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The core

The Core! The beginning of the end, part 1

The end of the beginning
Nov 19
Yeehaw. If you remember back to last week you know that there's a new sheriff in town. And by new I mean old. Now it's time for our plucky band of losers to get promoted up into deputy status. That metaphor was fairly inaccur... read
The Core

The Core! Whoa, next gen starts tomorrow!

I'm so excited?
Nov 14
I honestly thought that we had a few more weeks until the new consoles came out. Like, I knew they were coming out in November but that always seemed like it would be "a few weeks out." I guess that means that we're going to ... read
The Core

The Core! PS4 Countdown Day 1!

Look at all of these things I can't afford!
Nov 12
Wow guys! New consoles are coming out, and they're really expensive. I mean, I know the technology is really expensive but hot damn: those are some expensive-ass Blu-ray players. What? They're more than just Blu-ray players? ... read

The Core! Wait, what did Microsoft say about the Xbone?

It has wings and can fly?!
Nov 06
I seriously don't understand Microsoft's angle leading up to the launch of the Xbone. At this point in the game (PUNS) I feel like we should have a pretty good handle on what the system is and where it's going. Microsoft seem... read
The Core


Nov 05
I'm not going to waste any time here: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has a launch window now. As you might imagine, that makes my pants really tight. I'm not the only one who is unable to contain their hype -- my co-host Phi... read


And Rocksmith is here!
Oct 31
Whoa! You know what's spooky? I don't. I lost that ability back in Nam. Regardless, we've got a crazy show lined up! We're having the developers of Rocksmith into the house to talk about games and music. We're talking about a little game called The Witcher 3, and my favorite fighter ever: Slayer. Also, we're dressing up. Hoorrraaaaayyy! Halloweenloween! read

The Core! StarCraf- I mean Call of Duty: Ghosts!

Jim Raynor is OP
Oct 29
Sweet mercy! Remember StarCraft Ghost, that delightful StarCraft-themed shooter that got canceled so long ago? Activision remembers. You see that Call of StarCraft Ghosts trailer? I sure did. But that's not the only alien shooting you'll see on The Core today, EDF also got dated so expect a goofy level of hype.  Want to check out all of this alien technology? Check out the Core at 3pm PST! read
The Core

Live Show: The Core cut off my PAX ponytail!

Aww yeah, pull on it before you cut it off
Oct 24
So I'm a little bitter about PAX East selling out already. By the time I got home from classes the three-day and Saturday passes were all sold out. It only took an hour for the three-days to be gone. You'll have to excuse my ... read

Live Show: The Core! French zombies in Los Santos!

Can you feel the hype running through you?
Oct 22
Hot diggity dog! Games are really awesome! Today on the Core we've got a really awesome guest. We'll be joined by Manuel Tovar, the founder of the Museum for Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland. If for some reason that's... read
The Core

Live Show: Who watches the Watch Dogs?

Apparently Ubisoft does. Watch The Core!
Oct 15
Guys. Pokemon. Like, for real, Pokemon X/Y is devouring my life. I ended up pouring 22 hours into the game in a 36-hour period. There are so many rad Pokemon now. Have you guys seen Pancham? He's pretty much the greatest Poke... read

Live Show: Lords of Shadow Crown their new champion!

The Core goes Live at 3:00PM Pacific
Oct 10
Dale North made the official call yesterday and decided it was a slow news day. But that won't stop us on the Core! We're here to make sure that 30-45 minutes of your day are spent in the warm comfort of our embrace. Or ... read

Live Show: News and dev chat with Blood of the Werewolf

Oct 08
Wow guys, we've almost been doing this for a month. I guess that means that we're like ready to go steady right? No? You heart breaker. Anyway, today we have John from Midnight City in to talk about Blood of the Werewolf. We'... read

The Core: The Last Guardian, Xbox One, Sonic & More

Thanks for watching! We'll be back next Tuesday at 3PM
Oct 03
Hey guys I'm going to level with you. When I was first offered to host a new show on Destructoid I was more than a little bit freaked out. Sure, getting to tell people about all kinds of cool video game news was always a drea... read

OMG! WTF! Another episode of The Core is at 3PM PST!

That title killed me.
Oct 01
Did I trick you guys with that title? Was it attention-grabbing? Titling posts is surprisingly difficult, you have to say something that tells people what they're getting into but is also entertaining. I figured, what's more ... read

Live Show: Office Chat about Steam OS, Cartoon Link, more

Rub your HUGE Members all over my Core
Sep 26
Confession: I had no idea reading off of a teleprompter was hard. When I was told I'd be doing a news show I assumed that I'd just roll in, yell at a camera, and then get showered in free video games and booze. Apparently I h... read

Help mold our new show to your tastes! The Core is Live!

Sep 24
Want to hear a secret? We're testing out a new show, just for you. Consider it like a cool present that you get to help build. Like LEGO. Yeah, video LEGO. Anyway, we're doing this whole thing for you guys so it would be awesome if you stopped by and checked it out. Below the jump you'll find the stream AND access to our super-exclusive clubhouse/chatroom. I'll see you inside! read

Join us next Tuesday at 2:30 for a live show

Sep 19
Happening right now: Join us as Dtoid's editors talk about some videogames. Live. Right here. We're calling it The Core. This is going to be pretty experimental, so we're just going to toss it on a random channel just for today. Join to join the chat. Everyone can join today. Tune in and say hey! read

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