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Retro Game Challenge 2 fan translation moving forward

Feb 22
// Conrad Zimmerman
Earlier in the month, ROM Hacker Xvirus demonstrated the potential for a fan translation patch for the sequel to Retro Game Challenge, long ago doomed never to escape Japan. While the patch was technically possible with Xviru...

Localized demo for item-shop RPG Recettear available now

Jul 20
// Joseph Leray
The main thrust of this news article is that developer-localizer Carpe Fulgur has released a demo for its first project, Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. To understand why that's kind of interesting and cool, though, you'll n...

MonkeyPaw Games to bring 'real Japanese games' to US

Jun 03
// Ben Perlee
There is a lot of finicky business in bringing Japanese games to the Western market. Between localizing, formatting, and marketing, an especially niche title may very well just wallow out here. Which is a shame when we are mi...

Famitsu ranks Japan's top selling games (that they like)

Mar 22
// Jonathan Holmes
Massive Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu has put out a list of the best selling videogames released in Japan between 1996 and 2010, that also managed to to achieve a Gold Star ranking via their review system... EVER! Why a...

Fan translation of Phantom Hourglass manga is done

Dec 26
// Matthew Razak
Zelda fans it's time to put down Spirit Tracks for a couple of seconds and get some reading done. The manga based on The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass has finally been fully translated and can be read at your leisure...

Want to see No More Heroes on the 360 or the PS3 someday? I wouldn't blame you if you had your hopes up. Suda 51 (the game's creator) has said many times that he'd like to bring the series to one or more of the HD consoles. O...


Policenauts fan translation finally released

Aug 24
// Conrad Zimmerman
Today is Hideo Kojima's birthday. To celebrate, the long-awaited fan translation patch for Policenauts has been released. Though repeatedly re-released in Japan for PC, 3D0, PlayStation and Sega Saturn, the game has never ven...

Fan translation of Culdcept DS rocks my world

Jul 02
// Conrad Zimmerman
The Culdcept series rules. If you like board games, card games and screwing over your friends, there are few games which can compare. But, apart from a PS2 release and Culdcept Saga for the Xbox 360, predominately English-spe...

Animal Crossing anime hits Youtube

Feb 03
// Jonathan Holmes
 Not watching the Super Bowl right now? Well, then there is a decent chance you may be an Animal Crossing fan. There are a lot of you out there, if recent activity on the c-blogs is any indication. So instead of watching...

Chrono Trigger: Now retranslated with six sets of subtitles!

Oct 01
// Colette Bennett
Any good RPG enthusiast knows the moment you utter the words Chrono Trigger, you are speaking of legend. Back in the days when Square didn't make six sequels to every game, this epic adventure engaged many a gamer with its un...

Two teams make one in ongoing quest for a Mother 3 translation

Jul 04
// Aaron Linde
Destructoid is no stranger to the myriad Mother 3 translation dramabombs that have dropped since the game's original Japanese (and nowhere else) release of the game, mostly due to my corrupt influence. But now we've g...

Croteam working on Serious Sam 3, unnamed tactical-action shooter

May 14
// Jordan Devore
You simply cannot call yourself an FPS aficionado unless you have played one of the many Serious Sam games. The series is best known for its inventive weapons and nonstop action. The only problem? The game becomes extremely r...

Lara Croft celebrates an anniversa-Wii

May 14
// Jim Sterling
Everybody's "favorite" bra buster, Lara Croft, is raiding her way to the Nintendo Wii, according to NGCFrance. Very little information on the Wii version of Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition is currently avai...

New gameplay information for NiGHTS sequel (or why Portuguese people are great)

Mar 30
// Chad Concelmo
Thanks to awesome Dtoid reader, yaesir (the niftiest Portuguese speaker, well, ever), the article posted earlier (containing first pics of the NiGHTS sequel) has been translated.Most of the story...

Square Enix Party 2007 announces a Final Fantasy game for every orifice

Mar 21
// Colette Bennett
digg_url = ''; Not enough Final Fantasy games on the Horizon for you? This ought to pitch a tent in your pants. Square En...

Mother 3 translation actually making progress; take THAT Aaron!

Mar 03
// Earnest Cavalli
Remember when Aaron so somberly wept over the last shreds of hope regarding a proper translation for Mother 3? As it turns out, he wept a bit prematurely.HarassmentPanda (which, we're going to assume is not his Christia...

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