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Uwe Boll


BloodRayne writer recalls the sideshow that is Uwe Boll

Oct 25
I'd wager that, nine times out of ten, directors don't set out to make a bad movie. Nobody in their right mind wants to fail. Unfortunately (or quite fortunately, depending on your perspective), Uwe Boll has never been in a ... read

Uwe Boll returns with another baffling videogame movie

Sep 05
Remember Zombie Massacre for the Amiga? No? Well, that's fine because Uwe Boll does. He remembers it so fondly, he is adding it to the long, long, list of games he believes would translate into movies. The 1998 Doom clone is ... read

Dolph Lundgren confirms his role in Dungeon Siege sequel

Nov 22
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale was an epic the likes of which could only have been made by director Uwe Boll. And only under the watchful eye of such a visionary might lightning ever strike twice. Now, as ... read

New trailer for Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

Nov 10
Here we have a trailer for the third feature film based on Bloodrayne. This direct-to-DVD film from everybody's favorite director Uwe Boll involves a plot to inject Adolph Hitler with Rayne's blood. Clearly, we have an maste... read

Uwe Boll making ANOTHER BloodRayne movie

Feb 18
It's the moment we hoped would never come, but it's been confirmed and now we have to deal with it. The worst thing to come out of Germany since the Third Reich is making another straight-to-DVD BloodRayne movie. Kristanna Lo... read

Alone in the Dark 2 coming to DVD in U.S.

Nov 28
It may be a while before Uwe Boll completes Bloodrayne 3, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer rejoice through another season without any Boll action. Often times the United States is neglected by film companies as they do... read

Uwe Boll making a third Bloodrayne movie

Nov 23
Somebody stop him, please. I don't want to kill him, just take out a part of the brain that makes directing movies impossible or something. If Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer, a movie based on a videogame that wasn't ever made, gets ... read

Uwe Boll paid money to be in Postal 3

Jun 09
Uwe, Uwe, Uwe. Wouldn't your money be better spent making another one of your highly entertaining movies?Developer Running with Scissors says that Boll has paid to appear in the upcoming game Postal 3, coming out for the Xbox... read

Uwe Boll thinks he's the 'right guy to do' Grand Theft Auto film

May 12
You know what the world doesn't need? Uwe Boll making any more films based on videogames. I mean, I love the guy, but enough with the game films already. But how about Boll making a Grand Theft Auto film?"Grand Theft Aut... read

Stride Gum aims to take down Uwe Boll

May 07
I've got no beef with Uwe Boll. The industry is full of really sh*tty movies, and Boll is just another guy out there trying to make a buck. I think he's become an easy guy to blame. In the end, movies, like games, are for fun... read

Uwe Boll graces G4 studios, reminds us why we need him to continue on

Apr 11
Following up his no holds barred rant on the Internet, the man who has somehow managed to do the seemingly impossible (get even less respect than Rodney Dangerfield), gives Kevin Pereira the down and dirty about why he said... read

Uwe Boll versus Indiana Jones: Spielberg is clearly terrified

Mar 04
This is news that's been floating around for a while, but it's too funny not to post. Uwe Boll, the controversial movie maker whose films are often reviled by gamers and non-gamers alike, has chosen to pit his latest opus Pos... read

Far Cry movie trailer makes me brain dumbered

Feb 14
Here's Uwe Boll's latest masterpiece. Based off the FarCry series, it follows the plot from the game as Jack Carver and Valerie Constantine investigate an island full of genetically modified super soliders. It's set to have ... read

The moron strikes again: Uwe Boll says games have no story

Jan 25
There's a difference between looking like a moron and just being stupid. Uwe Boll has crossed that line with his usual dignity and aplomb many a time, and each time I hope without reason it may be his last. In a recent interv... read

Uwe Boll barred from big budget film

Jan 15
At some point or another you've likely sat through one of Uwe Boll's movies. In this day and age it's almost a rite of passage for an eager, doe-eyed youngster to have his hopes of an excellent movie of his favorite game dash... read

Dungeon Siege film reaction: 'This movie blows. Hard. I mean extremely hard.'

Nov 05
Dungeon Siege, the game, revolved entirely around stabbing things and burning them with arcane magic. It was somehow less cerebral than the Diablo series, the finest games ever based around an experiment to determine how long... read

Uwe Boll snaps up unreleased game -- AGAIN! Zombie Massacre is the next victim

Sep 24
Okay, remember a few weeks ago when I covered an upcoming Wii game that sounded absolutely awesome, Zombie Massacre? Well, President of 1988 Games and producer of Zombie Massacre Benjamin Krotin has just emailed us with thank... read

Uwe Boll snaps up film license for unreleased game: Facepalm ensues

Sep 13
Love him or hate him, one can't deny Uwe Boll's determination to make movies in the face of life itself telling him he can't. As if to further prove his dominion over the forces of common sense, Lord Boll has now decided to m... read

PAX 2007: Uwe Boll speaks with his words, not his fists

Aug 30
Moments ago we got word from this man about some video he shot at this last weekend's PAX 2007. Even amongst people who attended the event, the presence of Herr Boll was the sort of whispered rumor that would pass from pers... read

"Postal blows" sez Wired, "F*ck your mum" sez Uwe

Aug 14
In the most hilarious case of sour grapes I've seen since Richard Nixon punched out a donkey during a fundraiser in 1974, Uwe Boll seems to be firing back at Wired for their negative review of Postal, his film based on a simi... read

Painkiller next in line for movie adaptation

Aug 01
It's becoming such a common occurrence that I can't even muster the strength to object -- Painkiller, developed by Polish studio People Can Fly, will be the next game on the list of blockbuster-hopeful adaptations of video ga... read

New York Post sues Uwe Boll over Postal web site

Aug 01
It's known (in the gaming world, at least) that famed game film maker Uwe Boll likes to push people's buttons, but now it looks like he picked on the wrong people, and they're taking him to court. In what may be a clever att... read

First video of next-gen Alone in the Dark isn't very scary, but looks good

Jul 05
We've seen the screenshots and we've read the info. But as far as I know, this is the first time we're seeing Atari's upcoming Alone in the Dark in action. The video is taken from a German gaming magazine... read

    Uwe Boll. The name, to some, is like battery acid in the ears. He is the notorious director of House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne. Reviled by gamers and movie fans in droves, he is said... read feature


Postal is one of the most important films of the last decade; HEAD ASPLODE

Jun 29
Uwe Boll, the wackiest German since Colonel Klink, recently conducted an interview with Deutsch games site Area Games in which he says the final words you will ever read before your eyeballs burst from their sockets and you... read

Alone in the Dark II news; Alone Harder?

Jun 25
Alone in the Dark 2, Uwe Boll's amazingly inevitable sequel to last year's tax-dodge that was only vaguely based on the eponymous video game series, has just scored a cast. Bloody-Disgusting reports Lance Henriksen (... read

Ubisoft CEO claims they will make video game films that do not suck

Jun 12
Holding your breath in hopes that the Assassin's Creed short film won't be a steaming pile of badger dung? You may have something worth hoping for, if we're to believe the word of Ubisoft's Montreal CEO Yanni... read

Uwe Boll: the circus continues

May 31
You might remember that on Monday, Jim gleefully reported on the fact that the scourge of game-based film and bringer of the bleeding eyeballs Uwe Boll is failing dismally to sell a role in his new cinematic hate-crime, Far ... read

Uwe Boll can't SELL a role in Far Cry

May 28
This may be the greatest story of all time. Movie abortionist and glorified pornographer, Uwe Boll, is set to direct a movie based off first person shooter Far Cry. Because he simply can't get D-grade actors to do their j... read

Boll set to produce Alone in the Dark sequel, Razzie committee to work overtime

May 22
While many of the film industry's finest are honored with stars on the sidewalks of Hollywod and Vine, director Uwe Boll will be honored by a string of horse droppings in a Tijuana back alley. Still, that's not stoppi... read

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