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CES: Watch the Charity PC race at 6pm @ Wynn

Can you build a PC in under four minutes?
Jan 08
// Niero Gonzalez
In a few hours TigerDirect's Charity PC Race comes to its exciting conclusion, and we'll be there! Join Destructoid's King Foom for a live broadcast on Dtoid.TV from The Wynn as regional winners from aroun...
Charity PC Race photo
Charity PC Race

TigerDirect Charity PC Race regional finals next week

Jacksonville to Vegas, baby
Dec 18
// Niero Gonzalez
We came to Dallas. We geeked out. We built computers for charity. Good times. Destructoid would like to congratulate Colby Baird, who took home a $500 TigerDirect gift card and donated $500 to Texas Equusearch follo...
Charity PC Race photo
Charity PC Race

Dtoid on Assignment: TigerDirect Charity PC Race Chicago

They make it look easy
Dec 13
// Rick KingFoom Olson
Last weekend Destructoid was invited to fight 9999 inches of snow to co-host TigerDirect's Charity PC Race in Chicago, where we interviewed the brave contestants battling it out for a chance to win a free trip to Las Vegas f...
Charity PC Race photo
Charity PC Race

Join Dtoid in Chicago this weekend for a Charity PC race

Can you assemble a PC in under four minutes?
Dec 04
// Niero Gonzalez
Can you assemble a computer under 4 minutes and 3 seconds (and not have it explode)?  The new all-time record for TigerDirect's Charity PC Race was shattered by in Damian Muzzi, who moves onto the finals n...

Charity PC races in Delaware, Illinois, Texas, Florida

Tickets now available at all locations
Nov 30
// Niero Gonzalez
We'd like to thank everyone that dropped by our gaming lounge at TigerDirect's Annual Build-your-own PC Race for Charity, where Ryan Hoekenga conquered and won airfare, hotel, and shopping loot to participate in the fina...

Party today with Dtoid, Intel & TigerDirect in Miami

We're bringing the games to Miami's first annual Holiday Technology Bash
Nov 20
// Niero Gonzalez
TigerDirect's annual PC race for charity is back, and it kicks off with a killer party! Destructoid is returning to Miami for this special event co-hosted by Intel, and if you're reading this you're invited! Grab your golden ...

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