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Video Marketplace

PS4 Porn photo
Just in time for Thanksgiving
The PS4 has been out for a day or so now and people seem to be having a good time with the handful of launch titles. What about next week, when they've beaten all their ... PS4 games? What will they get a handful of then? If ...


Microsoft licenses "The Guild" for video marketplace

Nov 24
// Conrad Zimmerman
Reuters is reporting that the second season of popular web series, "The Guild," will be appearing exclusively on Microsoft's Independent Video channel. Sponsored by Sprint, it will be one of two additions to the new...

XBL Video Marketplace finally graces those outside the US with its presence

Dec 10
// Jim Sterling
Well, this has been a very long time coming. The Xbox Live Video Marketplace has been a practical joke almost everywhere except the United States for ages, but Major Nelson has today confirmed that those of us outside the US ...

OXM will soon be available for download, website in the works

Jul 26
According to the latest issue of OXM, fans of the magazine will soon find a digital counterpart on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Available sometime this month (which I can't personally confirm due to a sick Xbox 360), the online...


Microsoft releases stats for the Xbox Live Video Marketplace

Mar 20
// Jordan Devore
I'm sure there are quite a few people who have never downloaded any video content from the Xbox Live Marketplace yet. Some were permanently turned off when they tried to rent a movie the day the service launched and exper...

Xbox Live peeps love Tom Cruise

Dec 27
// Robert Summa
According to some recent stats posted by Microsoft's Major Nelson, Mission Impossible III is the top movie download on the Xbox 360's new Video Marketplace. Shocker? A little. I would have thought V for Vendetta woul...

Video Marketplace now a go on the Xbox 360 (Update)

Nov 22
// Robert Summa
The future is now my underlings, because Microsoft has just unleashed the first Trojans from their gigantic white horse. That's right, their Video Marketplace is now live and ready for you to use and abuse. But besides t...

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