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Bubsy on Greenlight photo
Bubsy on Greenlight


I didn't even know he was sick
Nov 16
// Nic Rowen
Almost did a spit-take when I saw this slide into my inbox today. Apparently, Retroism is on the quest to save Bubsy (yes, the platforming feline with radical CATtitude) and wants your help to do it. They're re-releasing two ...
Undertale on TV photo
Undertale on TV

Undertale is too demonic and evil for the 700 Club

Sans has been giving people a bad time
Nov 03
// Ben Davis
[Header image by Nibroc-Rock.] Undertale, one of my favorite games released this year, made a very unlikely appearance recently on the 700 Club, a Christian television program hosted by Pat Robertson. The show received a ques...

Celebrate flosstober with 'Luigi's Mansion With Lyrics'

brentalfloss does it again
Oct 31
// Ian Bonds
Internet impresario brentalfloss has done it again, taking yet another videogame theme song and adding his incomparable lyrical styling to it. For his yearly Halloween event (which he dubs "flosstober") he's taken the music ...

PS4 launch title Basement Crawl is UNICYCLE CLOWN BEAST!

Hey kids ... wanna DIE!?
Jun 04
// Jim Sterling
OH MY GOD IS THAT A BABY CLOWN MONSTER ON A UNICYCLE WHY IS THAT A BABY CLOWN MONSTER ON A UNICYCLE JESUS CHRIST WHAT IS GOING ON NOW!? This is concept art for a PlayStation 4 launch title, Basement Crawl. The name is tantali...

Nintendo 64 photo
Nintendo 64

You'll never look at a N64 controller the same way again

Oh yeah
May 05
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
[Update: Now with the original video! Thanks, Kotaku!] The Internet does things to things that makes you think weird things about your favorite things. (Via Gugogif's Tumblr)
Watch what you click photo
Watch what you click

Blatant Pokemon ripoff asks for absurd amounts of money

'Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games'...seems legit
Apr 26
// Brett Makedonski
A little iOS game that goes by the catchy name of Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games is a glaring Pokemon ripoff, but that's hardly its most unsavory feature. This freemium rubbish is most ...

Every (Japanese) GBA cartridge ever released for sale

eBay auction at nearly $6,000
Apr 25
// Dale North
Wouldn't it be cool to own every Game Boy Advance cartridge ever? It's still one of my favorite systems, and I've become obsessed with owning as many carts as possible these last few years. Trips to Japan have me bringing bac...
GameStop costume photo
GameStop costume

You can wear a GameStop costume in Shin Megami Tensei 4

I knew it
Apr 19
// Dale North
I had a feeling that we'd see some version of the Japanese promotional DLC costumes for Shin Megami Tensei 4 here in North America. Japan had several different retailer-themed downloadable costumes for the game's pr...
FarmVille  photo

Um, what? Brett Ratner is making a FarmVille cartoon

From the director of such hits as X-Men: The Last Stand and Rush Hour!
Feb 07
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Listen to the bear. Brett Ratner Boards ‘FarmVille’ Animated Series [Deadline]

The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles is out now on Windows 8

It looks absolutely ridiculous
Dec 11
// Brett Zeidler
You guys remember FMV games, right? Well, even I remember them, and I'm the resident baby here at Destructoid. FMVs were interactive movies that, you guessed it, used full-motion videos. Think Dragon's Lair but with real act...

Football, videogames, music, and sex converge at last

This is what football is all about!
Nov 26
// Allistair Pinsof
If you didn't have one yet, prepare to get a full-on chub after watching this video. British electronic outfit Hot Chip has a knack for making some awkward hilarious music videos but their latest for single "Don't Deny Your ...

Spin the Bottle Wii U is ... what? Seriously, what?

Weirdest trailer you'll see this week
Nov 15
// Jim Sterling
[Update: Indie Games has more details on this bizarre social experience and notes how it shares a conceptual resemblance with Johann Sebastian Joust.] During my regular browse of NeoGAF to see if they'd said anything mean ab...

Commander Shepard, WTF is wrong with your face?!

Nov 02
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Tomopop reviewed the new Play Arts Kai figure of Commander Shepard. It costs $64.99. Tomopop Review: Play Arts Kai Commander Shepard [Tomopop]

The PS Vita is like a headless lady with four breasts?

That's what a French advert claims
Nov 01
// Jim Sterling
According to a promotional ad in France, the PlayStation Vita is comparable to a woman with no head and four breasts, two of which jut agonizingly from her back like a pair of malevolent tumors.  What are we to glean fro...

Game dev writes off single-player as a mere 'gimmick'

Oct 29
// Jim Sterling
In a statement that may cause the weaker-minded to crumble into a pile of insane confusion, Gogogic CEO Jonas Antonsson has declared that solo gaming experiences are nothing but a gimmick and not what games are supp...

Warning: this kids' Spyro costume is f*cking nightmarish!

An eldritch horror from beyond reason
Oct 15
// Jim Sterling
Behold! The LORD's cruelest joke! Cast out from Heaven, rejected by Hell, and feared by the realm of mortals. The rules of nature apply not to this misshapen beast, for it is wrought of no natural element. It exists without e...

BioShock creator Ken Levine is playable in XCOM

Find out how to play as Levine and other hidden heroes
Oct 10
// Allistair Pinsof
In dark times, pray upon your gaming gods and you shall receive redemption. Or, at least, Ken Levine.Irrational Games founder and BioShock creator Levine makes a cameo in Firaxis Games' XCOM reboot as a hidden hero character....

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Now available as a 16-bit GIF!

Oct 03
// Allistair Pinsof
In what has to be one of the longest, most laborious GIFs I've ever come across, Pixel Masher has recreated Raiders of the Lost Ark in a 897-frame image file. Even better, it's now modeled as a 16-bit adventure game. It's lik...

Food Practice System! After last year's Mommy Tummy, I assumed we'd have seen the last of the Serious Game developer group, but here we are with an even crazier, more inventive game that is both genius and hilariously goofy. ...


Warren Spector denies Glenn Beck rabbit ears at event

Sep 05
// Allistair Pinsof
Glenn Beck is a political talk show host who is hard to love for many. Some might say, he is a loud-mouthed liar who loves to exaggerate and sensationalize for attention. You may be able to understand then why game designer W...

Black Mesa will come out September 14, world is ending

Sep 02 // Allistair Pinsof
Here's some footage of the game that leaked last month. Can't wait! [embed]234240:44927:0[/embed]

The President of the United States of America: "Good evening, men and women of America. At 5:42 PST, today, our elite crew of internet lurkers spotted a post from Black Mesa Source Project Leader Carlos Montero on the mod's o...


New DSi colors coming this week for some reason

Aug 01
// Dale North
Yes, Nintendo DSi, and not 3DS or even DSi XL. Just DSi. New colors. For some reason. Out of nowhere, Nintendo of America dropped a TwitPic on their Twitter feed showing of the upcoming Matte Red and Matte Blue DSi systems hi...

Extra fancy: rare PowerFest 94 SNES cart sells for $12K

Jul 18
// Tony Ponce
[Header by Calvin Wong] Look, I've collected my fair share of uncommon videogames and trinkets. As someone who has parted with upwards of $300 on a single purchase, I understand the desire, the thrill of getting your hands on...

SDCC: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gets 100+ swimsuits via DLC

Jul 14
// Allistair Pinsof
Because, boobs. Well, to be fair, the game's producer Katsuhiro Harada said there will also be swimsuits for male and animal characters, like Kuma -- who, by the way, IS A FREAKIN' BEAR! If you are in the market for scantily ...

EyeToy Kama Sutra game could have been a reality

Jul 11
// Allistair Pinsof
I'm always surprised by the lack of porn on modern consoles, especially with all the, err, "input possibilities" that motion controls give the user. It's not for a lack of trying though, if Sony Computer Entertainment executi...

Well, happy Bungie Day everyone! On the seventh day of every July, Bungie fans impatiently wait for cryptic messages of upcoming projects that Bungie happens to be working on at the time. This year's most exciting Bungie Day ...


Yuke's acquires rights for Lingerie Football League game

Jun 19
// Dale North
First off, I can't believe that there's something called the Lingerie Football League. A press release hit our office this morning with "LFL" in the subject line like we were supposed to know what that was. It turns out that...

MGS creator Hideo Kojima may be working on a family sim

Jun 11
// Allistair Pinsof
Hideo Kojima is like the adorable, genius Japanese game designer dad I've always wished I had. With Kojima's upcoming, untitled project, I may come one step closer to learning how to love and live like a Kojima. "Now I'm star...

E3 Rant: The best bows of E3 2012

Jun 10 // Allistair Pinsof
Most tribal bow: Far Cry 3 Sometimes, I like to take ecstasy, get some tribal tattoos, and wander into the woods outside my house. This is a large part of why Far Cry 3's beastly yet down-to-Earth bow won me over at E3. Powered by voodoo boobs and pink neon lights, this is the ideal bow to shoot a tiger in the face with. No, really, it is; took me only three arrows in the demo. That tiger just kind of went down and then I looked at the Ubisoft PR guy. He just gave me this look like, "You too? ... you too ..." and then he held my hand. Most high-tech bow: Crysis 3 Some bows are too powerful for mankind. Instead, they must be put only in the hands of really buff guys with no personality that can jump really, really freaking high. While Medal of Honor: Warfighter's bow has some pretty slick tech, Crysis 3 has it beat. With four different types of arrows that support both stealth and direct approaches, this is the rare E3 2012 bow that gives us a glimpse of what the next-gen of bows will be like. Fiercest independent woman bow: Tomb Raider For too long, women have been objectified in games. Their personalities have less depth than their exaggerated boobs and their character motivations extends as far as their skirts. Now, here is the new Lara Croft: fierce and independent. No longer will she wield dual pistols made in factories by MEN. Now, she will spit on manufactured weapons and stick to her womanly bow. She's like a sexy amazon princess ready for a Playboy spread (amirite guys? HELL YES!). Now, please remember to respect women in videogames and leave 500+ comments below about women being objectified. Biggest bow: Wreckateer Just look at that thing! That's one big bow! No wonder you need to use your entire body to control it! Craftiest bow: Dishonored I like bows the same way I like my women: I shoot hard, I shoot fast, and I like to experiment with different kinds of explosive tips. I'm not sure what I'm implying. Sex, I guess? But, there is no sex in Dishonored. I know, sounds like a real 3.5/10, right? There is only stealth and rats and stealth rats. So, you'll rely on your bow a lot to take out guards silently and set them on fire once you've been spotted. Crossbows are a bit too 5th century BC for my liking, but I'll let this one pass. Tiniest bow: Game & Wario Ha, so tiny. Poor Nintendo! Their bow is so tiny compared to us mighty Americans. No wonder they need to pay booth babes to hang out with their Wiis. #sickburn Most classic bow: Guardians of Middle-earth If it weren't for Legolas, acne-ridden, awkward archery nerds across the nation would never have gotten laid. Most of them still haven't, but that's besides the point. The point is that this is one classy bow made of wood and rope-stuff. I dunno. I feel pretty good giving this game the reward. Don't you? Bow that needs to retire: Gears of War Judgement (Torque Bow) We've heard your outrage: "Oh, great another one! As if we don't already have enough cover-based bows, Gears of War is bringing back its annual bow release. Ooooh, but it's People Can Fly's bow now! Who cares? We've been playing the same damn bow since 2006 and it's time we demand some change." Okay, so I'm the only one saying it. Whatever. Most natural bow: Assassin's Creed III Sometimes I just like to, you know, eat some granola, weave some hemp ponchos, and touch my bow. I'm just kind of into a more natural life than everyone else. That's why I like the bow in Assassin's Creed 3: it's a real down-to-Earth bow that only cares about taking what nature provides, not grabbing more than what is necessary. In times like these, countries could learn a lot from Assassin's Creed III's bow. Like, stop being greedy with resources, Asia. C'mon. Just chill out with this bow. He'll teach you some important wisdom. You can borrow some of my lecture tapes if you'd like. No? Hey, comeback! Where are you going? Most unsanitary bow: ZombiU It's important to keep your bow clean, but that's hard to do when you are always putting arrows in it that were just pulled out of rotten flesh. Believe it or not, I used to be part of my university's archery team. And by that, I mean I went to its archery range one day and was not actually part of the team. Anyway, the bows there were kind of funky. So, keep your bows clean, people. You never know who may touch your bow when you are away. Best bow of E3 2012: Sports Champions 2/Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time/Any other Sony property I may have forgotten Every year there is one bow that inspires us. We wake up the morning after playing that stupid game with that one stupid bow in it, and we feel better about our poor health and quality of life. After Sony gave me and our panel of experts $50 coupons for T.G.I. Friday's, we felt the answer was clear: whatever game with bows that Sony is making. Sports Champions 2 is the sequel to what notable game critic and corgi historian Dale North called the "game with the best bow controls ever ... probably." Meanwhile, Thieves in Time offers bows that not only travel in time but can be also controlled with gyroscopes. This has never been attempted before in this industry. We are proud to give Sony this most coveted reward. But, please, Sony: Chili's coupons next time. [Image]

With The Hunger Games behind us and Brave ahead of us, one could exaggerate and say bows are making a comeback in film. But then, you look at games and go, "holy crap!" There were no less than 50 games featuring bows at E3 th...


E3: Well, THIS guy liked Nintendo's press conference

Jun 05
// Jim Sterling
Now why can't you guys be more like Smirky McAbs here? He's having a lovely time!

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