, however, isn't fact, and the theories that Rare's new Banjo-Kazooie was the cancelled game have been denied o... read

Girls, want to beat boys at gaming? Here's a handbook

Nov 08
Wow. Wow. Wow. To drive home how insulting this is, I'm going to reverse the situation: You meander into Barnes and Noble, and whilst perusing the aisles you stumble upon a bright blue book titled "The Boy's Guide To Gam... read

PS3 ProEvo Soccer locks game disc to online account?

Nov 01
If what Gamespot's review on Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer is true, a copy of the game could never be sold or loaned to another PS3 owner for online play without handing over account details.From the review: It's ... read

Nintendo's most pompous boast yet: Claims we were bored until the Wii saved us

Oct 15
To say that Nintendo has been smug since the Wii became such a huge success is something of an understatement. The company's press conferences have devolved into long sessions of self-fellatio and big numbers, but it's thanks... read

Let boobs flounce free!

Jul 27
A recent FileFront editorial treats a topic near and dear to all our hearts -- boobs in video games. However, even though the article's author identifies himself as "someone who enjoys eye candy as much as the next man,&... read

Plans to classify gaming addicts as basket cases opposed by experts

Jun 25
A short while ago, I reported that gaming addiction could well be classified as a mental disorder if certain misguided folks had their way. Today however, Reuters relays that not only is the American Psychiatric Associatio... read

Castlevania movie gets a director

Jun 15
This is my third attempt at writing this story. I hope it works out this time. You see my first two tries went unfinished, as the sheer level of apathy incited by this news caused my fingers to slow to the typing speed of a n... read

Capcom sorry for Killer 7 Wii teasing

May 30
A very small portion of the internet recently bubbled at the thought of Capcom's demented and abstract piece of videogame surrealism, Killer 7, being remade for the Nintendo Wii. A Wii version of Suda 51's schizophren... read

The Non-Newsround #2: Serving you garbage on a silver platter

May 27
Sometimes, I like to wrap my fingers around the shaft, press a thumb on the end, and pretend that my penis is some sort of warm joystick, and that I am playing video games with it. When I'm not indulging in crude genital ... read

VH1 tugs on your retro heartstrings with four crappy new games

May 22
We all know that VH1 is the station for older, and supposedly wiser (read: un-hip), music aficionados. The kind of kind of people that would, upon hearing Freedom Rock, ask you to turn it up, man! So, it comes as no surprise... read

The Limited Edition Simpsons Xbox 360

May 10
Had it not come from Microsoft's PR agency, I'd think it was a photoshop job. The Simpsons Xbox is very real, folks. Oddly enough, today's announcement of the rare limited edition console has absolutely nothing to... read

Keep saving those pennies, PS3 price cut still ain't coming

Apr 19
Because overall PlayStation 3 sales have hit just under 4 million consoles worldwide, Sony hasn't reached their self-imposed holy grail number of 6 million by the end of the latest financial year. Since many predicted tha... read

Ten Afghan soldiers killed in suicide b ... oh, look, Multiball!

Apr 16
One of the strangest (and strangely disturbing) things to ever come from a respected (?) news source has to be MSNBC’s Flash game NewsBreaker. The online game, which plays just like the classic game Breako... read

Guitar Hero makes you work for the songs! Oh no!

Apr 06
Over at a site called GameStooge, one of the writers complains about having to unlock songs in Guitar Hero II: Why must one have to unlock songs? The consumer just paid $90 for your product, and deserves immediate access... read

Goddamnit, watch this Paper Mario comparison video, you little puke

Apr 04
Ryan Stevens at GameTrailers really, really wants you to see this video comparison of next week's Super Paper Mario and the original Super Mario Bros. World 1-2. He's furious that -- you know, you haven't seen it... read

First Grand Canyon screen released

Apr 01
Oh, c'mon. This is worthless.Seriously, we're neck-deep in the next-gen of gaming, and this is what they give us? I know a lot of us have been looking forward to the reportedly "breathtaking" and "awe-i... read

OOT2D creator not quite dead

Mar 31
I wish I could say "I told you so", but I didn't write the post. But if I did go through with some long-winded rant about how Richard Denton, creator of the fabled Ocarina of Time 2D fan project couldn't pos... read

IGN's Casamassina has a secret

Feb 24
IGN's resident Nintendo commando Matt Cassamassina pulled a Greybush on his blog on friday -- I mean, of course, telling everybody that he has key information that would rock yo' world, y'know, if we was only abl... read

Sorry kids, no XBLA title this week

Feb 20
So much for that weekly Wednesday release program Microsoft had planned for Xbox Live Arcade. Since announcing the "promise," we've been slighted by not only not getting new games to download each week but we al... read

Attention EB Games: We don't want your Whopper rape

Feb 04
In a true sign of absolute absurdity, take a look at what one EB Games browser found as he hopped into his local store. Yeah, that's $7.99 for a Burger King game that now costs $.99. Way to go EB. Keep on crapping on your customers.[Via Digg]  read

When you stare into the abyss ...

Feb 01
I don't really visit Internet forums very often, with the exception of two: the Destructoid forums (natch), and Something Awful. I dig on the SA forums because the feats of intolerable stupidity that usually go unpunishe... read

Like Second Life? Go get a First Life instead

Jan 21
I don't like MMORPGs. I don't like the concept of it and I despise what it can do to a person. But I'd rather go play World of Warcraft than to ever get into Second Life. If I had to sacrifice my life for the gami... read

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